HP Holding WebOS Decision Announcement Meeting Friday

Coming as something of a surprise this late Thursday evening, Precentral brings word of the breaking news that that HP CEO Meg Whitman has scheduled an all-hands meeting for Friday, December 9th. At approximately 10:30AM PST, the fate of WebOS in the hands of HP should finally be made clear.

Last week, Whitman told a French newspaper that a decision would be reached within the "next two weeks", though few expected an announcement this soon. Prior to this event, it was exactly one month ago at another all hands on meeting when HP decided to do take more time to determine the fate of the platform.

HP Sign Back in the timeframe around the November 8th announcement, most industry insiders expected for HP to either sell WebOS outright or shut it down completely. However, in recent weeks, the general buzz around WebOS has been slightly more positive, with some claiming that HP may elect to make a renewed but less resource-intensive commitment to the OS, perhaps as a long-rumored component of HP's highly profitable printer line or as the underpinning for a new generation of tablets (but not smartphones). PIC will be covering this story as it develops tomorrow.

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