Rumor: Sony to Release NX Series with OS 5 (Updated)

An anonymous source has give CliéSource the description of a pair of future Sony handhelds called the NX series. These will have the same form factor as the NR series, including the clamshell shape and built-in keyboard. They will run Palm OS 5 on an Intel XScale processor. Like the NR series, they will use a 320 by 480 screen.

Update: An annonymous source has given some pictures and details on the NX70V. This source says it will use a 200 MHz processor and have 16 MB of RAM. A spokesperson from Sony has requested that these images be removed from PIC and we (reluctantly) consented. -Ed

If Sony is releasing handhelds with XScale processors, it has two to choose from. The PXA250 runs at up to 400 MHz while the PXA210 runs at up to 200 MHz. Both are fully ARM architecture compliant and are part of the Palm OS Ready Program.

Like the NR series, there will be one model in the NX series with a camera and one without. The one with the camera will be capable of taking video in MPEG4 format at 640 by 480.

They will have a CompactFlash slot, though this won't work with memory cards, only Sony-branded 802.11 cards. Sony offers sleds for some of its models that let them use some Compact Flash add-ons but not memory cards. These sleds, however, are available only in Japan. This source didn't say anything about a Memory Stick slot but it seems extremely unlikely Sony would release a handheld without one of these, especially if the CF slot can't use memory cards.

Update: The source from says the CompactFlash slot will only work with Sony's wireless LAN card, PEGA-WL100.

It will have a built-in microphone and still have the same MP3 playback ability as the NR series.

It will use Sony's standard HotSync port, the same one used on the current NR series.

On the software side, this source reports that the NX series will ship with a web browser, presumably the one PalmSource announced recently. The built-in apps have been re-written to take advantage of the virtual Graffiti area.

Update: It will use the standard application Launcher, which has hi-res+ support, but the user will also have the option of a new view of applications which has been designed to make the device easy to use for first-time handheld buyers.

According to this source, the NX series will be announced next week and will be available at the end of October. The version without the camera will cost $500 and the one with it will be $600.

Update: In the inventory system of a major electronics retailer there are two new Sony models listed: the PEG-NX60 and the PEG-NX70V. Since this is an inventory system, the only information available besides the model number is the amount of RAM, which is 16 MB for both, and the price, which is $500 for the NX60 and $600 for the NX70V. The system lists two different entries for the NX70V; one has a color listed as grey, the other silver.

This model bears a resemblance to a previous rumor from The Gadgeteer that described an upcoming Sony model with a clamshell shape, an Intel processor, and a CompactFlash slot only for peripherals.

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Ed's Take on This

Ed @ 9/25/2002 4:23:15 PM #
This isn't my source so I can't comment on the reliability. I can say that all of this sounds reasonable to me except the 640 by 480 screen.

Ignore this message. I misread the CliéSource article and thought it said the NX series will have a 640 by 480 screen. Instead, its camera will be able to take pictures at 640 by 480. According to this source, the screen will be 320 by 480 the same as the NR series.

News Editor

640 x 480???
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:25:44 PM #
With the screen at 640x480, what will the size of the handhelds be???
RE: Ed's Take on This
volcanopele @ 9/25/2002 4:27:07 PM #
Actually, I think the source was refering to the camera's resolution, not the screen. The screen itself is hi-res+ like the NR series, but the camera is VGA.


RE: 640 x 480???
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:28:32 PM #
the proportions are wrong for a palm screen, if anything they should be 640 x 960
RE: Ed's Take on This
rsuplido @ 9/25/2002 4:28:42 PM #
Ed, the camera can take 640x480, but the screen I think, is still 320x480.

RE: 640 x 480???
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:29:04 PM #
pixels don´t say anything about the size.
it´s just the resolution.

320x320 displays are the same size as 160x160 displays.

but the 480x640 doesn´t make sense:
it´s a 3:4 ratio while hires+ (320x480) has a 2:3

RE: Ed's Take on This
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:29:17 PM #
Yes, if you read the 2 threads on cliesource, the 640x480 res is for the enhanced camera (which also allegedly can record MPEG4 video). The screen itself is still 320x480. The thing I find hard to believe is the (pseudo) CF slot. Although Sony does have a CF sled that works with some of their current devices, I can't believe that they would be able to fit both a CF and MS slot in the same form factor as the NR series, and I don't see that much value in it if it can only support one card, a Sony-branded 802.11 wireless ethernet card -- if they wanted this, why not just integrate the wireless support into the handheld? Why have a card slot that only supports a single card!?!?!
RE: 640 x 480???
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:30:26 PM #
Same as before. Higher resolution has no bearing on size.

. . . .

. . . . A 3x4 screen

. . . .

....... A 5x7 screen

Both the same size, but pixels packed more densely. Result is lines are less jaggy.

RE: Ed's Take on This
rldunn @ 9/25/2002 4:30:35 PM #
I misinterpreted this at first on Cliesource as well, but the source comfirmed that it's only the pic resolution that is enhanced and the screen is still 320x480.

RE: Ed's Take on This
Ed @ 9/25/2002 4:31:10 PM #
OK, thanks. Sorry Reggie, I misunderstood what you wrote. I'm in the process of correcting the article now.

News Editor
RE: Ed's Take on This
rsuplido @ 9/25/2002 4:33:56 PM #
I think the stills can be up to 640x480. It is still unclear if the MPEG4 video format can capture up to 640x480.

Palm Tungsten T vs. Sony Clié NX70V
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 9:40:52 AM #
RE: Recording Resolution
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 2:30:38 PM #
According to the leaked pdf, recording is at:

160 x 112 pixels. Approx. 2Mb per Min. MPEG4

2Mb per min. looks alot to me for a 160 X 112 video. Can someone validate this in terms of typical bit rates for MPEG4. It could be due to the framerate (could not find it in the PDF)


SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:25:13 PM #
Anyone want to be a slightly used m515????
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:31:23 PM #
Already got rid of my M515 in favor of an Ipaq 3970. The Palm OS 5 design philosohpy "it's the same, only faster" doesn't appeal to me. The Palm OS and built-in apps haven't improved significantly since the original Palm, however many years ago that was.
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 4:51:18 PM #
...Doesn't get it.

No worries, AOL suits some just fine as well ;-)

RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 5:46:00 PM #
ok if you are using an ipaq and you like it, fine with me.
That tells us that you use super-sized, ultra heavy duty pockets in order to be able to carry that huge and heavy laptop wannabe (palm couldn't be also).
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 5:52:09 PM #
I wonder what is an iPAQ user doing on PALM infocenter... wanna come back don't ya
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 5:53:30 PM #
I disagree with the iPAQ dude: how can you say that apps haven't developed? did you have Documents to go five years ago? action names in color? AncientRed? Monopoly?
Besides Microsoft had to change the name of its OS in order to forget the disastrous results of the WinCE. As a matter of fact, recently there are lots of comments on the 200mhz chip failure in PPC.
Anyway, I respect your choice.
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 6:04:44 PM #
And So Sony drives the final nail in Handera and Handsprings coffin. And good riddence, LOL
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 6:58:13 PM #
Yes.. because ALL the other iterations before of Sony devices surely killed the other companies... I mean, EVERYBODY has to spend $600 on these devices because they are the best. If you don't have the money you don't DESERVE to have ANYTHING other than a Sony. If you want a consistent form factor or something other than a CF and MS slot YOU ARE A BAD PERSON. Is that what you're getting at? If we don't like Sony we're wrong?
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
Jeff-Russell @ 9/25/2002 7:56:55 PM #
I like the features of many of the Sony devices, but I would like to point out one thing:

When it was leaked out that Palm had the new Tungsten to come out, many Sony fans were flaming the item, and one of the greatest flames was about the 16MB memory. At the same time talking about how Sony innovates. There still seems to be this attitude, but the notice on the new Sony OS5 devices are the same as the NR series of today, but with OS5 and ARM. Don't get me wrong, Sony has made many great strides, especially with multimedia over the Palm, but now we can see that they have taken pause.

RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 8:20:33 PM #
huh one of those Sony fans apologize to us post .. LoL ...

I am sorry some stupid troll said your Tungsten T is a POS, on another thought, hmm .... Get a LIFE

Dungsten already outdated.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 8:24:12 PM #
Oh my! Those clowns at Palm need to get their act together. Sliding cover vs. 640X480 digital cam.

RE: Dungsten already outdated.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 8:28:00 PM #
I love it - I think my new name is catching on! I hope it gets back to Benahmou back in his Ivory Tower!!!
I could puke
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2002 8:32:24 PM #
Mommy moomy, I want this one!

I guess all you NR70 owners were just lab rats after all.

Looks like no Clue to me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 9:15:24 AM #
What does it matter which device one uses, its the operating system that makes these PDA's. Why the pissing contest? Competition does funny things; this could be the PPC people disguised as Sony Clie users. I find it hard to believe that someone would be so insecure about their choice that they would have to RUN DOWN other hardware with like operating systems. Get a life.
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 10:06:16 AM #
That's why I'm gonna wait for the Handera OS 5.0 machine to come out. Bucause of all the licensees they are the only one who have truly inovated and moved the product forward with any consistency.

First CF card Slot
First to support extended memory
First QVGA screen
ONLY dual slot machine

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 10:58:22 AM #
Hoping that Handera will not live in its own world and make its own quirky decisions. The TRGPro was truly ahead of all other palms at the time. Not going colour with the Handera and choosing QVGA was a bad mistake. I actually suggested 320x480 with virtual grafitti even before Sony came out with 320x320. It was the obvious step forward with easy backward compatibility. I am hoping Handera will push the envelope once again with even greater hires - why stop at half VGA - go further - push up the resolution - but please stay in some multiple of 160 to keep easy backward compatibility. Probably 480x720 will be the limits of visibility without a magnifier or use VGA 640x480 with a shorter virtual grafitti area of 480x160 (still a quarter of the screen length). Package it with some trendy natural handwriting recognition aka Newton and it will be a major hit. If it has built in bluetooth and two expansion ports - major hit. MP3 recording and playback please with earphone jack with or without remote. I could go on - but would Handera hear? Sony heard.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 11:31:55 AM #
Removable clip on Lithium batteries of various sizes/capacities with optional separate charger.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 11:36:41 AM #
Small internal lithium charged by clip on in case of accidental removal of clip on. Option to set backup to run a backup onto CF/SDMMC should the battery clip on come off.

People can choose the slimness or thickness of their Handera based on the clip on they purchase.

Make sure the mic and speaker are in the right configuration for a phone, in case the CF phone comes out. Relying on the ear buds is too cumbersome.

RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 11:50:13 AM #
> Anyone want to be a slightly used m515????
No, I want to be a brand new NX-90 ;)))
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 1:57:08 PM #
Handera is too busy tipping cows in Iowa to know WTF is going on with cutting edge devices.

One hit wonders that is all they ever were and will be. It is insulting that Palm still lists them as licensees, idiots could not even afford to pony up for OS4.0

RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 3:06:29 PM #
> No, I want to be a brand new NX-90 ;)))

Ahhhh, what a life! Actually, make that "Get a life!!!"

RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2002 5:12:01 PM #
"ONLY dual slot"

Actually the Alphasmart Dana has two SD slots.

And in another post:

"One hit wonders that is all they ever were and will be. It is insulting that Palm still lists them as licensees, idiots could not even afford to pony up for OS4.0"

Oh aren't you a clever boy. Amazing how it'll still do stuff your Clie can't. And amazing how it's features creep into devices by the other licensees. Amazing how other PalmOS licensees have HandEra do work on some aspects of their products.

Maybe you're insulted by the other licensees not putting out a flurry of devices. Symbol, AlphaSmart, and Garmin.

Grow up.

Handera gone
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 3:35:14 AM #
Those fantasizing about the next generation of Handera devices will only get to use it in their dreams. Information has perviously been posted on the web about color HE prototype more than a year ago, but the company reportedly decided not to pursue the project further. Sources cited high manufacturing costs - a small company in Idaho can't compete with the big boys like Sony. While this information was unofficial, reliable pictures came out, along with people who used the prototype. Moreover, simply notice how little Handera's web site and product offering has changed over the last year, and you'll realize they're not playing anymore. Sorry...
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 7:39:29 AM #
Forget HandEra they're WELL behind the times and simply can't catch up. Adios!

Sony blew it in several areas due to their corporate Betamax mentality -- the CF is stupidly limited to Sony proprietary stuff and they haven't really done antything about their small Mem Sticks. They need to boost external storage and CF would have done wonders -- they could then take the decade they need to make a 256 MB mem stick without looking stupid.

At least Palm uses SD -- you can get 512 MB NOW not in some hazy timeline.

The good thing is that someone will probably hack the crap out of the worthless CF slot so CF memory cards can be used in them. If this occurs, I'll probably pick the NX up in 3 months when it's disontinued and save myself $100.

RE: Adios Handera
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 10:21:50 AM #
I agree, they are not going to get out THEY GOT OUT almost ayear ago and left the morons who purchased that abortion known as a 330 holding the bag. What I find funny is so many of these idiots are still so blind that they keep hoping for a color version. You should read the crap these guys post on the Yahoo groups. These guys are the true geeks of the PDA industry hook line and sinker. LOL
RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 11:04:57 AM #
Yawn. HandEra is working on OS 5 stuff now. That was reported here this year, and I have my own sources. Even their 330 can do things this NX beast can't do.

I can't believe that Sony is so stuck in their proprietary mentality that they don't realize real CF support will be on Palm OS 5 soon from other companies.

RE: SWEET. Looks like no Dungsten for me!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2002 11:47:57 AM #
So when can we expect a Handera OS 5 product ?
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