Handspring Starts Treo Developer Program

Handspring today introduced a new developer program designed to fuel development of wireless, business and consumer applications for its award-winning line of Treo communicators. The program will give developers start-to-finish technical and marketing support.

Through its free Treo developer solutions program, Handspring is supporting application development in three categories: horizontal business solutions such as email and VPN clients; vertical solutions such as those used in health care, legal, finance and real estate markets; and consumer solutions focusing on applications such as media players, instant messaging and games.

Registered Treo solution developers will have access to technical notes, training, online Treo developer forums, and various other technical, marketing and partner resources. The company has assembled a new team of product marketing and technical support experts to drive the program under the leadership of Calin Pacurariu, Handspring's director of developer solutions.

"Platform-based smartphones like Treo represent one of the greatest development opportunities in the industry today," said Pacurariu. "Our new program opens the door for developers to get in on the ground floor of this opportunity. More than ever, developers now are playing an important role in the growth of this category—our goal is to help these companies and solutions succeed."

Handspring will host a special developer reception at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France on Thursday, February 20th, at 6:00 pm. Handspring Vice President of Marketing Joe Sipher, PalmSource President and CEO David Nagel, and members of their developer support teams will be on hand to discuss solutions development for Treo and the world-leading Palm OS, and discuss opportunities for delivering Treo solutions to customers worldwide.

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yes but...

StatCoder.com @ 2/11/2003 7:32:03 PM #
Sounds like a good program, however, I'm still working on my project for the Springboard Developer Program!

RE: yes but...
asiayeah @ 2/12/2003 3:22:02 AM #
Isn't Springboard already a discontinued feature? Could you tell us something more about your Springboard project?

With great power comes great responsiblity.
RE: yes but...
whitemiata @ 2/12/2003 6:50:11 AM #
$5.00 says the original poster was writing that with a few pounds of sarcasm mixed in [;)]

RE: yes but...
sandbuck @ 2/12/2003 9:01:20 AM #
yes but...

How about OS5? How about OS4?

RE: yes but...
StatCoder.com @ 2/12/2003 10:12:26 AM #
I can't give you many details about my Springboard project yet, however, it will make the "Springboard is dead" argument moot.

It's a Springboard module that effectively turns your Visor into a Treo! But that's not all. I'm thinking of adding a Springboard module to it.

RE: yes but...
YyThaiGuy @ 2/12/2003 10:55:00 AM #
Handspring is dead. It's stock is trading at less than a $1, and has no true focus. It wants to be a premier handheld communicator, but it doesn't own it's own networks. They will never be able charge competitive rates because of this.

RE: yes but...
fool faughter @ 2/13/2003 3:07:16 AM #

> "It's a Springboard module that effectively turns your Visor into a Treo! But that's not all. I'm thinking of adding a Springboard module to it."

How confusing is this?


markpmc @ 2/12/2003 12:44:19 PM #
HS is still bassackwards.

Nokia and Sony Ericsson both announced thier developer programs and held application contest as thier products we coming to market.

HS is just a future division of Palm SG.


RE: Funny
YyThaiGuy @ 2/13/2003 9:35:30 AM #
"HS is just a future division of Palm SG."

I wouldn't surprised at this at all.



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