CodeWarrior for Palm OS V9.2 Update

CodeWarrior Development Studio for Palm OS Platform v9.2 Update has been released to the public. This is a free update to v9.0 and v9.1 users. This update addresses many issues found in the v9 releases, and includes new tools for the latest ARM processors.

The update includes new ARM tools for targeting PACE Native Objects, including global variable support and source-level debugging support. The update also fixes outstanding issues with 68K debugging and Palm OS Simulator support, and includes the latest version of the Object Library for Palm OS, 4.04.02.

Ben Combee, lead developer of Metrowerks' Palm OS tools, said "This release has been in preparation for a long time, and we're really proud to finally be delivering this to our developers. The ability to debug ARM code running on devices using CodeWarrior and PalmSource's FAST toolkit means that more applications should soon be able to take advantage of the faster processors on the new devices."

The update is available via the Metrowerks website. It is a 84MB download file and can only be installed into existing v9.0 setups. Release notes are posted here (ftp).

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don't buy their product!

johnwong @ 10/2/2003 1:49:30 PM #
They released their products still in beta testing. I purchased a just released V7 from them with lot of bug. But they release R8 just few month after! My investment blow!


RE: don't buy their product!
ocspub @ 10/2/2003 2:47:21 PM #
I'd disagree with this statement. I've used V7 for a couple of projects, and it worked well for me (it's not bug free, but what software is?). The upgrade policy has been very reasonable, too. I recently upgraded to V9 for $99. And the support provided (for free) by Ben on the various developer mailing lists/forums is priceless and prompt.
RE: don't buy their product!
johnwong @ 10/2/2003 2:59:07 PM #
upgrade from V7 to V9 for $99! I remember they ask me to upgrade from V7 to V8 for price about double the amount you mention!


History of CW releases
bcombee @ 10/2/2003 4:45:54 PM #
CW for Palm OS V7 was released in January 2001, and had a 7.1 update that spring. V8 was released for $499/249 in October 2001 and was supposed to be timed with PalmSource 2001, but ended up being orphaned when the PalmSource conference was rescheduled. I wish we had pushed out the release a few months, but everything had already been scheduled. V8 got three updates over its lifespan, and there was also a V8 Enterprise Edition that was on in March 2002. V9 was released in December 2002 for $399/$199, and there was a brief promotion back in March 2002 giving purchasers $100 off both the full version and the upgrade edition. We have no active promotions right now.

Ben Combee, CodeWarrior for Palm OS technical lead
Programming help at
RE: don't buy their product!
johnwong @ 10/2/2003 10:45:52 PM #
I purchased the V7 by April, 2001. When I first try it and I found no V7 help file, no proper tutorial manual etc. I found bugs short after.

I checked the download from Metrowerks, the V7.1 update was released in 7/6/2001! It really fixed the problems, but they should have more upgraded before they rushed to release the V8 in Oct.


PalmSource FAST toolkit

lemketron @ 10/2/2003 1:55:19 PM #
For anyone wanting to download the new PalmSource FAST toolkit (consisting of the Palm OS Debugger, aka "POD", and an ARM DebugNub for the PalmOne Tungsten T device), you will find it in the PalmSource developer seeding area here:

You must be registered with the Palm OS Developer Program in order to access the seeding area.

POD, along with the OS 5 DebugNub, enables source-level debugging of OS 5.x applications, including PACE Native Objects (aka "PNOs", formerly known as ARMlets). Note that the Handspring Treo 600 and the Tapwave Zodiac devices already have the DebugNub built-in to their ROM.

If you are building your application with CodeWarrior, then you MUST update to version 9.2 in order to use POD to debug CodeWarrior-generated PNOs.

The future of CodeWarrior

MountainLogic @ 10/3/2003 8:17:10 PM #

Could you talk, in general, about the future of CodeWarrior and C/C++ on Palm as we move to native ARM apps. I know that you are limited by NDAs and your own corporate constraints, but the Palm programming world is slouching twords ARM and there I've seen little guidance on builing code bases for the long run. Should we expect to see a brand new API or minor adjustments for fully native applications(For example I would expect the size of records index IDs to grow from 3 bytes to 4 or more)? Any propects that we will see a framework help bridge that gap? Could/will POL reasonably be ported to make that jump? What can we do now to make the jumb to native ARM less painfull? Any chance we'll see a Linux version, even just the compilier of CW?


RE: The future of CodeWarrior
bcombee @ 10/3/2003 11:20:24 PM #
I'll make a few notes, but I can't say much. This is based on David Fedor's talk at the recent PalmSource Europe event.

The current CW 9.x tools will continue to be useful for targeting Palm OS 5 and earlier, and they will work with Palm OS 6 to target applications running in PACE. PalmSource is committed to supporting PACE and the PACE Native Object strategy, and we think 9.2 (with a few tweaks coming soon) is a good base for this kind of development.

Mr. Fedor indicated that PalmSource is developing their own tools for Palm OS 6, and that moving an application to be a Palm OS 6 native app will require some work beyond recompiling; the initial porting work would be similar to what developers had to do to prepare applications for Palm OS 5, but additional work will be needed to take advantage of the features of the new operating system.

I can't really talk about the future of our CodeWarrior tools for Palm OS platform; all I can say now is that we are committed to supporting OS 5 development with the 9.x tools, and that we are evaluating the market opportunities around OS 6.

Ben Combee, CodeWarrior for Palm OS technical lead
Programming help at



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