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1 6/9/2011 Discounted AT&T Veer 4G Available to WebOS Developers
With the recent arrival of the HP Veer, the newest WebOS smartphone on the market, HP is now offering the AT&T version of the Veer 4G to WebOS developers for a low $279.00, as seen on this HP WebOS…
2 5/4/2011 HP Posts New Device Transition Guide for Developers
With today's release of the HP Veer 4G, "In the coming months" has finally started to arrive, one device at a time. For the developers in the crowd, HP has posted a helpful guide entitled "Getting…
3 11/18/2010 Palm Offers $200 Pre 2 Discount to Developers
Palm's WebOS developer day starts tomorrow in NYC and they have kicked things off in grand fashion with some good news: the just-released unlocked GSM Pre 2 is available for a sweet $200 discount to…
4 10/21/2010 Pixi to Skip Out on Flash, webOS Developer Day in Nov
While the entry-level Palm Pixi is still going to receive the WebOS 2.0 update, it will lag behind the Pre in one aspect, according to Rod Whitby's recent Tweet. Rod, of WebOS Internals fame, has…
5 6/30/2010 Palm Dropping Dev Fees, Issuing Refunds
Palm Inc. has been making some generous concessions to its developer community of late and its latest new policy change will likely earn the company some acclaim during its last days of independence.…
6 4/28/2010 Palm Publishes Developer Video Tutorials
Palm's developer portal has recently added a video library section and its off to an excellent start with a number of webOS courses and tutorials. Developers looking for more information into…
7 4/20/2010 Project Ares 1.0 Released
Palm's innovative new development tool for webOS is now out of beta and has officially gone 1.0. Project Ares is a complete webOS development environment in a web browser. Its aim is to simplify and…
8 4/2/2010 Palm Hosting webOS Developer Day
Palm Inc. has announced that the company will be hosting a Developer Day on April 23-24 at its Sunnyvale, CA headquarters. The two day session will include developer focused presentations and…
9 3/15/2010 Developing a webOS Game with Canvas
Palm's developer center has posted a nice tutorial on developing a game for webOS. The detailed tutorial focuses on using the HTML5 Canvas element for most of the graphics and animation. The…
10 3/9/2010 webOS PDK Beta Now Available
Palm, Inc. has announced that a public beta version of the Palm webOS Plug-in Development Kit (PDK) is now available at the Palm Developer Center. Palm is demonstrating new games from early PDK…
11 3/2/2010 Palm Releases Updated webOS SDK  
12 12/18/2009 Palm Unveils Ares, Web Based webOS Development Tool  
13 11/11/2009 Facebook for iPhone Developer On webOS  
14 10/5/2009 Palm Announces New 'No Review' App Distribution Options  
15 9/26/2009 Palm Announces New Heads of Developer Relations  
16 9/12/2009 webOS Developer Application Basics Webcast Video  
17 8/26/2009 webOS Developer Webcast on September 9  
18 8/18/2009 Palm Adding Paid Apps to the Catalog Soon  
19 8/16/2009 Palm Opens webOS Game Developer Forum  
20 8/12/2009 InfoWorld Reviews the Mojo SDK  
21 8/5/2009 PreDevCamp Goes Down This Saturday  
22 7/18/2009 Developer Pans Lack of OpenGL in Mojo SDK  
23 7/16/2009 Palm webOS Mojo SDK Now Available  
24 7/15/2009 Forbes on Palm Pre Developers  
25 7/14/2009 webOS Programming Talk in SF Next Week  
26 7/10/2009 Mojo SDK Developer Webcast Next Week  
27 6/30/2009 Mac Version of the webOS Mojo SDK Leaked  
28 6/30/2009 Additional webOS Rough Cuts Chapters Posted  
29 6/27/2009 Early Access webOS Mojo SDK Leaked  
30 6/19/2009 WebOS SDK Due By the End of Summer  
31 6/10/2009 WebOS Hackers Homebrew a Hello World App  
32 6/1/2009 Palm WebOS Rough Cuts Chapter 8 Posted  
33 5/31/2009 preDevCamp Rescheduled for August 8th  
34 5/24/2009 PreDevCamp Gets Scheduled Amidst Drama  
35 5/15/2009 WebOS Programming Book Chapter 7 Now Available  
36 5/11/2009 Sixth Chapter of the WebOS Programming Book Released  
37 3/19/2009 2nd Chapter of Developing for WebOS Now Available  
38 2/26/2009 WebOS Developer Webcast Video Posted  
39 2/23/2009 Reminder: webOS Development Webcast This Wednesday  
40 2/9/2009 Palm Hires a Developer Community Manager  

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