webos App Preview: NaNplayer

nanplayer webos pre On the surface the Palm Pre's stock Music app looks and for the most part works great, however dedicated audiophiles and people that use playlists can't help but want something with a bit more flexibility. In comparison to more robust music players like the Palm OS classic PocketTunes, the webOS Music app sadly comes up short in the features department. Fortunately, a new homebrew contender called, NaNplayer by BlubbleApps is well on its way to providing the perfect panacea for your mobile music woes.

Intended for eventual paid distribution via the official webOS App Catalog, NaNplayer is packing a pretty hefty list of added features even in its early state. In a nutshell: it aims to offer faster performance over the stock app, automatically generated playlists, allows you to edit said playlists and even has find-as-you-type artist/song selection and can choose music based on your GPS location. Oh, and it offers a position slider so you can "scrub" through your songs, correcting the most glaring omission from the baked-in app. Continue reading for a video preview.

The developer, NaNapps, aims to make it available sometime later this month depending on Palm's App Catalogue process. It will cost around $3-5 and future updates will be free. Check out BlubbleApps' YouTube channel for additional videos.

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