Palm Pre: The Missing Manual Published

pre missing manual book Call off the sniffer dogs and the search choppers, folks: the Palm Pre's Missing Manual has been found! For some odd reason Palm neglected to include copies of this weighty 287-page tome in the Pre's packaging. (Possibly because it would have had to have been shredded and compacted into a tiny cube of paper pulp in order to fit.)

But I digress. O'Reilly's new book is written by USA Today personal-tech columnist Ed Baig, includes a CD-ROM and (most importantly) is in full-color for maximum prettiness. Covering everything from gestures to media, it promises to "help you go from newcomer to expert in no time" and comes in both dead-tree and ebook editions, which will set you back $24.99 and $19.99, respectively. Or $27.49 for those greedy types who just have to have it all. It ships this week.

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