Palm Opening Pre Experience Center in LA Mall

palm store groove laPalm is preparing to open a Palm Pre Experience Center in an upscale shopping mall in Los Angeles. The center will officially open in August at the Park at The Grove and The Americana at Brand shopping center. The Palm Center is described as being located beneath a array of umbrellas, in a approachable modern setting. It seems the location will be more like a outdoors booth area rather than a return to the Palm retail locations of the past. Coincidentally, Palm previously had a retail location in the same mall a few years ago.

Palm will staff the location with Palm ambassadors who will give visitors a chance to get hands-on with the Pre and follow along with various demo's of the Palm Pre smartphone. Palm will also offer one on one tutorials and presentations on a large screen displays. It is unclear if actual devices or accessories will be available for sale.

Palm will also be the presenting sponsor for the annual Summer Concert series at The Grove and The Americana at Brand, where every Wednesday night in August at 8 p.m. guests can enjoy their favorite artists perform under the stars for free, including Vanessa Carlton, Ashley Tisdale, Michelle Branch and Gavin Rossdale.

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If at first you don't succeed...

SeldomVisitor @ 7/28/2009 12:35:54 PM # Q a-GAIN?

Why bother? Wasn't the abject failure of the other Palm retail outlets enough? Who in Marketing had this idea a-GAIN? Or is this the "deadbrain"child of the CEO?

I think we're beginning to see why he was simply a hardware VP instead of a CEO somewhere else, huh?

RE: If at first you don't succeed...
spice3d @ 7/28/2009 1:16:46 PM # Q
Yeah, the one they had at the Century City mall was an embarrassment...and right near an Apple store to boot! Why not spend the money on kickass displays at Best Buy where you'd actually get some traffic.
RE: If at first you don't succeed...
jca666us @ 7/28/2009 6:02:45 PM # Q
I have to agree 100% with this comment.

Palm should set up displays in best buy that are the equal of the displays apple has set up for the iphone.

RE: If at first you don't succeed...
Gekko @ 7/28/2009 6:59:21 PM # Q

outdoor booth under an umbrella is cheap. you get what you pay for.
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Road Tour!

mikecane @ 7/28/2009 5:52:04 PM # Q
Come to NYC because I want to be able to fondle w/o a desperate salesdroid breathing down my neck licking his chops over the possibility of a damned two-year contract.
RE: Road Tour!
Gekko @ 7/28/2009 6:59:50 PM # Q

WTF where is your review?
RE: Road Tour!
freakout @ 7/28/2009 9:51:34 PM # Q
^^ Second! Time to stop hemming and hawing, Cane. Join us in the 21st century!
RE: Road Tour!
mikecane @ 7/30/2009 5:20:19 PM # Q
WHAT frikkin review?! The Sprint Store doesn't have the dual demo units they used to have and I'm not going into a damned RatShack to ask to play!

Meanwhile, I just learned today Apple is doing a FOURTH Store for NYC!

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