Palm webOS Mojo SDK Now Available

webosdev sdk mojo Either a critical development milestone was reached or Palm just got real tired of developers begging for access - but whatever the case, the webOS Mojo SDK is now available to any and all interested parties, as is Palm's brand spankin' new developer portal. A nice little welcome note from Mike Abbott & the webOS team will greet you upon arrival, as well as links to some basic development guides, a sample Hello World app and even a full API reference. Palm's Jon Zilber waxes lyrical on the official Palm Blog:

The initial response to Palm webOS apps - from both developers and customers - has been enthusiastic. Even in its initial beta stage, over 1.8 million apps have been downloaded from the beta App Catalog since Palm Pre was released less than six weeks ago. Thousands of developers have participated in the Mojo SDK early access program since it began in early April. New applications are in the pipeline for the Palm App Catalog, and the App Catalog submission process will be opened to all developers beginning this fall.

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hugely disappointing

pmjoe @ 7/16/2009 4:23:09 PM # Q
These licensing terms may actually be even more draconian than the iPhone.
RE: hugely disappointing
freakout @ 7/16/2009 5:29:23 PM # Q
^^ How so?
RE: hugely disappointing
SeldomVisitor @ 7/16/2009 5:55:07 PM # Q
There're two different comment threads about the licensing on PreCentral - see the "WebOS development" or whatever it's called forum.

RE: hugely disappointing
freakout @ 7/16/2009 6:36:25 PM # Q
^^ I've actually read those, and there are some interesting points made, but I was specifically wondering what pmjoe thought.
RE: hugely disappointing
pmjoe @ 7/17/2009 10:53:03 AM # Q
Well, I'd have to go through the licensing agreements in detail, but on first pass, Apple's iPhone agreement just seemed more nuanced, while Palm's seems more designed with everything benefits Palm in mind (everything must be distributed through us; if you give us a copy of your app, you're giving us a perpetual license to do whatever we wish with it, etc.). But when you get down to the details, they may be the same ... both are bad for developers.
RE: hugely disappointing
pmjoe @ 7/17/2009 1:52:40 PM # Q
You could even read this as no advertising in apps is allowed.
RE: hugely disappointing
sharprone @ 7/17/2009 4:46:06 PM # Q
is an understatement. I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE this instrument. it makes its own decisions. maybe it will and maybe it won't. it absolutely SUCKS and I can't wait until October so I can get something decent. DO NOT BUY IT.
RE: hugely disappointing
jca666us @ 7/18/2009 5:30:42 AM # Q
An interesting read:

RE: hugely disappointing
freakout @ 7/18/2009 9:45:43 AM # Q
RE: hugely disappointing
jca666us @ 7/18/2009 2:32:00 PM # Q
The response is high on speculation on what Palm *may* do to rectify the situation in the future.

We'll see if it actually happens.

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