Rumor: Next Tungsten May Be the T5

An unconfirmed report from a German palm site is claiming the next Tungsten handhelds from palmOne may be called the Tungsten T5. The report also claims to have some additional info on the handheld.

In the article entitled "Tungsten T5 kommt" the site claims (translated):

"From reliable source we received interesting information to the successor momentary palmOne of the flagship Tungsten T3. The first surprise therefore begins with the name: If one believes the information, the successor does not become T4, but T5 are called. This information becomes reliable by the fact that it gave also no Palm IV, but only a Palm V. A dealer from the European foreign country already had the new PDA to the test in the hand. It is to have the same crest factor as the T3, be however somewhat thinner and longer and have no more Slider. The hardware Buttons is accommodated on small area. The main memory should be limited with 256 MT, the CCU has a clock rate of 400 MHz. With security the T4 has Bluetooth functionality, WLAN could the source not confirm. Likewise the exact screen resolution is not well-known. Whether palmOne now really thin T3 without Slider brings, like it itself many users as "Traum PDA" wishes, white one probably only with the publication. Normally palmOne new PDAs presents in October."

The numeral "4" is commonly associated with bad luck in many parts of the world, particularly in asia. In Japan and China, the number four is considered inauspicious because it is pronounced the same as the word for death. Palm Inc previously avoided using the number, when they released the Palm V after the Palm III. Other companies such as Cannon with the G3 and G5 Camera's have previously done the same.

Previously, there was speculation that the next Tungsten will have the same slider design and large 320x480 screen as the T3. It may be one of the first devices to run Palm OS Cobalt. It will also include a higher capacity battery and will make use of the more advanced power management features found in the Intel PXA270 series processors for better battery life. There was also speculation that it would include both Bluetooth and WiFi wireless.

Thanks to 1src for the tip.

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Four unlucky number

JonathanChoo @ 8/27/2004 10:36:24 PM #
The number four is an unlucky number not only in Japan but in the eyes of many chinese.

Aside from the model number all I have to say is about time these rumours are starting to leak! The specs given seems to be well below expectations. I would have expected PalmOne to atleast give the next high end Tungsten a 520Mhz processor in line with most new PPCs.

While some here might prefer the slider to go away - personally I think it should remain in the next T handheld. The design is elegant and catches the eyes of many design conscious customers who are bored with the normal tablet designed PDAs out there.

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RE: Four unlucky number
Gekko @ 8/27/2004 10:53:11 PM #
>"The number four is an unlucky number not only in Japan but in the eyes of many chinese."

F 'Em.

RE: Four unlucky number
Bunjay @ 8/28/2004 12:10:17 AM #
The number four in chinese sounds like the word "die" or "dead". A lot of busineses avoid using that number in Asia. I think it's not so much that the Chinese mind the number but probably some superstitious Palm executive thinking that it may jinx the product... They can't mess this up!

Please don't wake me - allow me to dream on.
RE: Four unlucky number
GearHead @ 8/28/2004 12:22:11 AM #
Hey Gekko, we can't really "F 'Em.". After all they are the ones building all Palms and not to mention everthing else around us.
Let's keep it professional...

RE: Four unlucky number
JonathanChoo @ 8/28/2004 12:35:48 AM #
Gekko must I state the obvious? Please act like an adult.

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RE: Four unlucky number
Gekko @ 8/28/2004 8:50:31 AM #

I, for one, will not bow to some Godless-culture's susperstitions!

F 'Em!!!!!!

RE: Four unlucky number
Wolfgard @ 8/28/2004 10:06:14 AM #
Smart remark, gekko. Oh wait... godless culture? Hello??? Get your facts right before even criticising others. Considering 13 unlucky is about smart as calling 4 unlucky so I don't see the reason for flaming others. Peace...

About PalmOne doing their best to not 'jinx' their product, I don't see any reason why they can't skip number 4 (it's only a number, people). I for one don't care much about that, but it's their product and they can do whatever they like. Just bring us a Tungsten with WiFi please!

RE: Four unlucky number
mikecane @ 8/28/2004 10:31:06 AM #
You have to make allowances for Gekko. He's become brain-damaged from touting PPC (and rightly and justly so!).

Not only is 4 considered bad luck in Japan, so is 9.

RE: Four unlucky number
Rome @ 8/28/2004 10:37:07 AM #
Are all PPC people like Gekko? Rude, insensitive, ignorant, and small minded.

This speaks volume about their products...

RE: Four unlucky number
Gekko @ 8/28/2004 10:44:36 AM #

MikeCon - Are you planning on protesting the RNC Convention in NYC this week? I sure hope so - I really look forward to seeing footage of you and the rest of your socialist trash on the news being maced, beaten, and cuffed by New York's finest.

Grow up you nerds
Strider_mt2k @ 8/28/2004 10:52:57 AM #
Welcome to Palm Daycarecenter!

Where it's the best of mudslinging nerd-on-nerd action!

RE: Four unlucky number
Hal2000 @ 8/28/2004 11:24:09 AM #
Gekko - Due to you, I can see the light........Between your ears. Please stand on your stack of pos devices and praise ppc somewhere else.

1.128 gigs under the hood.
RE: Four unlucky number
acaltabiano @ 8/28/2004 11:26:42 AM #
China has a ruthless communist dictatorship and you accuse them of being godless? Wow. You must get A LOT of exercise jumping to conclusions.

Since you are a "Gekko," you are a cold-blooded lizard? appears so...

How many office buildings skip the 13th floor in the US? Should we F' us too? Damn, admit you might have overstepped your boundaries here and give up the ghost. That's bad...

Bad news for Stan Lee
Strider_mt2k @ 8/28/2004 11:47:11 AM #
Sales of "Fantastic Four" comics never did well there for that reason, the common beleif being that it was an illustrated guide to a really spectacular suicide.

Marvel Comics for years tried to market a "Fantastic Five" comic book to asia, but never quite worked in the additional character of "Glinky the Space Thing" to the satisfaction of Stan Lee.

RE: Four unlucky number
Token User @ 8/28/2004 12:47:50 PM #
F 'em? It comes with a radio??
Once again PalmOne is behind on the tech curve ... they should have loaded it up with XM Satellite.

Gekko - crawl back under your rock. Politics and religion have no place in these forums.

~ "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed." - DV ~

RE: Four unlucky number
hkklife @ 8/28/2004 2:50:40 PM #
Ryan, please get 'em outta here. We have new handhelds on the horizon and there certaily ain't no place for this on PIC.

For the record, I'd rather PalmOne concentrate on squashing bugs, improving build quality/screen quality, OS 6 early adopter woes, battery life etc instead of just piling on the features to gobble more battery life.

In all honesty, I'd rather see a faster SD bus access & Speedstep-style intelligent power management than a higher-clocked CPU.

RE: Four unlucky number
mikecane @ 8/28/2004 5:29:52 PM #
Hey, Gekko, about 200 of your FELLOW CITIZENS got arrested last night in the New New York City Police State because they DARED to want to ride BICYCLES past the convention site. Doesn't that just warm the ****les of your dictatorial heart?

Go Nader!

RE: Four unlucky number
mikecane @ 8/28/2004 5:31:18 PM #
Dumb censorware. C-o-c-k-l-e-s was the word.

RE: Four unlucky number
Gekko @ 8/28/2004 6:51:44 PM #
>"DARED to want to ride BICYCLES past the convention site"

A bunch of socialists with noting but trouble on their minds! Lock 'em up and throw away the key!

RE: Four unlucky number
abosco @ 8/28/2004 8:12:46 PM #
My side - 13 is not nearly as common of a number as four. To skip the number four just to make supersticious Asians feel better is simply silly to me. Office buildings that don't have a 13th floor are also dumb to me. F us AND F 'em. What if I suddenly decided the number one was unlucky? Are they going to stop making any sort of product with the number one?

To go out of your way to rename your products so you don't use an "unlucky" number just seems.. well.. dumb. Is that so ignorant?

NX80v + Wifi + BT + T616 (now resting at the bottom of a waterfall)

RE: Four unlucky number
RhinoSteve @ 8/28/2004 10:59:32 PM #
Gekko, you have it right. A bunch of socialist so low in emotions they can't do a straight fight and scream "peace" but what they really mean is "slavery."

When you have your freedoms taken away, told how to think and are powerless to fight, you are at peace.
RE: Four unlucky number
Patrick @ 8/29/2004 2:14:20 AM #
I guess I don't see it as Palm going out of their way. It costs them nothing to call it the T5 instead of the T4, other than the wrath of pundits like us. It may not bring them the riches of Everest, but it surely doesn't hurt, so why not?

RE: Four unlucky number
JonathanChoo @ 8/29/2004 2:49:01 AM #
Put a number 4 on your product and see your product bomb. If you want people in jobs you need your product to sell. If one billion potential future customers is not enough to broaden your mind then I can't see what can. This is marketing. And marketing is part and parcel of capitalism. If you want PalmOne, an American company to fail - then be my guess.

This is the problem with some people, they sit in their house worshipping whatever they usually worship (in this case an Axim) while not going out to experience the World and living the life. Gekko, do you even have a passport? Or a girl friend?

Rome: Not all PPC people are like Gekko. I am also a PPC user but I don't worship PDAs. Or my prime minister.

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RE: Four unlucky number
JonathanChoo @ 8/29/2004 3:15:55 AM #
Damn it I meant guest!

Back to the topic of Tungsten - latest rumour has it that the T3 would get an OS6 upgrade. Oh and a and BargainPDA has a pix of the alleged T5.

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More info on T3 and T5
JonathanChoo @ 8/29/2004 3:25:43 AM #

According to this German site, the T3 would receive an OS6 update a month after the release of the T5.

And more juicy specs: 520Mhz PXA270 processor, 128Mb RAM, OS6, 320x480 res, Bluetooth, WiFi, UC, SD slot. Dimensions is 11.94cm x 7.62cm x 1.68cm. Priced would be similar to T3 when first released. If the specs are correct, the T5 would be slightly thicker than the T3 (bigger battery?).

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Gekko @ 8/29/2004 2:21:49 PM #

Con - are you somewhere in the middle of this endless parade of human debris?

RE: Four unlucky number
ackmondual @ 8/30/2004 2:00:33 PM #
"triskaidekaphobia". Other than buildings not having a 13th floor and the stigma of "Friday the 13th", there's actually a word in the English language that denotes an abnormal fear of the number 13. In Chinese, reading a book while playing a game or gambling is bad luck... again, b/c the word "book" in chinese also sounds like the word "lose". In US however, they also have stuff like walking under ladders is "suicidal" and breaking a mirror is bad luck (maybe their superstitions for just children, i don't know), but IMO, all of it is plain silly.

HOWEVER, there is, as mentioned, the concept and power of marketing, which is what allows one brand of cereal to outsell another brand of the SAME contents simply b/c it has a monkey instead of a goat or product lines to sell b/c of excessive uses of buzz words. P1 needs to make as many sales as it can, and if it means changing one # just to rack in more sales, I'd say, go for it.

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RE: Four unlucky number
mikecane @ 8/30/2004 4:28:59 PM #
>>>are you somewhere in the middle of this endless parade of human debris

I was there.

I think it's time for Gekko to be aborted from this site.

RE: Four unlucky number
Strider_mt2k @ 8/30/2004 6:53:02 PM #
Yes, please stop the last word fest between the kiddies.

RE: Four unlucky number
mikecane @ 8/30/2004 7:19:14 PM #
BTW, Strider, I saw your post on BH about your nascent PPC lust. Don't do it! It'd be money down the drain.

RE: Four unlucky number
jayhawk88 @ 8/31/2004 8:22:52 AM #
You people really need to learn to stop feeding the trolls.

RE: Four unlucky number
Winter_ @ 8/31/2004 12:06:19 PM #
Oh, but they're sooooo cute! :)
RE: Four unlucky number
Stefanos @ 8/31/2004 1:30:21 PM #
"Hey, Gekko, about 200 of your FELLOW CITIZENS got arrested last night in the New New York City Police State because they DARED to want to ride BICYCLES past the convention site. Doesn't that just warm the ****les of your dictatorial heart?

Go Nader!"

YEAH! I knew there was something I liked about mikecane.

ackmondual @ 8/31/2004 4:51:25 PM #
how did Intel and vendors get away with selling new PCs with the "Intel Pentium 4 processor"? Or did they have the 3 digit scheme that's only introduced now in US? (e.g. 3xx for Celerons, 5xx for early 400MHz FSB P4s, 6xx for 533MHz FSB P4s, etc.)

[signature0]the secret to enjoying your job is to have a hobby that's even worse[/signature0]
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This makes sense! I am game for WiFi+Bluetooth!

GearHead @ 8/28/2004 12:14:49 AM #
This could be it guys. I think finally Palm is going to make it happen. First new Treo, now this. Also skipping 4 straight to 5 makes total sense. I personally like the form factor on slider design. I don't think Plam should give up that innovative idea that easy. Look around nobody but Sharp has that. Well we all now Sharp is not a real deal for most of us, so Palm is fairly unique and useful with the new design. I think they shold have two handhelds, like T5 and T5s (for slider).
As far as processor goes, we definetely want the new Intels under the hood, nothing less than 312MHz, with all the power goodies.

Let's hope Santa hears all these wishes...

Free 802.11 No More Wires!!!
Support your local WAN!

RE: This makes sense! I am game for WiFi+Bluetooth!
Gar @ 8/28/2004 12:34:39 AM #
I would love to see a 'Palm' device like my TH55. I am one of those big time WiFi users. Having had a 'C' since they first came out, I just didn't enjoy the screen size and keyboard. Personal preference. With the Clie line going away and not "loving" the slider I have been wondering what the future held for folks like me. Landscape view on an all screen device running the new OS, WiFi (bluetooth too!!)... neat. Sure, I dont' have any facts to add on if this is the path or not. But I just have to believe there are other serious business users out there like me that need these type of hardware features. Fingers crossed.

My wife has to sell a lot of candles ( to buy her new Palm.
RE: This makes sense! I am game for WiFi+Bluetooth!
CaptMyCapt @ 8/28/2004 1:22:19 AM #
Sure, WiFi+Bluetooth works, big time, and PalmOne should pump up the internal memory to at least 512MB. Afterall, that wouldn't make the unit larger. Also, I think the slider rocks, why kill a good thing . . . I'd have to trash the great cases I've purchased.
RE: This makes sense! I am game for WiFi+Bluetooth!
Sleuth255 @ 8/28/2004 11:14:44 AM #
Watch it come down like this:

T5 has no built in WiFi but can make use of the WiFi SD card. Its sliderless design allows P1 to (finally) give it a replaceable battery.

Watch for the T5/WiFi card bundle that gets priced about the same as the iPAQ 4155 allowing the T5 sans WiFi to get priced much more agressively. P1 won't have the margin overhead on circuitry/licensing fees (from Sychip who makes all the WiFi chips installed in PDAs) built into every T5 it makes just to support the users who can't live without WiFi.

In fact, what if the T5 instead sported a "long" SD slot designed specifically for the WiFi card that lets it get inserted flush with the case. All this in addition to the standard SD slot. Maybe this is the actual truth behind the "dual SD" rumor.

T3 users purchasing the WiFi card in September can use it in their new T5 whenever they decide to upgrade too.

how about this for some crazy sh!t!

RE: This makes sense! I am game for WiFi+Bluetooth!
hkklife @ 8/28/2004 2:54:09 PM #
Sleuth/Klw and I talked about this on Brighthand months ago, IIRC. I specifically predicted a T4 (at the time) & Wi-Fi PalmOne card bundle/combo pack that'd be VERY aggressively priced & promoted around the holidays.

At the time I was expecting just a refresh of the T3 but now with the leaked pics of the new Treo, a non-slider T5 with dual SDIO (one of the slots being "long" as you state) and a replacable battery makes mega-sense. Now just keep the power consumption reasonably low, keep the bugs & build quality hiccups out and give me a UC--I'm all over it!

Personally, I'll be glad to see the slider go as long as the screen doesn't descrease any in physical viewable size.

RE: This makes sense! I am game for WiFi+Bluetooth!
mikecane @ 8/28/2004 5:33:24 PM #
Long SD slot?! I have to admit that's one hell of a good point about not having to pay the Sychip fees for each unit sold.

Right now, I'm wondering if when the SD card itself debuts, if p1 won't drop the price of the T3 -- or bundle the card with it at the current price (ie, $399 for the set).

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