Alltel Treo 755p Reduced to $99

Alltel Treo 755pRecent pricing activity suggests that the most recent Palm OS-based Treo may be heading out to pasture on yet another domestic CDMA carrier. This time, the Alltel network appears to be following in the footsteps of Verizon Wireless in clearing their remaining stocks of the Treo 755p.

While several unsubstantiated online reports predated the official confirmation by a Verizon Wireless spokesperson that they were phasing out the 755p, no reports have yet circulated regarding Alltel's future plans. Despite the lack of any official announcement, it stands to reason that Palm's newest Garnet-based device, the Centro, might be headed to Alltel's CDMA network in the near future.

The sleek all-black version of the Treo 755p has recently been reduced in price in the Alltel online store to $99. Unfortunately, this price is only achieved after a combination of instant and mail-in rebates and a $100 gift card on top of the obligatory 2-year contract, unlike Verizon's instant web store discount. Sprint's 755p remains the only version of that phone still enjoying widespread availability and adherence to older pricing.

Palm traditionally issues a final ROM update before a device begins its gradual EOL process, and the Alltel version of the 755p is no different. It received a ROM version "Radio Patch" update to version 1.03 back in June.

In related news, reports continue to circulate that the Verizon 755p remains out of stock both online and in nearly all retail stores. A recent inquiry Verizon for a warranty replacement on my own Verizon 755p due to digitizer drift resulted in news that refurbished 755p's are on back order and currently unavailable.

The Treo 755p is Palm's only remaining CDMA Palm OS Treo and has been available on the Alltel network since October 2007. The PIC review of the Sprint version of the 755p can be found here.

Thanks, TreoCentral forums.

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