Additional Hints at Upcoming Devices from Palm

Palm WandaRumor: TamsPPC blog has obtained and published a letter from Palm to select developer partners that includes mention and some scant details on two new upcoming device releases. TamsPPC has also posted a image of a "mock up" of an unspecified Palm device, that at the very least shows a new, yet familiar d-pad and keyboard design which could be taken from either of the unannounced devices.

The letter makes reference to two Palm device code-names: Zeppelin and Skywriter. Zeppelin is well known as a reference to the upcoming Treo 800w, expected shortly. The Skywritter, however, is new to us. Tam speculates that it may perhaps be a "Centro" like device running Windows Mobile 6.1. If that is indeed the case, this model could be somewhat related to the leaked "Wanda" information, which detailed Palm's expected Treo 500 successor (pictured at right).

Palm Zeppelin and Skywritter Mockup
Palm Zeppelin Mockup c/o TamsPPC

The letter goes on to invite developers to submit applications that will be considered for inclusion or promotion with the upcoming devices. The submission due date listed is for May 30th.