More Possible Palm Centro Pics Surface

Palm Centro ImagesPDAFrance has posted a series of possible shots of the Palm Centro. The white colored model seen in this new set of images, match the previously leaked photos seen on PIC. The white Centro is displayed running Palm OS Garnet on the Orange network (GSM) in France.

Palm has previously confirmed that the Centro will debut in the US on Sprint and will feature a new, smaller form-factor, EVDO high speed data and a touch screen display. A separate leaked image of the Centro showed a Black and Sliver model with Sprint branding. A recent rumor report has indicated the Centro could be released by Sprint around October 14th.

Palm's European site has recently thrown up a teaser page announcing a competition for a chance to win a new Palm smartphone that will be revealed on 12th September 2007.

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hmm interesting...

VampireLestat @ 9/5/2007 1:09:19 AM # Q
If that Palm middle button can be used for gaming, might be a very interesting design there.

Other criteria needed to be a killer device:

- 3.5mm
- touchscreen
- unlocked
- I am sick of the Treo brand name - harbors too many memories of ill will.

RE: hmm interesting...
AdamaDBrown @ 9/5/2007 1:12:52 AM # Q
From what I've heard, the Centros won't be under the Treo brand name at all. Anyway, being CDMA they can't be unlocked. Hopefully they'll hurry along with a GSM version.

RE: hmm interesting...
VampireLestat @ 9/5/2007 1:29:25 AM # Q
yes lets hope, because the only reason I considered the 680 was because it was gsm unlocked.

for me, there is 0.0000000000000000000001% chance of buying a locked carrier controlled device. No thank you.

RE: hmm interesting...
freakout @ 9/5/2007 1:49:40 AM # Q
This prototype has a Treo imprint on it. Odd. Unless they're planning on calling it a "Treo 500" or something.

Still hate the colour, but it definitely looks nicer when not viewed in BlurVision.

RE: hmm interesting...
thefez @ 9/5/2007 6:43:58 AM # Q
It almost looks like the keyboard could be somewhat "sliding" over the central area of the phone. Much as was the original Tungsten T.
This would allow the phone to be really "short" when closed. Then call and answer via touch screen?
Just the opposite with respect to the current trend of "sliding keyboard" phones.

BUT Probably it is only a visual trick of the picture.

If it turns out that this feature is real, we will see again half of the people loving it and the other half hating it...
...and another half complaining for the keyboard size!! ;-)

RE: hmm interesting...
DOMMY @ 9/5/2007 7:24:47 AM # Q
I think it is sliding keyboard as for this old patent of Palm:

Also the picture has a form factor as Palm Centro and also Plam in Europe launch speaks of Full Keyboard. We will see


RE: hmm interesting...
DOMMY @ 9/5/2007 7:27:24 AM # Q
RE: hmm interesting...
nitf @ 9/5/2007 5:01:09 PM # Q
I vote for no slider, it almost appears lke it should slide together but if you look closely it is just the lighting. The side views from the other pictures show the button band material wraps around the sides and get wider at the back of the device, if look closely at this new picture you can see the thing that looks like a shadow on the right side curves toward the top and bottom in the same way.

If it did slide the top and bottom pieces would not mate up flush and there would be a big gap in the back which wouldn't make much sense, at least to me...

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Valhala @ 9/5/2007 3:06:27 AM # Q
this pig needs more lipstick on it.

RE: fugly
VampireLestat @ 9/5/2007 5:31:09 AM # Q
I love that pig lipstick joke.

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i like what i see so far

Gekko @ 9/5/2007 7:03:11 AM # Q

i really do.

modern and tiny.

RE: i like what i see so far
ThePolack @ 9/5/2007 10:31:25 PM # Q
I'm trying to figure out if you and I are looking at the same picture. Just to be sure, are you looking at the silvery iPaq-looking device that is eerily reminiscent of the cheapest portable devices of the late 90s? Or is there another Centro model that isn't pictured here?

Seriously, this thing looks downright primitive. I might have been impressed by something like this ten years ago, but in today's smartphone market with Nokia and (total newcomer) Apple producing really nice smartphone interfaces and form factors, this is kinda sad.

Palm has some catching up to do and this isn't even close to where they should be going.


In the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "I drank what?"

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Sort of looks like the iPaq 914

Poopie @ 9/5/2007 6:09:29 PM # Q

a Windows Mobile smartphone with a 3-megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi, and HSDPA support.

USR Palm Pilot 1000 --> Palm Pilot Professional --> TRG SuperPilot --> Palm IIIc --> Palm V --> Palm M505 --> Palm M515 --> Tungsten T|2 --> Treo 600 --> LifeDrive --> iPhone
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This must be the Palm iPhone killer

T_W @ 9/5/2007 6:48:45 PM # Q
This must be the Palm iPhone killer.

Hope you enjoyed your days in the sun Apple. Because its game over for you now.

With Centro eating up your iPhone business and Foleo killing of your laptop line, its 1996 all over again.

RE: This must be the Palm iPhone killer
Valhala @ 9/5/2007 10:57:40 PM # Q
Uhhh, TW I don't know if you know this but the foleo has been cancelled. Keep smoking what your smoking, I highly doub't that this mashup of circuity will ever come close to the iPhone sales, but then again I could be wrong.

RE: This must be the Palm iPhone killer
T_W @ 9/5/2007 11:17:50 PM # Q
Apparently the sarcasm flew over your head.

RE: This must be the Palm iPhone killer
drw @ 9/6/2007 1:25:47 AM # Q
How do we know they won't cancel the Centro at the last moment?

Once I read an article on PIC linking to a foleo video, but I couldn't play the video on the linux computer I was using at a sandwich shop because the video asked for windows media player. When you think of the hefty files being tossed back and forth in business emails, anything I carry around better be able to handle big attachments of any flavor. You hear me Benhamou? Oh, I forgot, he quit yesterday. He was cancelled at the last moment.

Oh well, any of youz guyz plz listen up: My T|C is getting old. Please come out with a replacement. Thanks...


RE: This must be the Palm iPhone killer
Valhala @ 9/6/2007 2:22:00 AM # Q
Yes it did, not being a generaly sarcastic person, Thanks for pointing it out.

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This seals the deal...

ThePolack @ 9/6/2007 11:08:19 AM # Q
I'm getting an iPod Touch as soon as there is a usable password manager that works either natively on the iPhone/iPod Touch or there is a secure site like clipperz that works on Safari mobile.

My encrypted password database is the one and only reason I'm still using my Palm. I stopped using it for calendar and contacts years ago (since the PIM apps are ridiculously primitive in their basic functionality, especially the address book which apparently only Next and Apple have ever gotten right -- only five phone numbers/email addresses per contact? Nonsense). I stopped using it for viewing documents and ebooks years ago (the prolific availability of real computers and USB key drives making that function obsolete for me). I stopped using it for any form of entertainment years ago (I have an iPod and a DS, and I don't even play games much anymore). I stopped using my Palm for everything I once relied on it for years ago.

The only exception is secure password management that syncs with the desktop. That's the one and only reason I still use a Palm for anything at all. It's the only reason I still charge the battery or plug it into my USB hub. That's it. Once that application is available on the iPhone/iPod Touch, my Palm goes into the recycle bin, and there's now way I'm buying a Centro or any of the other craptacular product offerings Palm has been "hinting" at lately.

It's amazing that Apple is basically beating Palm at their own game these days. Palm once dominated the portable handheld market primarily on the strength of their simple interface and the way they distanced themselves from MS's strategy of trying to port the desktop experience to the palmtop form factor. The strength of Palm OS lie in it's usability and openness. Apple hasn't figured out the openness part (yet. I suspect a devkit is still forthcoming, though they may request the ability to vet any program that gets released to assure it meets their standards), but they've definitely trounced Palm in the usability realm. I used to love my Palm devices, they worked wonders for me... five years ago. Now the whole lineup boils down to one feature for me, and I suspect that alternatives will soon be available (several in development already). So long Palm.


In the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "I drank what?"

RE: This seals the deal...
Poopie @ 9/6/2007 11:17:47 AM # Q

The only exception is secure password management that syncs with the desktop. That's the one and only reason I still use a Palm for anything at all. It's the only reason I still charge the battery or plug it into my USB hub.

That describes my situation exactly. I can handle web apps for things I infrequently use or access, but I just don't want to keep my collection of passwords to *everything in my life* on the internet. I don't even need it to sync to the desktop.

USR Palm Pilot 1000 --> Palm Pilot Professional --> TRG SuperPilot --> Palm IIIc --> Palm V --> Palm M505 --> Palm M515 --> Tungsten T|2 --> Treo 600 --> LifeDrive --> iPhone

RE: This seals the deal...
hkklife @ 9/6/2007 11:17:58 AM # Q
I'd say I am in a similar boat but my Palm functionality actually peaked somewhere around the T5/TX era...the arrival of TCPMP/AeroPlayer/PTunes along with the combination of affordable large-ish SD cards & the lovely 320x480 screen with a stereo headphone jack made me finally get serious about media on the Palm OS.

Then when I "downgraded" to a 700p I honestly found quite a lot of use in internet-anywhere and in mobile web/e-mail apps....but the tradeoff was a severe reduction in both game playing and document/media viewing.

I do agree that the 5 phone number/email addresses for each contact is frustratingly limited. Many of my colleagues and work acquaintences give me their work & home addresses/number as well as 2 or 3 e-mail addresses. This all should have been (ideally) remedied in the OS 4 to OS5 transition or at least during the big OS 5.2 with the "new" PIM apps & fields appeared on the T3 in 2003.

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RE: This seals the deal...
nitf @ 9/6/2007 2:52:24 PM # Q
I might be misunderstanding the problem but on my Sprint MR'ed 700p I can add as many phone number or email fields as I want. If I hit the "+" icon while editing the contact I can add fields and name them anything I want,. Is there someplace else that these new fields don't work?

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