Sandisk Announces 4GB SDHC Ultra II Plus card

For users unwilling to pay the price premium for the flashy and slightly faster Ducati edition we reported on back in July, Sandisk has just announced the release of a “standard” Ultra II version of their 4GB SDHC Plus card.

Sandisk’s MSRP of the new Ultra II SDHC Plus card is expected to be $79.99, with general availability occurring in October. This is not only more affordable buy than the $129.99 Ducati version of this card, but also a wiser purchase as well. No current Palm device can approach the full speed of even a class 2 SDHC card, so the Ducati card's higher speed rating would only be realized when copying and writing files to a PC or perhaps during HD video capture camera operations.

Sandish Ultra II SD CardWhile rated approximately one-half the speed of the previously announced Ducati cards, these cheaper Ultra II cards still offer read & write speeds of approximately 10 MB/s, far in excess of the Class 4 4 MB/s rating for HC spec of the format that appears on the card’s label.

This Ultra II card is certain to be of interest to users of the Treo 680, and 1.10 versions of the 700p, as both of those Treos have full-size SDHC-compatible card slots. In addition, Palm’s upcoming Foleo Mobile Companion is reported to have a full-size SDHC slot as well.

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Does anyone els ethink this is getting ridiculous?

SeldomVisitor @ 9/11/2007 11:53:25 AM # Q

That is to say, it'll take MORE than an hour to read the drive at full speed.


I used to giggle at the old Star Trek (what's THAT?) shows where The Good Captain would insert a rectangular something into the computer to retrieve some enormous set of data:


[the little rectangular thingees to the left of Scotty's hand are them]

The amount of data on one of those Hollywood cards is miniscule compared to this.


RE: Does anyone els ethink this is getting ridiculous?
freakout @ 9/11/2007 8:01:48 PM # Q
^^ I always laughed at the "printer" noise the computer would make when they were getting said data. "WORKING"...
RE: Does anyone els ethink this is getting ridiculous?
SeldomVisitor @ 9/12/2007 6:46:48 AM # Q
Alas, the server admin apparently locked down that Star Trek image - probably getting hit too many times!, so here's the same image elsewhere I think:


Reply to this comment's 4gb card (slightly OT)

twrock @ 9/11/2007 9:45:32 PM # Q
Since I threatened to "complain bitterly" if their card did not work as advertised, I thought it only fair to return to say that I am a happy customer once again. I just got my 4gb SD card from and it works perfectly in my TX (non-HC card). So it appears it is as advertised and you can be sure that their 4gb card will work in at least the TX (and presumably all the other units they list). I've been happy with everything I've ordered from these guys.

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RE:'s 4gb card (slightly OT)
hkklife @ 9/11/2007 11:26:48 PM # Q
Have you noticed it to be slightly thicker than a "standard" 2gb or less SD card? Does your PC's card reader drive handle it? I've noticed both SD 1.1 4GB cards I've had to be a tad thicker than regular cards. One even had troubles going into an internal card reader drive on my old PC and also ejecting from the SD slot on my previous digital camera!

In theory that card should work on the LifeDrive, 700p, 680 and most likely the WinMob Treo 700w/wx as well. And, uh, the Foleo as well, in case someone out there's still hoping to snag one.

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RE:'s 4gb card (slightly OT)
twrock @ 9/12/2007 12:15:02 AM # Q
Actually, it very "standard" in thickness, more so than my Transcend 2gb cards (which are ever so slightly thicker). The only problem with the card so far is that I have a relatively old USB SD card reader that simply hangs up the computer (WinXP) when I tried to have it read this card. A newer card reader had no problem with this whatsoever. I suppose that kind of thing should be expected. The card came formatted and ready to go.

Here's the link directly to the card:
As you can see, the list of compatible devices is extensive.

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Colonel K @ 9/21/2007 4:15:29 AM # Q
Does anyone know if this card will work in a TX?


hkklife @ 9/21/2007 11:12:39 AM # Q
Unfortunately it will not work on a TX.

The best the TX can do is a 4GB SD 1.1 (*NOT* SDHC) card. The LifeDrive and Treo 680 and 700p can also handle 4gb SD cards. The two Treos (with ROM 1.10 on the Treo) can also handle 4gb SDHC cards.

These are unofficial non-spec cards so you won't find 4gig SD cards from Sandisk, Toshiba, Lexar etc.

Newegg currently lists two 4GB SD cards. One is from Transcend and the other is from OCZ. The Transcend is $53 shipped after $15 mail in rebate and the OCZ (likely a better quality card) is $68 shipped.

The SD consortium & the big SDHC manufacturers are rumored to be cracking down on the smaller Asian firms producing non-spec 4GB cards so I'd grab one while they are still reasonably affordable and widely available.

I personally have a 4gb Patriot SD card that i use in both my TX and 700p with no issues whatsoever.

Don't be surprised if your PC or printer's card slot freaks out with the 4gb card. I've had mixed results using 4GB cards on my various PC readers. But a general rule of thumb is that any SD reade claiming to handle SDHC will also take ak FAT32-formatted 4gig SD card with no problems.

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Colonel K @ 9/24/2007 4:08:21 AM # Q

Thanks for the info.


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