Palm: No Plans to Join Google's Open Handset Alliance

Palm Inc. has no plans to join Google's newly announced Open Handset Alliance at this time according to statements from Palm representatives when reached for comment today.

Google's new Linux based mobile operating system announced earlier today is backed by a new consortium of companies called the Open Handset Alliance and notably includes many of Palm's current partners and competitors. Google's efforts with Android will directly compete with Palm's own mobile linux project as well as its Windows Mobile business. Read on for a official statement from Palm.

Palm's official statement on today's Google & Open Handset Alliance news is:

Palm has always been committed to open platforms for developers. And Palm has the added differentiation of being able to tightly integrate the software platform with our hardware design, which we believe gives us an advantage in delivering a great user experience.

Palm customers have benefited from the availability of Google services on Palm’s platform, such as Google Maps for mobile on Palm OS. And we look forward to further collaboration with Google to offer great user experiences on Palm products.

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What Palm means is:

Gazpacho @ 11/5/2007 3:57:54 PM # Q
"Oh, those search engine guys won't figure it out all at once. I mean, it took us 3 models before we had a decent smartphone. So, well, no panic. It won't affect us or our sales."

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RE: What Palm means is:
LiveFaith @ 11/5/2007 11:05:18 PM # Q
"I mean, Google's not just going to walk into the smartfone OS business".


Pat Horne

RE: What Palm means is:
DrewT3 @ 11/6/2007 12:20:21 AM # Q
Yes, how could Google stand a chance? They didn't even exist in the late '90s when the technology gods handed out all the mobile device ideas.

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Palm is right to shun it

mikecane @ 11/5/2007 4:25:06 PM # Q
Why should they join? It's going to be a Tower of Babel disaster. Every damned manufacturer will have *multiple* UIs -- each one fine-tuned for various price points and/or hardware features.

Code to take advantage of all that is going to be a hell of a lot fatter than it needs to be (think Vista x 4!).

Users aren't going to be able to buy software with the assurance it will run on *their* handset (hey, have fun researching software for your *Symbian* phone -- you have to know *which fekkin UI* it has!).

This has all the hallmarks of success the old USSR had.

Fail, fail, fail.

Apple must be very happy today.

And Colligan must be breathing a big sigh of relief (though he should still resign, dammit!).

RE: Palm is right to shun it
mikecane @ 11/5/2007 4:28:18 PM # Q
And, oh yeah, the Finns must be having a huge party over in Nokia HQ. (Given their failure with their Anti-Net Tabs, they have nothing to celebrate. Especially not with Apple stabbing their soft underbelly!)

RE: Palm is right to shun it
retrospooty @ 11/5/2007 4:51:00 PM # Q
Not sure what makes you think Colligan would breath a sigh of releif. At its worst its yet another competitor with deep pockets and the ability to adapt and move much faster than Palm. It will also show yet again how ineptly slow Palm is, for the few left that still cant tell. Palm needed a complete engineering overhaul 5 years ago (could have used it 4,3,2 years ago as well) but now they are just hoplessly pathetic... and I am a long time Palm fan, many have called me "apologist" on this site. Even I cant defend them anymore. Wait another 18 months until Palm OS2 or whatever they call it is out and doent measure up. what then?

RE: Palm is right to shun it
freakout @ 11/5/2007 5:37:04 PM # Q
For once, I agree with Cane. Too many cooks yada yada.

Palm have no more reason to join the Alliance than they do the Empire: controlling their own OS is their major point of difference and biggest attraction. And after all the pain they've gone through in spinning it off, losing control and buying it back, they're hardly likely to want to just throw it all away again...

RE: Palm is right to shun it
Magrell @ 11/5/2007 6:22:40 PM # Q
18 months is nearly throwing it away already. Why not join and hedge their OS bets.

RE: Palm is right to shun it
mikecane @ 11/5/2007 6:47:16 PM # Q
Show me the frikkin phone TODAY that will be running this OS. Ain't any.

Nor do I think any of you will be impressed when such phones start d...r...i...b...b...l...i...n...g out.

This is absolutely nothing to get excited over.


RE: Palm is right to shun it
SeldomVisitor @ 11/5/2007 8:25:57 PM # Q
Palm is screwed; they know it, too; they're still trying to come up with SOMETHING to say about this and gave a laughable nonresponse to the whole shebang that was so wide open a truck full of returned Treos could drive through it.

That comment on TreoCentral said it best:


One week til that Handset Alliance SDK gets released - an SDK that includes:

== "...Rubin: "It's an amazing UI -- it's interface is top-notch..."

So much for Palm's "special sauce"...

RE: Palm is right to shun it
Gekko @ 11/5/2007 8:57:59 PM # Q

google has been a one-trick pony. search.

RE: Palm is right to shun it
TooMuch @ 11/5/2007 9:02:47 PM # Q
Cane, I agree with you on this one! ;)

RE: Palm is right to shun it Let's take silly speculation...
SeldomVisitor @ 11/6/2007 6:32:21 AM # Q
...a bit further!


When PALM threw away the Fooleo's Linux and opted to go with a co-developed Linux with Windriver, they did so because Google had just approached them and said "This is coming". Then they threw away the Fooleo entirely and announced they needed to concentrate on a SINGLE OS for all their devices.

Someone REALLY needs to ask Andy Brown today if Windriver is still on-board in a major way.

RE: Palm is right to shun it
nybble @ 11/6/2007 10:39:32 AM # Q
Mike's right about this! It is telling that Google would announce this without releasing the SDK at the same time. They aren't pre-announcing it - the SDK is only a week away - what reason could they have for this?

Who knows what this is, in my book though, there's just not a lot of promise in this mealy mouthed move into the mobile space by google. Blogged a li'l bit more about it.

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