Palm Eos Also Headed to Sprint?

Palm EosRumor: New information concerning upcoming Palm products has been a regular feature every day this week, so it's no surprise that PhoneNews has some new Palm Eos info as we head into the weekend.

According to the PhoneNews article, the upcoming Palm Eos first brought to light yesterday is now not only "confirmed" for AT&T but "sources within Sprint are acknowledging" the device's existence in a CDMA version as well. No additional details are provided, save for the fact that the Sprint Eos specs are nearly identical to those of its GSM sibling and it should also be available this fall.

If the rumor is correct then the device should theoretically be quite far along its development cycle, since it now appears to nicely match up to the "Centro 2" Sprint release we received a tip on at CES in January.

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