Das Palm Pre Smartphone Kommt

German Palm Pre Launch Yes, you read that right (danke Nexave), the Palm Pre has now arrived in Deutchland. Specifically, O2 is now exclusively selling the long awaited next-generation Palm Pre in Germany. More European countries (Spain, UK and Ireland) will join the club soon as well later this week.

So far the initial reaction seems positive with many well attended launch parties and a number of locations are already reporting launch day sell outs.

For more coverage and German language reviews be sure to checkout the reports over at Nexave.de, Golem.de and TamsPalm.de. Also, catch a video of a launch presentation in Hamburg after the break.

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Hotcakes baby

surfmaniac @ 10/13/2009 12:12:39 PM # Q
Watch these sales numbers...

Oh yeah.

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