Palm Pre O2 UK Launch Party

palm pre uk party launch Palm Inc.'s official blog just posted word of Palm and O2's UK launch party for the Palm Pre. The event was held in London last night on a rooftop at the Shoreditch House in London's East End.

Artists such as VV Brown and the Danish band Alphabeat performed on stage and Palm's blog is keen to highlight the various "Euro-celebs" in attendance. A couple of photos can be found on the corporate facebook page. A video of the event (embedded after the break) features an overview of the party scene along with brief interviews from Palm and O2 execs and other people in attendance. O2's actual launch date for the UK is this Friday, Oct 16th.

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Good bye Palm

stellaboy @ 10/14/2009 9:45:58 AM # Q
I live in the UK and I have been a palm user from '97 through to last week. I have just got myself a Blackberry. I have been a massive Palm fan since '97. They are not a well known company in the UK at all. There has been no real buzz (with exception of tech magazines) about the Pre. I really dont feel it will take off in the UK as Palms marketing is so poor over here.

I had high hopes for the Pre at the start of the year and read the live blog posted on PIC (which was great guys). All those things that Palm promised at the start of the year can be done by a blackberry or Android now anyway. Wireless calender sync, Facebook integration with contacts etc.

After using my BB for a week I am very impressed with it. There are a few things I miss about my old Treo but I cant carry on using a Treo forever.

So for a long time reader of PIC (and occasional poster) I would like to say good bye Palm and thanks to the guys at PIC for great regular updates.
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RE: Good bye Palm
CFreymarc @ 10/15/2009 1:14:21 AM # Q
You are not the only one to post here that is part of this exodus. My guess is that they fell short of cash for European marketing and the carriers are footing the bill for this.
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Little bit sceptical...

VastheGreek @ 10/16/2009 5:09:59 AM # Q
How well Palm was prepared for the UK/European launch? Currently there are no OS updates and no app catalogue. I am hoping this changes very soon, else I will I would have made a great mistake....

I think the updates need to be independent of the carrier. I don't remember my TX or any of my other pda's to have patches based on the region. Of course I understand that the telephony side is different in the US and Europe, however all changes I have read about have nothing to do with telephony.

Palm do not let us down please....
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