An Ever-Growing List of Compatible Palm Pre GSM Carriers

GSM logo If you've been holding off on your desire to import a SIM-unlocked Palm Pre from Germany - thanks to those worriesome compatibility issues - you hopefully won't have to do so for too much longer. dakis of the PreCentral forums has been putting together a list of those international carriers whose SIMs are confirmed compatible with the German Pre. So far, we know that nine carriers are fully supported, three are partially supported (no MMS) and three are completely incompatible. I've taken the liberty of reposting his list after the jump.

For my fellow Australians, your correspondent will be testing the four major networks here as soon as my Pre arrives "in 6-8 days".


Provider: 3
Status: Partly supported (activation, data + voice) (apparently 3G only, unconfirmed)

Provider: T-Mobile Austria
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice)


Provider: 3
Status: unsupported (voice only, no activation) (thanks Trekkie + pattersson)

Provider: TDC
Status: supported (voice, data + activation) (MMS unconfirmed)


Provider: Etisalat
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice) (thanks freakout!)


Provider: 3 Italia
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice) (MMS unknown) (thanks akitayo)

Provider: Tim
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice) (thanks wolfgart!)

Provider: Wind
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice) (MMS unknown)


Provider: Telia Sweden (thanks Andreas!)
Status: Supported (activation, data, voice, SMS) MMS not supported


Provider: Orange
Status: Supported (activation, data, mms + voice)

Provider: Sunrise
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice - MMS not supported)

Provider: Swisscom
Status: unsupported (voice only, no activation)


Provider: Vodafone
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice) (MMS unconfirmed) (thanks dr3wster!)


Provider: MTS Ukraine (UMC) (thanks dubiki!)
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice)

Provider: KyivStar:
Satus: Unsupported (no activation, voice only)

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alandrew @ 10/24/2009 4:13:24 PM # M Q
Here in South Africa we have Vodaphone too. I will be ordering a Pre this week, keep you posted.
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BaalthazaaR @ 10/24/2009 7:44:12 PM # Q

Provider: Etisalat
Status: Supported (activation, data + voice) (thanks freakout!)

Hmmm... Freakout, What connection do you have to Dubai?

RE: Freak
Tim Carroll @ 10/24/2009 8:51:09 PM # Q
heh. none at all - i just spotted the post from the user who had confirmed it was working and asked dakis to add it to the list. real kudos should go to 'soulofdeath', i think....
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Last Chance for the US

Roop @ 10/26/2009 12:00:53 PM # Q
Mr. Rubenstein,
I would recommend getting a Pre 2.0 into the US GSM market in Q1 next year. I know I speak for many when I state I will never return to Sprint and CDMA has almost no utility outside the US. So please, for your loyal Palm customers...a GSM 2.0 Pre for the US market.
No GSM play then it's off to a new platform.
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