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1 8/9/2018 Palm PVG100 aka Pepito Spotted in Leaked Pics
Android Police once again has additional details on the latest Palm rebrand leaks. This time around the site has published a new set of photos that purport to show the Palm PVG100 phone. Going by the…
2 8/18/2011 HP Reportedly 'Not Walking Away from WebOS'
Writing in an Palm insider inspired post, Joshua Topolsky of This is my nextů reports on the details of an all-hands meeting HP held today with employees in the webOS Global Business Unit. The piece…
3 7/13/2011 HP WebOS Roadmap Leaked
Last week, Precentral received quite the bounty from an anonymous HP insider in the form of a leaked HP roadmap. The internal presentation covers a period of time ranging from the Veer 4G's…
4 7/12/2011 No Future WebOS Devices Coming to Sprint
In a move not surprising any long-time WebOS watchers, This is my next's Nilay Patel has posted exclusive word from a "trusted source" Sprint insider that the Pre 3 is not coming to Sprint. In…
5 5/2/2011 AT&T Veer Spotted in New Color
PocketNow is reporting that the upcoming HP/Palm Veer is not only coming to AT&T as widely suspected, but will also arrive in an interesting two-tone white and black color scheme along with its…
6 4/6/2011 First All Touchscreen webOS Handset Spotted
After a period of relative inactivity in the world of WebOS hardware rumors, Precentral has emerged with a huge scoop of the first WebOS smartphone without a physical keyboard. The typical grainy,…
7 2/4/2011 Palm Pre 2 Coming to Verizon on Feb 17th?
The long-awaited, long-delayed Palm Pre 2 on Verizon may finally be a reality, according to a pair of separate photographs sent in to Engadget this morning. The elusive handset looks to be hitting…
8 1/26/2011 WebOS HP Tablet Rumors Continue...
Fox News host Clayton Morris is the latest to add to the massive rumor pile on HP webOS Tablet plans. If his latest blog post is to be believed, HP is quite displeased with the recent leaks and held…
9 1/26/2011 HP Latest Round of Tablet Trademark Fillings
Much ado has been made of HP's various trademark filings since last year's acquisition of Palm. Now we have word of the filing of three new trademarks in addition to the latest update on last…
10 1/19/2011 Even More WebOS Tablet Details Emerge
The dust has not even settled on yesterday's breathtaking WebOS tablet leak and we've already got a fresh batch of new info, again courtesy of Engadget. Citing their usual "trusted" anonymous…
11 1/18/2011 HP Promises More Than Engadget's Tablet Leak  
12 1/18/2011 HP/Palm's Upcoming Tablet Plans Leaked  
13 1/4/2011 Purported WebOS 2 Update Schedule  
14 1/4/2011 Verizon Pre 2 to Last Only 2 Months?  
15 1/4/2011 Verizon Pre 2 Shows Up in Best Buy Inventory System  
16 12/29/2010 Confirmation of Upcoming Palm Device Code Names  
17 12/16/2010 SFR Reportedly Set to Offer Palm Pixi 2 Soon  
18 12/16/2010 Forbes Discusses Sprints 4G Tablet Aspirations  
19 12/3/2010 HP Cancels HomeServer Line to Focus on WebOS  
20 11/12/2010 Upcoming Palm Device Code Names Revealed  
21 11/12/2010 Verizon Palm Pre 2 Release Date Approaching?  
22 10/27/2010 Multiple webOS Devices Rumored for 2011  
23 10/21/2010 FCC Docs Suggest a North American GSM Pre 2  
24 10/19/2010 SFR Again Posts and Pulls Pre 2 Details  
25 10/19/2010 Release Date for Verizon Pre 2 Possibly Revealed  
26 10/15/2010 Verizon Palm Pre 2 Training Starting Soon  
27 10/12/2010 First Palm Pre 2 Pictures Emerge  
28 10/12/2010 Palm Pre 2 Details Outed by SFR  
29 10/7/2010 Details Emerge on Possible Pre Followup  
30 10/6/2010 New webOS Device Release Date Speculation and Rumors  
31 9/10/2010 Verizon Pre Plus webOS 1.4.5 Update Coming Soon  
32 8/25/2010 VZW Pre Plus EOL in Oct, Pixi Plus to Live on Until March  
33 8/25/2010 Verizon Pre Plus Nearing EOL Status?  
34 8/17/2010 Pre 2 Rumored Amidst Dwindling webOS Stock  
35 8/11/2010 webOS Hurricane Tablet on Track for 2011?  
36 7/16/2010 Report Claims Apple, RIM Also Bid for Palm  
37 5/18/2010 Next webOS Update to Boost Pixi Gaming?  
38 5/12/2010 AT&T Pixi Plus Due June 6th?  
39 5/7/2010 Palm Pre Release on AT&T Due May 16th  
40 5/6/2010 AT&T Palm Pre Reports Surface  

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