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1 5/18/2010 Palm OS Quickies: Acceca PDA32, DGOS
Classic Palm OS 5.x (aka Garnet OS) fans are going to have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the first new Palm OS PDA since 2005's Palm TX and Z22. The Aceeca PDA32's preliminary release…
2 5/17/2010 Verizon Pre A-GPS Bug Fix in the Works
Verizon Wireless' support staff have Tweeted that a fix for the aggravating AGPS bug that afflicts only the Verizon version of the Palm Pre Plus is indeed in the works. The exact Twwet…
3 5/17/2010 Palm App Catalog Hiccup Over
The Palm App Catalog is now thankfully back in action after some major downtime over the weekend. Beginning Saturday, users were reporting troubles ranging from outright unavailability to apps…
4 2/4/2010 DGOS Update, m500 deal, eReader on webOS
Quickies: Kicking off this batch of quickies is a report from Tam Hanna from TamsPalm of a Palm-sponsored developer event in Germany on February 10th. No word as any specific details such as time or…
5 1/19/2010 Quickies: VZW Ad, webOS AT&T Hints, Canadian Pixi
Things in the Palm world are understandably quiet now in the aftermath of the CES excitement, but there is definitely some noteworthy news items circulating around the Internets. First off,…
6 11/18/2009 Palm OS Quickies: Astraware MLT, Google Maps
Almost gone but not forgotten, there are still a few new bits of both good and bad Palm OS-related software news out there. Starting with the good news, long-time mobile software specialists…
7 11/18/2009 Quickies: webOS Flash, Microsoft, PhoneGap, FourSquare
It's been awhile since PIC did a Quickies update, but the multitude of small news items today that I couldn't quite pad out to full articles seems to warrant it. Comin' at 'cha hard and fast: the…
8 10/20/2009 Official App Install Limit Fix Is Coming
Straight from the horse's mouth, folks: Palm will be addressing the bizarre Pre app install limit in an official update. No details yet on timing nor on the method. But a fix is coming. Bank on…
9 5/1/2007 Quickies: Finger Painter, Dynomite Game, MobiTV UK, kMeteo
New Beta version of FingerPainter Released SimToGo has released a new beta version of its nifty finger painting app. This latest version is 1.03 and SimToGo has already promised the forthcoming…
10 4/19/2007 Quickies: Treo Battery Charger, Slide Analysis, Resource2
This this round of quickie news bits we point you towards a handheld giveaway from fatwallet, highlight a new Treo battery charger with a review from Treonauts, a new Palm OS developer tool named…
11 4/5/2007 Quickies: Garnet Contract, Mobile Portal, TreoTwit, Software  
12 11/14/2006 Quickies: New Games, Updates and More  
13 10/2/2006 Quickies: Palm OS SlingPlayer, GuineaPig, DOS Emu and More  
14 7/13/2006 Quickies: Innersafe, Opera Mini, AvantGo, Updates  
15 11/2/2005 Sprint Treo Update, Java JVM, SuperWaba  
16 6/15/2005 Quickies: PA Podcast, SkinUI, Serial Cables & More  
17 4/14/2005 Quickies: TE 2 in Canada, Village Sim, New Video Player  
18 3/23/2005 Quickies: Voice Caller ID, Agendus, Clie Bluetooth & More  
19 3/3/2005 Quickies: Fossil Wrist PDA, Serial Cables, VeriChat & More  
20 1/31/2005 Quickies: Cordless Classroms, Clie Landscape, Games & More  
21 11/19/2004 Quickies: palmOne Vids, GPS, 100K Comments & More  
22 11/10/2004 Quickies: Pac Man, NS Basic, Brando, Ringtones and More  
23 5/20/2004 Quickies: Treo Updater, SoundRec, Webcasts and More  
24 4/6/2004 Quickies: TE GPS, Wireless eBay, Docs2Go and More  
25 3/4/2004 Quickies: Treo 610, Engadget, SplashID & More  
26 2/20/2004 Quickies: MP3 Ringtones, Movies and More  
27 8/28/2003 Quickies: Missing Sync, Playmaker, Movie Guide and More  
28 8/25/2003 Quickies: Tapwave, palmOne, SugaTris, SSH and More  
29 8/15/2003 Quickies: Top 10, McD's, Bejeweled and More  
30 8/6/2003 Quickies: Tungsten C Mic, Apple Emu, Pendragon Forms & More  
31 8/1/2003 The Return of the Quickies  
32 7/18/2003 Quickies: Free Repligo, XScale Overclocking & More  
33 7/1/2003 Quickies: Mobile Word, Flags, Software & More  
34 6/23/2003 Quickies: WineGuide, SnapperMail, HanDBase and More  
35 5/26/2003 Quickies: Flash, Games, Cases, & More  
36 5/8/2003 Quickies: Blue Zire, Powered Up Awards & More  
37 5/1/2003 Quickies: Shop, 32MB Ram, Zire 71 & More  
38 4/20/2003 Quickies: Sony Drivers, Games, Wireless Palm  
39 4/10/2003 Quickies: Price Drops, Clie Updates, PUGs & More  
40 4/2/2003 Quickies: April Fools, MemStick Pro, Free Zire & More  

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