Verizon Pre A-GPS Bug Fix in the Works

verizon twitter Verizon Wireless' support staff have Tweeted that a fix for the aggravating AGPS bug that afflicts only the Verizon version of the Palm Pre Plus is indeed in the works. The exact Twwet said:

"Yes there is [a fix in the works], right now there is no ETA. The steps I gave you are a temp fix."

While the VZW Navigator app works fine, other location-aware 3rd party apps such as Google Maps have issues determining a precise address or suffer from lengthy delays when establishing the user's location. The Verizon Pre Plus is the only current WebOS model to suffer this issue, as it does not afflict Verizon's Pixi Plus or any of the other WebOS devices currently on the market.

For the time being, several workarounds such as homebrew patches or launching VZ Navigator then immediately exiting the app, have been discovered and discussed.

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