Quickies: Finger Painter, Dynomite Game, MobiTV UK, kMeteo

New Beta version of FingerPainter Released
SimToGo has released a new beta version of its nifty finger painting app. This latest version is 1.03 and SimToGo has already promised the forthcoming release of 1.1. FingerPainter now supports 320x480 as well as 320x320 devices. This version primarily resolves a few lingering bugs. It also offers 5 different sizes for the eraser function as well as adds a fun kaleidoscope effect that is certain to offer additional entertainment possibilities for kids of all ages. An unsupported beta version of the app can be downloaded here.

Astraware Updates Dynomite for Palm OS
Astraware has released a fairly substantial update for its Dynomite action puzzler game. This new version 1.5, the first update for the title since 2003's 1.105 release, adds graphically enhanced menus and game graphics throughout. Astraware has also brought the title's compatibility with newer Palm OS devices up to speed. Finally, the developers have enhanced the game's one-handed operation, presumably to better deal with the revised hard button mapping on newer Palm devices. Dynomite, a PopCap/Astraware production, is available now for $14.95.

kMeteo SoftwareMobiTV Closes UK Office
In what might be a sign of the difficult road still facing streaming media providers, Engadget are reporting that MobiTV has shuttered their United Kingdom office. In addition to the regional office closure, MobiTV has severed all ties with UK wireless providers 3 and Orange who will no longer offer the service. The company is seeking to focus all of their energies on the supposedly burgeoning US mobile video market.

kMeteo Weather Program
The freeware weather forecast application, kMeteo has been updated to version 0.9. The update includes multi-city support, fixed dynamic input area, improved memory management and preferences storage. kMeteo is still release under GPL v2 licence. So it's free, and the source code is available.

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