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The Price:
  • $280
The Pros:
  • Good Color Screen
  • SD/MMC Slot
  • Rugged Design
  • Fits well in the hand

The Cons:
  • Screen dim outdoors
  • Only 8 MB of RAM
  • Cheap stylus
  • Doesn't fit well in a pocket Ratings*:

*Maximum Rating is FIVE (5) InfoPalms

Palm m130 Review
By Ed Hardy

The m130 is Palm's new color mid-range model from Palm. It offers a fast processor and an SD/MMC slot for memory expansion. It is the first non-high-end Palm model to have a color screen.

It is basically an m125 with a color instead of a monochrome screen. But what a difference that little change makes.

The m130 gets most of its external appearance from the m100 series. It has the same curvy shape. It is small but not super-slim by any stretch of the imagination. If you want the exact dimensions, it is 4.8 by 3.1 by .9 inches, which is exactly the same size as the m125. It weighs 5.4 ounces, just slightly heavier than the m125.

I think there is an important tradeoff that gets overlooked in handheld design. What fits best in your pocket generally isn't what fits best in your hand. The m100 series sits in my hand much better than any other handheld. But much slimmer handhelds are easier to carry around. The m130 goes much better in a backpack or purse than it does in a pants pocket.

It can use the removable faceplates designed for the m100 series so it can be personalized to fit your taste. There are quite a few of these available, from very conservative to quite outrageous. The faceplate that comes on the m130 is in the conservative category, being a silver with blue around the edges.

The Power button is at the top in the middle.The hardware buttons are nicely sized and neither too easy nor too hard to push. They help makes this a decent handheld for playing games.

Alone of the Palm OS licensees, Palm still hasn't embraced the jog wheel. Maybe someday...

The m130's screen gets maligned because it is a bit smaller than the standard. It has the usual 160 by 160 pixels; they are just packed into less space. I don't think it deserves a bad rap. The slightly smaller screen actually makes fonts look a bit better because the pixels are smaller and closer together. This means letters look less bitmappy. Of course, this assumes you have good eyesight. If you regularly use reading glasses, smaller fonts are probably not something you are looking for.

The screen absolutely depends on having a backlight. Without one, the screen is utterly unreadable. In fact, there is no way to use the handheld with the backlight off. It has two settings, high and low. Holding down the Power button toggles between these. The only time the backlight is off is when the handheld itself is off.

Indoors, the screen looks very good. It displays colors well, and, even with the backlight on low, it's brighter than an m505. Contrast is excellent so reading text is a breeze. The screen does have a slight bluish tint to it.

The image on the right shows an m505 and an m130. The picture was taken in low light. The sidelight for the m505 is on and the m130's backlight is on low.

Unfortunately, I can't say many good things about how the m130's screen looks outdoors. Like I said, the m130 depends on a strong backlight and if the ambient light is brighter than the backlight, it is difficult to read the screen. I'm not saying the screen is unusable outdoors. If you needed to look up a phone number, you could. But you won't be lying out in the hammock reading an eBook.

This is about the only real flaw in the handheld. While I realize that this will kill the deal for some people, I don't think the typical user regularly uses their handheld for long periods of time outdoors.

Even indoors, the screen suffers from "ghosting". Moving items, like in games, leave a trail behind them. This sometimes makes it difficult to read moving text but that doesn't come up very often.

The Graffiti area isn't backlit.

In any review of a handheld with a color screen, battery life is an important issue. In an earlier review, I tried to get a feel for battery life with a very unrealistic torture test, where I kept the handheld on continuously. This isn't the way most people use their handhelds so this time I came up with a much better one to test the m130's internal Li-ion rechargeable battery..

I loaded onto it an app called Uptime 1.3.1. Among other things, it tracks how much time a handheld has been on. Its timer stops running when the handheld is off.

Then I just used my handheld normally. I played some games, I read AvantGo channels, my alarms went off as normal, etc. while the app was tracking how much use the handheld was actually getting. This gave me a much better picture of actual battery life than keeping the m130 on continuously.

First, I used it with the backlight on full power. After almost exactly 4 days since its last recharge, I got my first battery warning at 5 hours and 32 minutes of use. I got another warning after 5 more minutes of use and after about 5 hours and 45 minutes it shut itself down.

Next I set the backlight on dim. This gave me 10 hours and 20 minutes of use before the first warning but didn't shut itself down until I had used it for 11 hours and 11 minutes. This took almost 5 days of heavy use.

In case you are wondering, a full charge is 4.21v. I have it set to give its first warning at 3.74v and shut down when it gets below 3.72v.

One of the best features of the m130 is the expansion card slot. This allows huge amounts of files and applications to be stored and available for use relatively easily.

The support for memory cards built into the OS is decent but not outstanding.

When an SD or MMC card is inserted into the handheld, a new category is created in the Launcher. This is named the same as the expansion card. There is no way to create sub-folders or different categories of apps on the SD card; they are all listed together.

Some applications can be run from the card but what really happens is the app is copied into RAM, run from there, then deleted out of RAM. This won't work for large apps that are made up of several different parts, like AvantGo.

Before you experts fire off an angry comment, I'm talking about what is possible in the Launcher built into the Palm OS. There are quite a few applications out there that allow expansion cards to be much more useful. Going through the whole list is way beyond the scope of this review but I suggest McFile for moving files around and Launcher III for launching apps. They are a good place to start for beginners.

An odd fact about the m130's SD/MMC card slot is that it is on the side of the handheld, not the top as we have come to expect from other handhelds with expansion slots. For most people this won't be a problem, as regular memory cards fit fine. But SD Input/Output devices, like the Bluetooth card, will extend well beyond the confines of the slot itself. Users of these will pretty much have to remove them before putting the m130 away.

I can tell you I carried an m130 around in my pocket for almost two weeks with an SD card in it and never had a problem.

Before I move on, I want to point out that you remove an SD or MMC card from the m130 by pushing it in, then letting it pop out a bit. Do NOT yank it out of the slot with main force. You will break the slot, requiring your entire handheld to be shipped off for repair.

Unlike most handhelds, the m130 has actually been designed to survive the conditions handhelds are regularly put through. The casing is larger than many other handhelds because it kind of has a built-in hardcase. Also, the screen is plastic instead of glass to make it much harder to break. This makes a heck of a lot of sense to me. While many high-end models may get carefully coddled in expensive hard cases, most low- and mid-range ones get jammed straight into book bags or purses. Palm was smart to design this series so that it doesn't need any extra protection.

Take a quick look around and you will find all kinds of cases for handhelds but you'll find very few designed for the m100 series. That's because the people who make cases understand that these models really don't need one very much.

The m125 runs OS 4.1 on the 33 MHz Dragonball processor. It has 8 MB of internal memory, which is about half what I think it ought to have. Palm really should have gone ahead and put 16 MB of RAM in this. This isn't a critical lack because expansion memory will help compensate but 16 MB is what we expect these days.

One feature that is controversial is its lack of flashable ROM. This means the OS can't be upgraded. This probably isn't as big a deal as some people think it is. There isn't going to be another major OS upgrade that the m130 could run even if it did have flash ROM. Palm is working now on OS 5, which is designed for handhelds running ARM-based processors. There's no point in making an upgradable handheld if there probably won't be anything to upgrade it to.

But that doesn't mean the m130 will be junk in six months. Palm OS 5 will be backwards compatible with current apps so m130 users won't suddenly be unable to use all the new Palm apps. Keep in mind, though, there will almost certainly be high-end apps out late this year that this mid-range model won't be able to run. But it is only the very high-end ones that this will be true of, like some games and video players.

Of course the m130 comes with a bunch of useful applications but the most significant of these is DataViz' Documents To Go 4.0 Professional Edition. This allows users to transfer Word and Excel files onto their handheld and work with them there. On the next HotSync, the original document or spreadsheet on the desktop gets updated with any changes made. Docs to Go is neither my favorite word processor nor spreadsheet app but it is hard to compete with free. And it does a very good job of updating the Windows files without losing any formatting. I've read several reviews that said Docs to Go is better than Microsoft's Pocket Word. Windows users can view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, too.

It also comes with MGI PhotoSuite for displaying pictures. These look good on the m130's color screen and it's handy to always have the pictures from your last vacation with you.

They updated the Note Pad for this model, too. This is the little app that lets you draw notes to yourself, rather than having to write them. It has come in handy for me plenty of times. Too bad the changes they made to it are almost useless.

They added the ability to change the color of the the background and line color for all notes, but not each individual note. So you can make the background on all your notes green but you can't make the background on one green and another blue.

Universal Connector
The m130 uses the Universal Connector, first seen on the m500 series. This allows the m130 to use most peripherals designed for the m500 series that connect to the HotSync port.

For example, I never even bothered to connect the m125's cradle up to my computer; I've been using the one for my m505 with no problems. I've also used it with my Stowaway folding keyboard and the Kodak PalmPix camera that have the UC.

I think Palm's move to standardize on the UC is one of the best moves the company has made. I've heard so many complaints from people who don't want to upgrade because they would have to buy all new peripherals. Palm will be using the UC for at least the next couple of years so you can buy your peripherals with confidence that you'll be able to use them on your next Palm model, too. Unless you are waiting until 2005 to buy it.

I wish Palm would let other companies use the UC, too. It would be great for peripheral makers if they could make one keyboard or GPS module and know that everyone can use it, whether they have a Clié, Visor, or whatever. It's not too likely, though. One of Palm's big advantages is there are far more peripherals for its models than for its competitors.

While the m130 can use many of the same peripherals as the m500 series, this means it can't use the ones designed for the m100 series. This is going to cause confusion for buyers. Packages that say "Works with the Palm m100 Series" are all going to have to be changed. It might have been simpler if Palm had just called this the m305 and pointed out that it can use some m500 peripherals and some m100 ones.

I'll try to help clear some of this up. The m130 can use the faceplates and flip covers for the m100 series. It can't use the m100 series styli. It is slightly thicker than the m100 series, which means many cases won't fit, either. Anything that needs to connect to the HotSync port, like a modem, needs to use the Universal Connector.

Of course, some products don't say they use the UC; they just say they are for the m500 series. And some that have been designed for the m500 series won't work with the m130. See why I said this is going to cause confusion? If there is any doubt, contact the manufacturer or visit their website to find out if the product is m130 compatible.

Tis is going to get a little easier as the older m100 series models, which don't have the UC, get discontinued. As it is, any peripheral that works with the m125, also works with the m130.

Infrared Port
Of course, the m130 has the standard infrared port that is on all Palm powered handhelds. It also comes with the Mobile Internet Kit so if you have a mobile phone with an IR port, you can use it to wirelessly access the Net. It uses Palm's Web Clipping technology to get information from websites. I had to install it from the CD first, though. I then loaded the Palm Infocenter Web Clipping app onto the m125 to try it out and had no problems.

Plus you can use the IR port for the standard stuff, like beaming apps and files to other handhelds.

The flip cover has the same general design as the one from the m100 series, but isn't exactly the same. It is made of a semi-rigged plastic. It has a clear window in it and an opening for the Up button. This allows you to use the m130 as a pocket watch. You can pull it out of your pocket or purse and without opening the cover, push the Up button to display the time and date in the window. Very convenient.

The stylus is particularly cheap. It is essentially a solid bit of plastic. There is no reset pin built into it.

The cradle is the same one that ships with the m500 series. It has been described as looking like a slipper and I think this is accurate. Like I said, I used the cradle from an m505 without a hassle.

While I'm on the topic of cradles, I ought to point out that I've never heard of a case of the m130 or m125 suffering from the USB problems some m500 series models do.

At $280, I think the m130 is an excellent deal. It is the least expensive color Palm OS handheld you can get.

I think this is a good handheld for a high school or college student. Of course, students aren't the only people who might like an m130. It is right for anyone who wants a color handheld with a lot of storage who doesn't want to spent $400 to get it.

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Palm m130

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/3/2002 8:36:58 AM #
I bought a m130 to replace my m100 and what a diference the color makes! I'm no power user, but i find the m130 an excelent buy: the colour screen, the extra memory (compared to the m100), the software (documents to go is a must) and the sd cards are good "excuses" to buy this model.

Good work, Palm!

RE: Palm m130
NDF @ 10/30/2002 7:09:17 PM #
hi i was jus woundering if the "ghost" effect is bad. is it like so bad you cant see things moving or just a little bad?


RE: Palm m130
andrewholler @ 1/18/2003 7:20:29 PM #
I love my m130, although I want something better, it is a great starter Palm.
I love its features and it's colour.

If I can finally get the DOCS2GO working I will love it even more.


I.M. Anonymous @ 4/3/2002 9:55:18 AM #
No body cares about this.

They only care about wireless devices and Sony multimedia Palms.

RE: lame?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/3/2002 12:00:33 PM #
On the contrary.
This little device seems to pack a lot of bang for the buck.

RE: lame
Kesh @ 4/3/2002 12:23:26 PM #
Yep. As I was saying (before the hacker killed my posts), if the m130 had come out before Christmas, I would have one of them instead of my Handspring Visor Prism.

Don't ge me wrong, I love my Prism. But the m130 trumps it in most areas: it's smaller, has built in SD/MMC support, PalmOS 4.1, and I just love that little clock feature.

As it stands, though, I won't be buying another PDA until the ARM PalmOS 5 devices hit the market, so Palm missed out on this customer. Maybe next time...

RE: lame
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/3/2002 2:35:01 PM #
Why lame ????

the m130 is a wonderful wireless Palm as a combo with the BT SD card. You get both for the same price as a m515.

I have this combo and a T39 GPRS mobile and can say that this is all I need for now, especially with the nice foldable keyboard I also got. And the keyboard as well as the BT SD card will most likely be usable also in my future ARM Palm, and then I will sell my m130 on ebay ;-)

RE: lame
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/7/2002 12:31:19 AM #
Just wanted to ask: What is an ARM processor and it's difference from the Dragonball ones that are on currently on the palms rite now?
RE: lame
andrewholler @ 1/18/2003 7:21:46 PM #
This Palm is great for the price. By no stretch is it the best Palm out there but for a cheap price, why not go for it?
RE: lame - NOT!
bodycode @ 2/11/2003 4:03:03 PM #
Nonsense it's lame! I USE the Palm M130 both at work (I own a busy computer repair company) and at home. WIRELESS is lame! Who needs wireless in an office building in Midtown Manhattan when ya don't have access to yours, or others, WiFi ISP/Lan? No one does! But my palm M130 on the other hand DOES in fact connecte to the Internet and Lans as well. Nuf' said. I REALLY like my M130. Full 65K 16 bit color, long battery life, and awesome expansion capabilities! It's a winner fer sure.

We're flying on a rock thru space and we're lucky to be alive!


m@ @ 4/3/2002 5:59:20 PM #
Why does the m130 have that annoying ghosting effect as mentioned in the article? Why does it have the effect and the m515 doesn't?
RE: Ghosting?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/25/2002 2:41:42 PM #

The reason for the ghosting effect on the m130 is due to the Super Twist Neumatic (STN) LCD screen technology. STN LCD screens have a rather slow refresh rate, if I'm not mistaken. If you remember the early entry-level color laptops of the mid 90s, they had STN screens for reasons of cost. Only the higher end color laptop computers had active matrix, TFT screens.

Palm IIIc, m505, m515, Visor Prism and the color Sony Clie models all use active matrix, TFT LCDs. At this point of time, only the IIIc and the Prism are backlit TFT screens.

RE: Ghosting?
formerlyanon @ 8/23/2002 4:06:22 AM #
how bad is the ghosting?
worse than a 2 bit grey palm III?
can it be overclocked to stop it? i read greyscale displays can.

My palm III was 50p from a charity shop, and introduced me to pdas
RE: Ghosting?
NDF @ 10/30/2002 7:12:09 PM #
ya, how bad is the ghosting? i might be getting one so i wanted to know how bad it is.

RE: Ghosting?
andrewholler @ 1/18/2003 7:23:04 PM #
Well, this doesn't help me too much because I don't know what ghosting is...
RE: Ghosting?
pen_n_paper @ 2/8/2003 10:09:24 PM #
Ghosting is a trail you get when moving things....take megalauncher for example when you drag an icon there is a trail behind it that is ghosting

Join my forums and read my reviews at,
Current reviews,
RE: Ghosting?
torrobinson @ 7/23/2004 10:30:33 PM #
Don't like ghosting? Then DONT try play Bump Attack pinball. You cant even see the ball in most of the tables.

Ghosting is only a problem for some of the apps. Especially games.



I.M. Anonymous @ 4/5/2002 8:27:11 AM #
Granted the case is hard and well protected, however, murphy's law (and pretty much every other law) will guarantee that anything held in the hand will eventually drop. How much abuse can this thing take? Does Palm have any test results of drops? Anyone with dropping experience?

RE: ''rugged-ness''
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/18/2002 9:31:09 AM #
my m125 fell off from about 40cm on a carpet. its still working like before. but i heared of someone with an m125 that fell from about the same hight an the display broke. lucky me )

doesnt really help you i think.

RE: ''rugged-ness''
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/2/2002 3:49:34 PM #
Well my handheld is a Palm M105, would love to get a new colour one but can't afford even an m130.. But I just thought I'd say I take it to college with me, and it has survived drops onto concrete floors from heights of about 4-5 foot, flying out of my bag and skidding across 8foot of tarmac and so on.. and its still running as good as ever :) screen aint even scratched. So if the m130 is at all similar it should be pretty rugged..
RE: ''rugged-ness''
andrewholler @ 1/19/2003 2:23:34 PM #
I don't plan on throwing my M130 around so the rugged-ness is nice to know that if it fall it will not break the LCD screen.

MMC Card, Maximum allowed with the m130?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/28/2002 10:25:03 AM #
Just read some articles about the m130 having trouble with high capacity MMC cards (more than 64 MB). Anyone test this out yet? Figure I'd find out before buying memory that won't work.
RE: MMC Card, Maximum allowed with the m130?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2002 9:56:50 PM #
I am using a SD 128MB Card with no problems, mine is from simple tech. I got it from

Palm m130 should even cost more than its current price.

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/18/2002 5:04:00 AM #
Palm m130 is an excellent PDA.
It has great software and features as well as multimedia and expansion capabilities.
For me, it should have been $300...
RE: Palm m130 should even cost more than its current price.
andrewholler @ 1/18/2003 7:23:59 PM #
So you believe it should cost more? Why are you trying to get the price raised on the thing?

Clever little device

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/29/2002 4:21:05 PM #
I recently upgraded to an m130 from a Palm IIIc.

This review confirmed all the positive and negative thoughts I'd had about the two in comparison:

I was tremendously disappointed to not have a Brightness slider; the two backlight options aren't really adequate, and using the m130 outdoors on a sunny day is impossible minus one.

I wish there were a way to tell other than by sound if the m130 is connected to the cradle; the IIIc had an orange LED on its face, and the m130 has a habit of being slightly jostled such that it is no longer in contact with the UC.

The window on the flip-cover is brilliant. I fell in love with that little feature immediately... with the "Stay on in cradle" option enabled and the Clock set as the last application before I cradle Mr. m130 and go to bed, I don't need a normal alarm clock any more. Plus, the flip-cover is superior to the Neanderthal piece of architecture on the IIIc in every way. Instead of being a stiff piece of plastic mounted on crappy little pegs that only flips to a 90 degree angle with the screen, it's a flexible-yet-sturdy piece of plastic on a hinge that flips back flush with the back of the handheld. I've dropped it a couple of times, and it fell out of my pocket while i was riding my bike once... it bounced along the pavement and came to a stop with only a tiny scratch on the bottom of the faceplate (which is replaceable, so I'm not even a little worried). I no longer fear dropping it, although perhaps rubber trim along the corners would make it indestructible... ^_^

The stylus is a piece of crap. It's poorly weighted, flimsy, slippery, and just generally difficult for my large fingers to use. Any word on metal replacement styli? The IIIc had the best factory stylus I'd ever seen... it was heavy, metal, and had all the necessary bits in screw-off ends.

The main reason I upgraded was that 8mb of memory is nowhere near enough. After a day and a half, I'm already down to less than 1mb on the m130. I'm thrilled about the expansion slot, and that justified the expense by itself, but I wish it weren't on the side - I generally keep Mr. m130 in my pocket, and the cards tend to pop in and out while the device is being jostled around in my pocket.

Are there plans to develop an 802.11b card? Between that, a 32mb SD card, and a keyboard, I would be in Palm heaven.


My M130

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/12/2002 1:45:30 PM #
Hands down the best colored palm for it's price. Everyting is execellent about this unit. It true, they should of at least made it 16M instead of 8M. But even with 8M I can still store my spread sheets and Doc file with some memory to spare. Pictures and mp3 would need an expansion card. From 1 to 10, I give this an 8! Good work Palm!

My M130

RE: My M130
andrewholler @ 1/18/2003 7:25:54 PM #
you like it that much?

I like mine, but can I get a MP3 slot for it?

Damb Thickness

andrewholler @ 1/18/2003 7:24:36 PM #
I have an m130, I love it but it's too damb thick. It takes up too much space in my pocket and if I were to get a case I can only imagine how thick it would be then.
RE: Damb Thickness
bodycode @ 2/11/2003 3:53:22 PM #
I LIKE a little meat on my PDA's. I think the M130's dimensions are absolutely perfect for ME but of course, that's just my opinion and I respect yours. I'm a large guy and don't like delicate little slabs of digital PDA's that can crack in 2 seconds! This PDA isn't cracking under pressure.. not by a longshot. Besides, it's not THAT thin!

We're flying on a rock thru space and we're lucky to be alive!

Excellent and truthful review!

bodycode @ 2/11/2003 4:09:04 PM #
Trundling out of the Staples parking lot thru the NYC snow here in Queens NY, I had my birthday gift in hand.. A shiny new M130! Let me tell ya folks, after playing with it for about 3 hours now, I realized that it's quite an upgrade from my Palm Pilot Professional (measly 2 megs ream with B&W display). But the COLOR on the M130? Wow! I'm lookin' at my photo albums and already playing games on my M130. 65K colors' AWESOME. I can't can't tell the difference between Truecolor and 16 bit color. Believe me it looks great.In addition, I was able to take all my personal and business data, as well as my scheduling data that I use on my desktop software and synchronize it IN A FLASH! And believe me. I got a lot a lot a data dada! Buy the M130. It's a lovely birthday gift from my lovely wife and I'm very happy with it!

We're flying on a rock thru space and we're lucky to be alive!

M130 or M515 ???

newpdabuyer @ 3/1/2003 2:45:10 PM #
Hi... I am new to the world of pda's.. But I am a PALM supporter. I am interested in a smart, color pda. I don't have a big budget. I have sort of narrowed down my choices to the M130 or M515. Which one should I go for? I am unable to make a decision. I know the M515 costs more than the M130, but thats ok.
Any other Palm OS pda's in this price range???
Thanks again.

RE: M130 or M515 ???
euan_rideout @ 7/7/2003 3:11:03 PM #
Hi, I would go for the M130 rather than the M515 because the only main difference is that there is 16MB more memory, has a LED alarm and can vibrate. I find 8 MB of memory plenty for me.


NX70VUSER @ 5/22/2003 8:08:14 PM #
Hi! Great review, I think this is a typo: "The m125 runs OS 4.1 on the 33 MHz Dragonball processor. It has 8 MB of internal memory, which is about half what I think it ought to have." don't you mean m130? instead of m125.


A Proud owner of a PEG-T665C and a PEG-NX70V

could use some help please

HANNE @ 8/7/2003 11:43:43 AM #
I was given an M130 handheld and love it.The only problem is that the instructions were misplaced prior to my learning how to sync it . I am not computer wise and I am just learning. My memory card has popped out and is gone so I now am faced with the hope of trying to hoit sync it to the computer prior to placing my new card in. I am not sure if all my data will be lost, but felt I should try it first. If someone would assist me with the information I would greatly appreciate it. My email is
Thank you so much.

RE: could use some help please
helf @ 8/7/2003 12:42:38 PM #
Hook the cradle up to the computer. then install the hotsync software. If you dont have the cd you can get it off . After you install it just put your m130 in the cradle and hit the little round button that has 2 circular arrows on it. The hotsync process should start.


prestim @ 10/16/2003 10:20:16 AM #
I've just purchased a m130 from ebay, and havent recieved it yet. I'm just wondering will i be able to listen to mp3's on it. As i really have no idea about this thing. THANKs
torrobinson @ 7/23/2004 10:34:21 PM #
Ya! If they could put a camera in the slot, there should be some sort of headphone jack or mini-speaker that should plug in, replacing the stupid buzzer. I also got mine of Ebay: $180 for the Palm M130, the Palm POrtable Keyboard,a PalmGlove case, the cradle etc.....good deal? I think so...

Surur @ 7/25/2004 10:12:19 AM #
No mp3 or real sound hardware. No headphone socket even.

Palm m130 - Detailed Specs

Device Overview
Support Information
Wireless Options
Read User Opinions
Submit Your Opinion
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CPU Speed (Mhz): 33 MHz
CPU Type: Motorola DragonBall VZ MC68VZ328
ROM Upgradeable:
RAM Expansion:
Touchscreen: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Colors: 65,000+ colors
Diagonal Screen Size (Inches):
Screen Size (Pixels):
Compact Flash Slot: none
Data Storage Expansion: SD Memory Card / MultiMediaCard Slot
Serial Speed:
VGA Port:
USB: Yes
Operating System: Palm OS Software v4.1
Applications: Address Book, Date Book, Clock, To Do List, Memo Pad, Note Pad, and Calculator. Plus HotSync® Mail, MultiMail® SE, AvantGo® Mobile Internet Service, Palm Reader, powerOne Personal Calculator, Mobile Connectivity Software, MGI PhotoSuite® Mobile Edition, and DataViz® Documents To Go®.
Size (Inches): 4.8 x 3.1 x .9 in.
Weight: 5.4 oz.
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Battery Life: 7 days
Battery Life with Modem:
Docking Station: Yes
Voice Recorder: none
Headphone Jack: none
Price: (street price may differ)

syncronizing problem?

imaginekid @ 4/13/2008 12:39:15 PM #
Hi I Just Got A Palm m130 yesterday from my neighbors dad and i love it i cant let go of it and my neighbors dad hasnt gaven me the cradle (I Think He Lost It) And I Only Have The USB/Serial Cable And When I Plug The USB Cable In It Does Not Wont To Sync I Have A Idea Its Becuase Of Windows Add/Remove Hardware But When I Plug The Serial In It Works And When I Sync. It Syncs Until The Last Item Then It Frezzes Up Anyone Have The Same Problem?

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