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1 4/21/2010 Palm Updates Facebook for webOS to v1.2
Palm Inc. has released a free update to its Facebook application for webOS devices. The highlight of this release is webOS notification support, so now your device can unobtrusively let you know…
2 4/6/2010 Kinoma Player for Palm OS Updated
Kinoma has updated their Kinoma Player EX for Palm OS devices. Kinoma Player is a popular multimedia player for the Palm Centro and Treo devices. It features excellent music and video playback…
3 4/5/2010 SPB TV Released for webOS
SPB Software has announced their first release for Palm's new platform. SPB TV for webOS brings a mobile optimized IPTV viewer designed for tuning into publicly available digital television channels…
4 3/29/2010 webOS Overclocking Tools Released
A group of webOS hackers has publicly released tools and details for overclocking webOS devices. The group has released a set of specially modified webOS 1.4 kernels (GSM and CDMA versions) with…
5 3/24/2010 StyleTap Now Available for iPhone OS
StyleTap has released a version of its StyleTap Platform for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. StyleTap is a Palm OS emulator that allows users to run original Palm OS applications on a…
6 2/16/2010 Missing Sync for webOS Adds PC Calendar Sync
Mark/Space has updated its Missing Sync desktop software for webOS devices. The Missing Sync for the Palm Pre (and Pixi) now offers two way calendar synchronization on Macs and Windows machines.…
7 1/26/2010 Google Voice Mobile Webapp Updated
Google has launched an updated version of its mobile web app for utilizing its Google Voice service. The new mobile optimized site allows webOS and iPhone users to use and access most Google Voice…
8 11/30/2009 2TwitMe - Palm OS Twitter Client Updated
MetaView's Palm OS Twitter app, 2TwitMe, has just seen a major update. The best Twitter client for Palm OS keeps getting better with the refinement of its timeline display and many other usability…
9 10/14/2009 Classic For webOS Re-Trialled
With the release of Classic 2.0 and a sexy new (old) feature in HotSync support - amongst other goodies like a full-screen mode and reduced idle power consumption - MotionApps have let it be known…
10 9/29/2009 Funambol Launching New MobileWe Portal
Correction: The new Funambol portal will not support the Palm Pre - at least, not from the outset. Kim has sent us a new statement this morning, apologising for the error: I'm afraid I was mistaken,…
11 9/26/2009 App Catalog Updates Coming Thick and Fast  
12 9/17/2009 Preware 0.9 Embraces the Dark Side  
13 9/16/2009 PearHideIt for Palm OS Now Available  
14 9/14/2009 2TwitMe - New Twitter App for Palm OS  
15 9/10/2009 App Catalog Adds More Apps  
16 9/4/2009 Palm Adds 13 New Apps to the Catalog  
17 8/27/2009 Four New Additions to the App Catalog  
18 8/24/2009 CorePlayer Mobile Updated  
19 8/21/2009 Six New webOS Apps Added to the Catalog  
20 8/17/2009 Echo Syncs Palm Desktop with webOS  
21 8/10/2009 Chatopus 2.5 Released for Palm OS  
22 7/14/2009 Tweed for webOS Updated  
23 7/9/2009 SpashTravel for Palm OS Updated  
24 7/8/2009 Missing Sync for the Palm Pre Released for Mac OS  
25 7/6/2009 DataViz Confirms Docs to Go for webOS  
26 7/1/2009 Virtual Piano for Palm OS Updated  
27 7/1/2009 Resco Explorer Lite Released for Palm OS  
28 6/24/2009 Classic Compatible Apps Now Listed in the Store  
29 6/18/2009 PhotoFrame Released for Palm OS  
30 6/12/2009 Evernote Now Available for the Palm Pre  
31 6/11/2009 PocketMirror Now Available for WebOS  
32 6/10/2009 TounchLauncher for Palm OS Updated  
33 6/10/2009 Create Custom Ringtones with Ringtone Expressions  
34 6/2/2009 Softick Audio Gateway for Palm OS Updated  
35 5/7/2009 TealWheel v1.0 Released for Palm OS  
36 5/1/2009 Resco Backup Updated for Palm OS  
37 4/29/2009 SMS-Chat 1.2 Released for Windows Mobile  
38 4/28/2009 SnapperMail 3.0 Released for Palm OS  
39 4/28/2009 PearBlockIt Released for Palm OS  
40 4/27/2009 Chatopus 2.4 Released  

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