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1 10/10/2009 Free Google Syncing on Palm OS Comes and Goes
File under "comings". Google's Exchange ActiveSync option now works with all Palm OS smartphones that provide EAS support: the Treos 680, 700p, 755p and the Centro. If you haven't tried this before…
2 8/8/2008 Treo 800w Tips and Tricks Page Posted
Palm's new Treo 800w is the company's most feature-packed Treo ever. So despite running Windows Mobile 6.1, the 800w certainly stands to garner a fair share of former Palm OS users looking to upgrade…
3 4/10/2008 Five Tips to Improve the Palm Blazer Browser
Blazer may not be the fanciest or fastest mobile browser out there, but for Palm users it's what we've got (and have had for the past four years). Whether you're a Centro / Treo user or a Palm PDA…
4 1/23/2008 Improve Your Cameraphone Pics with Photos HQ
Photos HQ is a new digital camera application for Palm OS smartphones. The application lets you capture photographs in a higher resolution and with better quality than the standard camera software.…
5 1/22/2008 How To Add MP3 Ringtones on Your Treo or Centro
The recent Treo 680 firmware updates include a new option to use mp3 ringtones without any additional software. However, Palm provided no support or instructions on how to transfer or use mp3…
6 8/13/2007 Use the Treo Volume Buttons To Scroll
T0reoSkey is a new Treo utility for Palm OS powered Treo devices. It is a tiny freeware app that enables you to use the Treo's side keys as an up and down scrolling mechanism for navigating some…
7 1/4/2007 Fix discovered to run TomTom Navigator 6 on Treo 680
TomTom's superb Navigator 6 GPS software (see PIC review here) has only enjoyed a few months of retail availability but already supposedly has troubles with the newest Palm OS device on the market,…
8 1/1/2007 Howto Enable SDHC Card Functionality on the Treo 700p
As reported on PIC recently, the transition from Secure Digital 1.1 to Secure Digital 2.0 (aka SDHC) has begun due to the Treo 680's compatibility. The recent arrival of sub-$100 8gb SDHC cards and…
9 3/15/2006 Palm TX External Headset Mic Mod
PalmInfocenter member and reviewer twrock has posted details about his external headset mod for the Palm TX. He added a smaller 2.5 mm headphone/mic port to his TX in an external adapter that connects…
10 12/15/2005 Adding Vibration Alarm to the Palm TX
Palm OS programmer Dmitry Grinberg has done it again. Shortly after he added a voice recorder to this Palm TX, he has now figured out a way to add a vibration alarm to the TX. Dmitry says it cost him…
11 11/28/2005 Palm TX Modified for Voice Recording  
12 8/23/2005 Palm LifeDrive Podacast & Videocast Tutorial  
13 8/17/2005 Installing Opera Mini on the Palm OS  
14 8/10/2005 Verizon Treo 650 Bluetooth Photo Transfer  

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