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Foleo Hands OnI got some hands on time with the Palm Foleo yesterday at the D Conference and have put together this detailed photo gallery. I also got some more details about the Foleo and was able to sit down with Jeff Hawkins for a brief conversation between sessions at the WSJ D Conference.

Read on for the full article and photo gallery.

The Palm Foleo was officially announced by Jeff Hawkins yesterday at the Wall Street Journal's D: all things digital Conference in Carlsbad, California. I got to sit down for a brief chat with Jeff Hawkins, along with Dieter Bohn from TreoCentral and Ina Fried from Dieter has also posted a good write up of the chat, which you can check out here.

Jeff Hawkins FoleoHawkins is truly excited and enthusiastic about his latest invention, as you would expect. What surprised me the most is the level of optimism he has for the Foleo. In fact, he feels the Foleo is a more important invention for Palm than the original Pilot and Treo. He commented that the Foleo is the "best idea I've ever had" and he thinks it will eventually become Palm's biggest product line in the future. He also envisions the Foleo will become much more than a email companion as developers create unique new uses for the device.

He commented that the Foleo changes the way he looks at smartphone design. With the main problems of screen real estate and a large keyboard taken care of with a Foleo mobile companion, it opens up new possibilities with smartphone hardware according to Hawkins. He cited an example of carrying around "tons of storage" and even said a all-screen Treo without a thumboard was a potential design possibility.

If anything, the focus here was on utility not style. However, I was definitely impressed with the simple and clean design of the Folio. The exterior shell has a soft rubbery feel to it and the device is refreshingly lightweight. There are no hinges or latches visible, yet the display lid stays sturdy when opened. The keyboard seemed nice in my brief encounter, it really reminded my of Palm's accessory series of portable keyboards for Treos. A menu key, the main applications button and an alt button are located where the usual control and windows/apple key would be found. There are also two forward and back buttons to the left and right of the mouse buttons. The scroll wheel below the spacebar is a nice touch, however the eraser-head mouse is an unusual choice. Palm says the Foleo's usb port will support external pointing devices, like external mice, as well as usb flash drives.

Make no mistakes about it, however Palm tries to position this product it will always drawl comparisons with laptops. However, to call it a laptop simply would not do it justice. It is more of a new breed of mobile computer that is much more purposed to be a conveniently portable, smartphone extension that allows you to take manage the typical out of the office type functions that smartphone typically fall short on. As a simplified, easy to use Linux Internet appliance it's actually quite competitive than more complex, full fledged portables. As it stands now, I think Foleo screams out for more development and productivity applications, time will tell how this one unfolds.

Click any picture below for a larger, high-res version.

Palm Foleo
Foleo showing the email Inbox with a paired Treo 755p.

Palm Foleo
Another head on view.

Palm Foleo
The Foleo application launcher.

Palm Foleo
Super close-up of the app launcher.

Palm Foleo
Size comparison with a Treo 755p.

Palm Foleo
Size comparison with a Nokia N800.

Palm Foleo
Bottom of the device.

Palm Foleo
Side view with the headphone jack, SD slot, video out, USB and power connector.

Palm Foleo
Close up of the power and email buttons.

Palm Foleo
Close up of the keyboard and navigational area.

Palm Foleo
Searching for a Wi-Fi connection.

Palm Foleo
Showing a web page.

Palm Foleo
General Preferences screen.

Palm Foleo
System Information screen.

For further reading, check out the Foleo announcement and with more details in our take on the Foleo webcast.

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Terminal is one of the apps?

t3h @ 5/31/2007 8:45:32 PM # Q
Wonder what Linux stuff can be installed to it...

Palm TX + 1GB SD + Motorola v3x = awesomeness
RE: Terminal is one of the apps?
a_nonamiss @ 5/31/2007 9:13:49 PM # Q
Although there probably aren't too many binaries out there for this yet, I would guess you could probably compile most Linux apps for it once the specific hardware specs are known.


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RE: Terminal is one of the apps?
digichimp @ 6/1/2007 1:37:12 AM # Q
I'm looking forward to running bash, vim, sed, perl :-)

RE: Terminal is one of the apps?
mikecane @ 6/1/2007 7:49:33 AM # Q
Oh, think you can get access below the GUI, do you? Go read up on the contortions people had to go through to get to the innards of Linux on the Nokia Anti-Net Tabs! And then only the real whizzards who live Linux can do it. Everyday people like me are totally shut out.

RE: Terminal is one of the apps?
hkklife @ 6/1/2007 7:24:09 PM # Q
"Terminal" should be the status of this thing (as in arrivg to the market DOA) instead of one of the bundled Linux apps.

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Sorry Hawkins

drbuzz0 @ 5/31/2007 9:28:05 PM # Q
Wow. He does seem like he actually might like it. I feel bad for whoever is going to have to break it to him that it sucks a real lot.

You can't fit too many apps in 128mb of space, and certainly not much and expect anything in the way or storage space for media left. wow... this isn't a joke is it?

RE: Sorry Hawkins
TreoAnon @ 5/31/2007 10:06:06 PM # Q
Ultimately it depends on the browser, because when you are on-line you have access to any application you can run in your browser, including e-mail and calendar. And you don't need to store any of this on your local device.

So I will have to wait until I get my hands on a Foleo to know, but it does appear to have good potential for a high-volume device.

RE: Sorry Hawkins
midtoad @ 5/31/2007 10:08:52 PM # Q
A limit of 128 MB would be bad for sure! But you will apparently be able to add Compact Flash cards and SD cards to provide more memory. A Microdrive will fit in that CF slot as well. How many GB do you need?

Stewart Midwinter
PDA user since 1992 (Sharp PC-3100)
Palm TX

RE: Sorry Hawkins
hkklife @ 5/31/2007 11:23:11 PM # Q
Who needs a Microdrive? They are hot, power-hungry, fragile, and sluggish. You can get a decent 16gb CF card for $160ish nowadays and 8gb SDHC cards are $70 or less now. I am sure by year's end we will start seeing the first 32gb CF cards and 16gb SDHC cards. Assuming the Foleo doesn't have some lame memory card cap of 4gb or some such FrankenGarnet-style nonsense, that's plenty of storage for most people. Considering this device's lame multimedia capabilities that oughta be plenty.


Why is is that a lowly 126mhz Tungsten E can play video quite decently but a mighty $600 Foleo with a thoroughly modern OS cannot play even windowed video 4+ years later? Hawkins really shot himself in the foot with that CPU/video comment.

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RE: Sorry Hawkins
hkklife @ 5/31/2007 11:37:40 PM # Q
You know what would be a SPLENDID sight to behold?

If the carriers somehow saw the Foleo as infringing (or, perhaps, "leeching") off of their wireless networks' bandwidth and forced Palm to lock the Foleo out of the Treo unless users pay X dollars per month for "mobile companion" tethering?

The more I think about it, the Foleo is perhaps one of the worst ideas I have EVER seen in the tech world. Even if you take a Treo and cancel your service with your wireless provider, you are left with an extremely capable, video-playing PDA with a superb set of built-in PIM functions. And it'll get spectacular battery life due to the cellular radio being shut off. That's the beauty of a Treo..if all else fails it's STILL a solid PDA that's pocketable.

But a Foleo without a compatible smartphone to pair it with is reduced to a $600 e-mail and hobbled web browsing device that's only functional near wi-fi hotspots. How, pray tell, is that any better than a TX and a wireless keyboard, screen size aside? You CAN drop a dumbphone, a TX, and a folding IR or BT keyboard into a pair of cargo pants. You CANNOT stuff a Foleo into any pants pocket that I know of.

If the Foleo's host phone has a dead battery, is an incompatible model (trust me, with Palm's history of non-updates to their Phone Link software, 99.9% of the phones on the market will be incompatible) or is a CDMA handset in the rest of the world outside of N. America and Korea, it's still reduced to a paperweight.

No, folks, this isn't Palm jumping the shark. This is Palm attempting to feebly dog paddle around the shark but getting ripped to pieces in the process.

The iPhone will be out (in limited quantities, yes but still...) in ~two weeks' time. Will the 700p ROM update even be out in two weeks' time? I'm sorry, but this month marks my 11th year with the Palm OS. I haven't ever had such a feeling of despair about both the Palm OS and Palm Inc. as I did moments after seeing the Foleo's specs confirmed.

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RE: Sorry Hawkins
digichimp @ 6/1/2007 2:07:37 AM # Q
>How, pray tell, is that any better than a TX and a wireless keyboard, screen size aside?

I'm a proud owner of a Palm TX and Think outside keyboard and a Macbook

The Foleo sounds promising for cost, weight, and open platform

It has a terminal and doesn't run Windows. What more can you want? :-)
Oh wait it doesn't do mp3s, WMA, MOV? --> don't buy it.
It runs Opera vs Blazer.
It doesn't weigh 6 pounds of $599 bottom feeder laptops --> I know people enjoy lugging around their Costco bricks to show how cool being thrifty is.
It doesn't cost a grand like most UMPCs. --> Ah the joys of throwing away $1-2G on something that will be obsolete in 18 months.

It has common connectivity and expansion options: SD, CF, USB i/o, WiFi
It is not a two-fer and it doesn't need a carrier like my TX or N800.

In a true sense, the Foleo is an open book ready to be written.

Geez, I can't believe the "supportive" comments here are PalmInfoCenter.
I guess it is easier to put something down than see the potential this new category can become.
Palm doesn't owe users anything.
Sure a lot of the naysayers wished Garnet a quick death and Palm taken over so we can all feed on WinMob bloat and all that MS dreck, but I for one, am glad to see this new product offering.

Go Palm Go!

RE: Sorry Hawkins
SeldomVisitor @ 6/1/2007 7:15:07 AM # Q
> ...If the carriers somehow saw the Foleo as infringing (or,
> perhaps, "leeching") off of their wireless networks' bandwidth
> and forced Palm to lock the Foleo out of the Treo unless users
> pay X dollars per month for "mobile companion" tethering?...

Though it may be due to power requirements, the Foleo already has a castrated 801B Wi-Fi interface, slowing down THAT connection method and making carrier-based connectivity more desireable.

Thus more marketable to carriers.

RE: Sorry Hawkins
mikecane @ 6/1/2007 7:51:01 AM # Q
>>>Ultimately it depends on the browser, because when you are on-line you have access to any application you can run in your browser, including e-mail and calendar. And you don't need to store any of this on your local device.

Oh, foolish mortal. Think Opera is that stable and reliable, do you? What a shock you have coming, baby!

RE: Sorry Hawkins
mikecane @ 6/1/2007 4:09:49 PM # Q
>>>Palm doesn't owe users anything.

And they display that attitude every fekkin day.

RE: Sorry Hawkins
jeffhoward001 @ 6/1/2007 5:19:59 PM # Q
I think some of you are missing the big picture. Palm is exploring a new product line that is aimed at "sharing" your technological work-load between two devices. Even though the UMPC is not a new concept, one that costs $500 and seamlessly integrates with a smartphone is a new concept.

Granted, Palm did a poor job explaining the "extendibility" of the new platform, but once you get past the fact that this is NOT suppose to be a revision of the LifeDrive or TX, you can start expanding your mind into what it's actually designed to do.

Even though it's not a laptop replacement, I think Hawkin's in banking on the fact that over time, caring around a complicated and expensive device like a laptop may become less and less of a necessity for many business users. As business applications are now presented in web form, or through framework-based application models like Java and .NET, the need for big, bad-ass, laptops will start to decrease.

To really understand Hawkin's vision, don't think of this device as a replacement for your old device, but more the stepping stone into a new paradigm or mobile computing. You'll always have your smartphone with you containing the bulk of your mission-critical PIM content which Palm will remain to innovate on, and expand. But now they have a platform to extend the feature set into multimedia boosts like a fully-featured music player or DVD-like video. If you believe that this device will not be able to play mp3's or decent quality video, you're being unrealistic. There has been very little said about these capabilities thus far, and people are taking the small amount of given information and rendering it into half-truths.

In a nutshell, Hawkin's is attempting to do what he does best... Predict the future of mobile computing, and for the time being I'm going to at least extend the courtesy of being patient and seeing what's to come in the near future.

Remember that Palm is still innovating on their existing lines, and I'm sure we'll see some interesting changes in those areas as well. I think people will be pleasently surprised if they are patient enough to see this product to it's maturity.

Tungsten T --> Palm TX --> Foleo-mini??(like and LD-II??)

RE: Sorry Hawkins
hkklife @ 6/1/2007 7:21:39 PM # Q
"their existing lineS"?

No, Hawkins admitted directly to Ryan that the PDA market is "mature" and thus warranty zero additional investment, expenditure, or updating of any kind.

Sounds like a defeatist strategy if I've ever heard one. Palm gave up on PDAs long, long before they ever got far enough along to even come close to perfecting them.

So for all intends and purposes, Palm's lineup remains the same: a handful of identical-looking Treos and one oddball new concept device that may end up stillborn.

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RE: Sorry Hawkins
drbuzz0 @ 6/1/2007 11:59:16 PM # Q
>>>Palm doesn't owe users anything.

Dude.. they're a company that is supposedly trying to make money. And they need to sell stuff to do this. "Don't owe users anything"? I guess not, if they don't mind loosing those users.

"Screw the customer! Screw the consumer! Lets show them how free we are from their wants. We'll make whatever the hell we want and if they don't like it.... oh... then we go under..."

RE: Sorry Hawkins
mikecane @ 6/3/2007 11:35:24 AM # Q
>>>If you believe that this device will not be able to play mp3's or decent quality video, you're being unrealistic. There has been very little said about these capabilities thus far, and people are taking the small amount of given information and rendering it into half-truths.

Not true. It was the most embarrassing moment of Hawkins speaking to Mossberg when he admitted that he wished it had a more powerful CPU in order to do video.

RE: Sorry Hawkins
ballistic @ 6/3/2007 11:37:52 AM # Q

From Ben Combee:

Well, I can't promise anything, but we're certainly going to try to get something working soon after release. I think the real obstacle is finding versions of the Flash video codecs that are optimized for our CPU.


RE: Sorry Hawkins
mikecane @ 6/3/2007 11:56:06 AM # Q
>>>I think the real obstacle is finding versions of the Flash video codecs that are optimized for our CPU.

Translation: Like Nokia 770 owners, forget Flash video with this hardware. Get Flopeo II. Later for you early adopters (ie, suckers!).

RE: Sorry Hawkins
SeldomVisitor @ 6/3/2007 6:18:59 PM # Q
> ...Get Flopeo II...

I believe you meant to type "Flopeo III"...

RE: Sorry Hawkins
Timothy Rapson @ 6/3/2007 10:27:33 PM # Q
HKLIFE said , ". Palm gave up on PDAs long, long before they ever got far enough along to even come close to perfecting them."

Ah, so very true. Sony had a couple of perfect models, the N series and the TH55. THey had it all. Palm never ever released a simple tablet with all the features available like these Sony's.

You see them continue this with this Foleo. No Flash video. Of course. You don't think they are going to start delivering a complete product now when delivering a crippled one has allowed them to milk their customers for another 10 years have they have for their entire history. How sad.

RE: Sorry Hawkins
zullnero @ 6/4/2007 3:50:48 PM # Q
Why gripe about how Palm gave up on the PDA...much like the rest of the market?

Where's the Axim, these days?

It's all about phones now. The Tungsten TX, Lifedrive, et. al. was targeted at the sorts of regular posters here in the PIC. Not at ordinary users, they were devices that were built to make you guys happy. And that's why they didn't sell worth a crap, because there just aren't as many of you guys as there are regular folks.

There are a LOT of people out there that don't own laptops. Surprised? Then this whole product line isn't targeted at you. Sorry. You can stick by your TX and use it until the screen wears out. There will probably be a Treo out by then that will live up to your expectations.

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Don't Under Estimate It

kevinbgood @ 5/31/2007 11:14:17 PM # Q
I know that the first impression wasn't what the majority of the Western world wanted, but there IS more here than meets the eye.

One. From a consumers viewpoint, there WILL be a limited perspective of what Foleo can do for them. They of courser were expecting a robust unique Smartphone. In time.

Two. From the developers viewpoint, YAHOO, something extraordinary to work on. Particularly since Linux will be involved, it provides some seriously flexible programming options that limit the programmer only to his imagination.

Three. Change is good for everyone. Jeff Hawkins has a fresh idea that is versatile and offers some serious potential for what Smartphones WILL become in the future and the way we handle data, communications and connectivity.

To sum this all up, the Foleo is not a "Flopeo", but more likely it is "Progresso" for Road Warriors and techies alike.


Addicted to Palm

RE: Don't Under Estimate It
hkklife @ 5/31/2007 11:21:20 PM # Q
Considering Palm's glacial release schedule, I am not expecting anything more from them other than a 320x320 CDMA Windows Mobile 6 device (the 755w) and possibly a GPS-enabled WM6 GSM Treo (aka the "Mercedes Treo" to replace the 750 this fall.

I think that is one of the primary reasons you seeing so many long faces amongst the PIC faithful. The 700p ROM update is still vapor, the 755p is available only on Sprint and is a pitiful sideways upgrade in nearly every way, the Foleo is most certainly NOT a Treo, Palm has ZERO plans for any future PDAs, and Garnet-based devices seem to have reached the end of the line.

So now everyone who is a Palm OS fan is basically left to either stock up on old TXs while they are still available, use whatever device they current have, suck it up and go to Sprint for a 755p or abandon ship for M$/RIM's greener pastures (and spend $ & time transitioning to another platform).

It's just NOT a good time to be a Palm OS fan. Hawkins and co. should be flogged for not taking a few minutes to address everyone they alienated during the Foleo presentation the other day--namely, PDA users, Palm OS Treo users, Vista users, and 700p users.

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RE: Don't Under Estimate It
VampireLestat @ 5/31/2007 11:53:33 PM # Q
Don't UNDERESTIMATE this?!?!
You got to be Fn kidding me!

100% of all Palm consumers own a home PC.
Laptops now outsell desktops.
Laptops with Vista sell for 550$ CDN (or under 500$ USD).
Many workplaces have PCs.

There is no need for a *censored* Foleo!
Would someone who has an ounce of honesty please tell me WHEN and WHERE any human being would prefer to bring an empty, non-standard, limited, video-incapable, restricted Foleo instead of a full fledge compact laptop that can be booted out of hibernation or suspend in a relatively short time? Let's get serious here people! This announcement is pure BS. It is a misguided, ill-conceived, totally out of touch product that is irresponsible towards Palm shareholders, Palm employees and the whole Palm company.

The irony here is that funny man aka PDA killer, Ed Colligan actually admitted in a recent interview with the Wall Street journal that people are looking to simplify their lives in a world suffering from technology overload. HOW THE HELL is he helping by wanting consumers to buy a device that will do NOTHING more than what a laptop can do?

Oh wait... the developers will build it! Its Linux-cool!!! Riiiiiiiiiight... Real life workers don't have time for this crap, we need standardization and complete solutions into as few hardware pieces as possible; and that means 1 laptop at home, 1 PDA-phone, and 1 PC at work.

If I want to write a novel or analyze a 1500 row Excel sheet, I will put the fricken file on the SD card, and work on it at home or at work. A handheld/phone is meant to do quick reads of documents, minors touch ups, enter pim, mp3s, movies, games, and stuff like that. NO ONE HERE truly does extended Office work on a PDA. If they say they do, most are liars. Come on guys, lets get real here. A Treo, A TX whatever, is meant for when you are out in the field/away from your desk/away from your home PC, and you want to quickly jot down a note, check a contact, listen to a song/movie, read an ebook. All this editing docs and doing extensive laptop style work is a lie. And you all know it.

This is simply Palm's gross incompetence. They have no idea what the hell they are doing. They are taking wild guesses, they have no clue where they are going.

Whatever... I have pretty much had it with this Palm Inc *censored* of a company.
I am continuing to use my Palm TX ---- UNDER PROTEST!

RE: Don't Under Estimate It
hkklife @ 5/31/2007 11:57:56 PM # Q

Please, for your own health and sanity, go out and buy an extra TX. Or buy a gently used T5 from E-Bay. Stick it away for the inevitable time when your current TX finally wears out. I fear we won't even be able to buy a new Palm OS-based PDA after the end of 2007.

Ryan posed a direct question to Hawkins and he called the PDA a "mature" product that did not warrant further investment or R&D.

Let me post an excerpt from TreoCentral's Dieter Bohn's latest piece:

The subject turned to whether or not the standalone PDA was well and truly dead. PalmInfocenter's Ryan Kairer asked if the Foleo was the final nail in the coffin. Hawkins shrugged. He admitted that the PDA business was declining, it was mature. He said it was no secret that Palm isn't devoting a lot of resources to that business, but that they're still relatively happy with it, they don't really feel any need to kill it.

Interestingly, though, Hawkins returned to the theme of how the Foleo's development mirrored that of the Pilot. More specifically, Hawkins talked about how refreshing it is for Palm to have total control of a product end-to-end. With the Foleo, there are no carrier restraints, no carrier approvals, demands, delays, etc. That's what allowed Palm to announce when they felt like it, to set the price point wherever they wanted, to market however they liked, etc. With the Foleo, "Nobody tells us what to do."

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RE: Don't Under Estimate It
VampireLestat @ 6/1/2007 12:01:54 AM # Q
And if a business traveler needs to work while traveling, then he brings a laptop. That is not going to change. So Palm can forget about that right now. They are wasting resources.

RE: Don't Under Estimate It
Dr Opinion @ 6/1/2007 12:02:59 AM # Q
Jeez, hk, quit the FUD will ya?

Every time you get a prediction wrong, you whine that this is "the end of the line for Palm". You do it ALL THE TIME. About everything that happens.

New software comes out: "end of the line for Palm".
New hardware comes out: "end of the line for Palm".
Treo is bestselling smartphone: "end of the line for Palm".

If I pick any random three posts of yours over the last four years, two of them will be predicting the "end of the line for Palm".

Palm is still here, my friend. :)

"People who like M$ products tend to be insecure crowd-following newbies lacking in experience and imagination."

RE: Don't Under Estimate It
hkklife @ 6/1/2007 12:16:16 AM # Q
Dr. O;

I'm not predicting the end of anything or anyone OTHER than Palm's line of legacy PDAs. If you have any information to the contrary, please share it with us.

Aside form that, yes, I think Palm will eventually be acquired. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I just think they are wandering farther and farther adrift from their "core" values and focus. It began with the 3com acquisition years ago, became further muddled with the Palm spin-off, then really get messy with the Handspring acquisition and the Palm/PalmSource split. Then the dual OS strategy, changing to a smartphone company from a PDA company etc etc. kept on sidetracking the company.

Now Palm finally seemed poised to drag the Palm OS into the future whilst piggybacking it on Linux and keeping a few WinMob units in the fold for good measure. I think the vast majority of the PIC faithful were hoping/expecting a flip Treo, a large-screened Treo, a PDA line refresh or a slightly larger tablet-style device.

But instead here goes Palm off on another misguided adventure with a product no one really wants. Anf the Foleo has no compelling reason to make people alter their lifestyle to accomodate one. The PDA line, despite Hawkins' claims, is nowhere near "mature". Palm just gave up on it before trying to properly integrate heavy-duty wireless and multimedia capabilities. The Treo line is horribly stagnant and needs at least three distinct formfactors. Is it going to remain the bestselling smartphone by rehashing the same small square screens and weak multimedia capabilities?

If you are so concerned with the future of the Palm platform, I suggest contributing a few reviews (hardware or software) or an editorial to PIC. More content on PIC drives more traffic to the site and thus builds awareness of Palm's fine line of products. That means more $ in Palm's coffers and the continued survival of the company. I'm doing my fair share to help the Palm-conomy...but are you?

So what submissions can we expect first from the good Doctor? ;-)

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RE: Don't Under Estimate It
rbrazioli @ 6/1/2007 3:15:46 AM # Q
Well, it sounds interesting to me.

I have a Palm T5, with external keyboard and a MacBook 13", private, plus a regular Dell laptop at office.

There are cases in which the laptopos are heavy and sturdy and I don't need all the functionalities.

There are many cases, meetings, business travels, in which what I really need is internet access, web and e-mail, and some basic office functionalities. And such a device may actually fit that niche properly.

Talking corporate, most applications I use in the office are web based, so that wouldn't be an issue (if, and I may have some doubt about it), the device has the horsepower to run some java intensive application.

Sometimes I'm using the combination T5 + keyboard in the same way, but you have to set it up, not a big deal, but still takes up time, and the screen size is still limited.

I think that there professionals that may really benefit from this device, like journalists on the go.

It's promising, I'll give a try in the next future. Now, if it could work with the iPhone ...

RE: Don't Under Estimate It
heavyduty @ 6/1/2007 6:39:03 AM # Q
hkklife @ 5/31/2007 11:21:20 PM #

Considering Palm's glacial release schedule, I am not expecting anything more from them other than a 320x320 CDMA Windows Mobile 6 device (the 755w) and possibly a GPS-enabled WM6 GSM Treo (aka the "Mercedes Treo" to replace the 750 this fall.

They haven't even gotten around to adding Wifi to their phones, and you're predicting GPS??

Forget it. The best you can hope for is Wifi by the end of 2007; it's pathetic.....

Palm Vx (a classic) -> Palm 505 (*yawn*) -> Dell Axim (slooow...) -> Palm TE (great) -> Qtek 9090 (great idea, lousy platform) -> Nokia 6630 (a toy) -> iMate SP3i (not bad) -> Nokia 9300 (can't sync notes!!) -> Treo 650 (awesome) -> hw6915 (almost perfect)

RE: Don't Under Estimate It
mwrob @ 6/1/2007 9:14:03 AM # Q
The reason people don't do "real work" on their PDA is the screen and the keyboard. The foleo takes care of this, but needs some work. First, you need to be able to run all your Palm apps on it. Second, the price is a little high for what you get.

I would definitely be interested in it for bringing to meetings to type notes, short business trips, etc.


RE: Don't Under Estimate It
gbrinkman @ 6/1/2007 11:28:43 AM # Q
Talking corporate, most applications I use in the office are web based, so that wouldn't be an issue (if, and I may have some doubt about it), the device has the horsepower to run some java intensive application.

Most of the apps I use for the office require Internet Explorer to work along with a VPN connection. Is the Foleo really up to this? That will make a big difference if it is to catch on with the corporate crowd.

RE: Don't Under Estimate It
LiveFaith @ 6/2/2007 2:37:23 AM # Q
HKK & Vampy,

I feel your pain guys. I liked my "leaked version" a lot better. :-o I felt the same sick way after the G-mail RSS. (Somebody is now unemployed at Palm BTW) I too was hoping for the iPod killer etc etc.

But, the more I think about this, the more I am seeing the idea. Foleo is a beginning, not an end. A killer smartfone would just be "polishing the brass on Palm's sinking ship". Little Palm cannot do feature battles in the increasingly commoditized smartfone world. If they tried, they would just be committing slow suicide, corporate takeover style.

Foleo is rolling the dice. It truly IS like nothing else. C'mon, how many geeks like us had the slightest clue. Some said UMPC, but that's not even what this is. Nobody else is doing this concept.

Sure it's lightweight on features compared to lugtops, but just watch the demo again and ask yourself "do that act like a laptop"? Notta chance.

Palm is attempting to take the best of what their advantages ("zen") and spin it into the next step of computing. Mobility! Seriously, it's a beginning, not an end. The groundwork is being laid for much more in the future. Foleo represents a few popular and important technologies working (crosses fingers!) with absolute Palm "zen". Soooo much more can come later. And quickly with Linux under the hood.

The more time I give this, the more the whole concept is growing on me. In fact, in myt new biz venture with a lotta travel I am thinking of being an owner. I leave the lugtop behind 1/2 the time b/c of the hassles, and just take the Treo.

I aint saying this things gonna work. But, we've been moaning for innovation forever. Now that we get "new category" innovation, it chokes us. (Of course 3 years of glacial innovation and freakish product support can cause a doubt or 2) At least Palm is rolling the dice here and not just positioning for a buyer. This will either launch them into the future powerfully or put the swift smackdown on them. It also explains a lot about the past 3 years products.

I'm just saying, "give it a while to sink in". Hawkins in his short lifetime has not 1, but 2 of the top 50 tech product innovations of all time! Surely that's good enough to hold off full fire and brimstone until at least release/review day. Huh?!?

Pat Horne

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History Lesson - series 7

Analytical @ 5/31/2007 11:53:26 PM # Q
Didn't Psion realse this kind of thing years ago. Ok so it didnt have wifi but then who cares. People didnt care then and i'm pretty sure they arent going to care now.

I'm just waiting for them to change their name from palm to hand. because no way is that thing going to fit in your palm.

Palm seem to have a history of knowing what the consumer wants and then giving them something else.

Its such a pitty.

RE: History Lesson - series 7
ackmondual @ 6/1/2007 4:46:28 PM # Q
meh, they should change the name of Apple to Fruit since their laptops and desktops come in all sorts of fruity flavors.

"Do you know the difference between an error and a mistake? Anyone can make an error, but that error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."
-Grand Admiral Thrawn

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edoan @ 6/1/2007 12:06:45 AM # Q
I'm shocked no one has noticed this ... Ryan K. really scooped the crucial CPU details with that last screenshot ... the Linux kernel is 2.4.21-rmk1-pxa1-intc2 which is built for the Intel PXA27x XScale processors ... possibly the same 312 MHz PXA272 that the Treo 7xx family uses! There's plenty of software that's just a recompile away from being usable on this device. I think when Jeff Hawkins talks about video not working on the Foleo yet, it's because there really aren't any OPEN SOURCE codecs for Linux that Palm can legally distribute (yet). Sure, you can install VLC or Totem to watch videos, but what about WMV support? H.264? This thing doesn't play MP3s either because Palm likely hasn't licensed the codec ... NormSoft and Real likely licensed MP3 from Thompson and Fraunhofer, so they're on okay legal ground.

This is all so clear now ... Hawkins is a genius ... the Foleo is a mobile e-mail companion, just like the Pilot was just an organizer. With any of the thousands of PalmOS software installed, the Pilot could be anything you wanted it to be. The story is just beginning for the Foleo!

RE: Processor
Nycran @ 6/1/2007 12:25:47 AM # Q
I think you're right in a sense, there is potential. When the first pilot was released it was merely an organizer. It took time for an ecosystem of 3rd party developers to enhance and expand the product and make it truly a mobile computer. It also took Palm many product evolutions to build the TX. Palm are marketing this an a Treo companion, but I'm hoping that the future blurs this boundary so that it's a compact, elegant and simple mobile computer. Something that even my mother could use to email people (something that's just not going to happen with a fully fledged OS).

If developers jump on board, we may see:

* A good light-weight fully functional email client.
* A good media/music player.
* A good IM client.

We already have Opera for browsing.

The biggest problem is going to be the lack of an office framework, especially for word processing and spreadsheet manipulation, however I'll be curious to see how Docs 2 Go runs - maybe that's all we need?

As they say, time will tell.

RE: Processor
Ryan @ 6/1/2007 12:29:43 AM # Q
edoan, you are indeed correct, especially with that last paragraph.

Hawkins himself basically stated the same thing during our brief conversation. The Foleo is the Pilot 1000 of these "mobile companion" products he has in mind. I wish I had recorded it because there was only so much I could scrible down in my notes as the guy literally talks a mile a minute. Be sure to read Dieter's article too as he covers a lot that I didn't touch on here.

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