HP Files for HP Touchpad Trademark

Almost lost amidst the flurry of HP WebOS tablet leaks and info revealed over the past two days is an HP trademark filing for "HP Touchpad", including, but not limited to, an application for "tablet computers".

PIC readers will likely remember that one of the first actions taken by HP in the immediate aftermath of last year's acquisition of Palm was a July 7th filing of the "PalmPad" trademark. It is entirely possible that in the half-year since that filing, the powers that be at HP have decided that too much negative brand equity is denoted by the "Palm" moniker and it should be gradually phased out.

If true, this would tie in with our report from a few weeks ago that the Verizon Pre 2 will be rather short-lived and will indeed be the final device to carry with "Palm" logo. Furthermore, the e-mail invitations sent out by HP to the press for their February 9th event have shown a suspicious lack of Palm logos or references, despite the fact that WebOS is prominently mentioned. The leaked images revealed yesterday by Engadget do reveal a "Palm" logo under "HP" on the back side of the device but it's entirely possible that these are older mockup renderings and/or not indicative of a production device.

Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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