Sprint Treo Pro Retail Packaging Spotted

Sprint Treo Pro BoxEngadget Mobile has just posted a small unboxing pictorial of Sprint's version of the Treo Pro. With the device's finalized retail packaging now out in the wild, the device's formal announcement, release date, and pricing remain the only mysteries surrounding the release. According to the most recent report, the release date with Sprint is still rumored to be on track for the end of this month.

The Sprint Treo Pro's packaging, while outfitted with some Sprint branding details, appears otherwise identical in size and design to the unlocked GSM version, as well as the preliminary Pre packaging that was on display at CES.

As seen in my previous article, the Sprint-exclusive version of the CDMA Treo Pro is noteworthy not only for being the first carrier-endorsed version of the handset in the United States, but also for some notable hardware and software updates over its slightly older GSM sibling.

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