Refreshed Centros Now Available, Originals on Sale

Centro Olive Green and Vibrant RosePalm's only new holiday offerings, the refreshed olive green and rose Sprint Centros announced last month, are now available for purchase on Sprint's and Palm's online stores. In order to clear out existing stocks of the 64MB RAM Centros introduced last year, Sprint has lowered the price of these "old" models to a new low closeout price of $49.99 after $100 mail-in rebate and a 2-year contract. The original Centro is currently available in black, red, and pink colors.

In addition to a doubled 128mb of user-accessible memory, the new Centros are distinguished by several additional small upgrades: soft-touch exterior paint, and a slightly revised "gel" keyboard. In addition, the new Centros ship with the My Location feature standard in Google Maps as well as Palm's FaceBook app and the newest available ROM version 1.08. The new green and rose Centros are available now for $79.99 after the same $100 mail-in rebate and 2 year commitment.

On their web storefront, Sprint denotes the new models with a "New Model: Fresh colors, Facebook access" graphic, but the Facebook app is available for all Centros as well as the Treo 755p and 680 as a free download from Palm. Ryan's hands-on impressions of the Olive Green Centro is available here.

According to Palm's website, the black Centro will receive an eventual mid-life upgrade to the new memory, paint and software specs.

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