Verizon and Alltel Treo 700p/wx ROM Updates Released

Just when the long-winded saga of the Treo 700p seemed to have become a distant memory, Palm has quietly released two new ROM updates for the Verizon version of the 700p and the Alltel 700wx.

Palm has quietly released a (presumably) final ROM radio update for the 700p, over two years after its release in May 2006. Bearing ROM version 1.11, this update is said to fix "a phone reset issue that occurs under certain specific and rare conditions". Users running the original 700p 1.06 ROM will first need to update to 1.10 before running the separate standalone 1.11 installer. Both Hotsync & SD card-based versions of the installer routine are available for download. An Alltel-specific version of the update was made available in June.

A new ROM update intended only for the Alltel version of the Windows Mobile-powered 700wx has also been released, coming a day after the 700p Verizon fix. This latest ROM update brings the Alltel version of the 700wx up to ROM version 1.12 and requires a blank SD card and reader to perform the installation. Palm's support page again only offers the vague explanation that this fix "is for a phone reset issue that occurs under certain specific and rare conditions".

Long-time Treo users can recall the issues with the release, recall, and re-release of the "fixed" version of the 700p 1.10 ROM that has now been superseded by the new 1.11 version. The previous 700p update was pulled alongside the Treo 700w/wx versions in August of 2007 due to the infamous "Error 3000 bug" present on both user-updated and factory-flashed Treos containing the new firmware.

Palm has posted a new "Radio Patch" summary page showing the various versions of ROM updaters for Verizon and Alltel 700p, 755p, and 700wx Treos.

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