Blue Verizon Centro Spotted

Blue Verizon CentroRumor: Following up on the Centro appearing on a Verizon rebate form article from two weeks ago, Engadget Mobile has posted an advance set of press images showing a Palm Centro with Verizon branding and applications.

The images reveal that Verizon will offer the Blue version, which was recently released in Mexico. It's unknown whether the Verizon will carry additional colors.

It is still unclear at this time when Verizon will offer the Centro. The last bit of rumored information claimed that the Centro would debut on Verizon sometime in the end of May or beginning of June.

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Random musings/thoughts/questions on the VZW Centro

hkklife @ 4/21/2008 1:15:43 PM # Q
Couple of questions off the top of my head:

1. Verizon is obviously continuing their trend of not having VersaMail in ROM, that means a few precious megs of memory sacrificec to install it. Of course, since there's been a newer version released since the Centro launched (4.01, build 77) it doesn't really matter anyway.

2. I'm glad to see Verizon isn't clogging their version's ROM with all of the trialware/subscription services/bloatware that the other carriers have begun doing. This one'll probably be the most "business-oriented" of the various Centro offerings.

3. I wonder if there's ANY chance the Verizon version will ship with the Google Mobile Maps Location feature standard before Palm rolls it out to the other carriers. Waitaminute! What am I thinking? Of COURSE it won't!

4. Really, you can color me stunned that this thing has appeared on Verizon. I'm thinking this was never originally planned on and Verizon just jumped on it after seeing the success Sprint had right out of the gate with the Centro.

5. The Treo 755p just arrived at Verizon in December/January. I wonder if the Centro'll push it out of the picture completely or if Verizon will just counter with a pricedrop on the 755p.
A Palm lineup of Centro, 755p, and 800w for both CDMA carriers wouldn't look too terribly bad.

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RE: Random musings/thoughts/questions on the VZW Centro
robin24k @ 4/22/2008 2:21:35 AM # Q
5. I doubt that. The 755p and Centro target different markets, so the release of the Centro shouldn't affect the 755p. You know...maybe they'll finally discontinue the 700p...

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