Rumor: Upcoming Palm Tungsten X and Zire 22 Details

Palm Tungsten T XA reliable source has provided PalmInfocenter with some new details on Palm's upcoming fall handheld releases. Info on a Tungsten X and Zire 22 has shown up in the internal inventory system of a large electronics retail company. Read on for more details.

Rumor: Palm Tungsten XXThe source claims that the company tried to place a large order for Tungsten T5 handhelds directly from Palm. The source was told that the Tungsten T5 has been EOL'd (end of life) and that a replacement would be in stores on October 11th.

Tungsten X
The Tungsten X (which could likely be a code name) will run Palm OS Garnet v5.4.9. It will have a 312MHz XScale processor, a 320x480 pixel display, 128MB of non-volitile memory, 802.11b WiFi, Bluetooth 1.2 and an SDIO expansion slot. It is also supposed to have voice recording and a digital camera, though the source could not confirm it. It will have a $299 USD MSRP.

Possible images of this handheld first surfaced back in June.

Zire 22
The inventory system also shows a new listing for a Palm Zire 22 handheld. The Zire 22 will have a 160x160 pixel color screen, 32MB of RAM and no SD slot. It will retail for $99.

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TX sounds good!

palmdoc88 @ 9/14/2005 5:07:51 PM # Q
It all sounds believable. The TX specs seem to be what the T5 should have been. Builtin Wifi, sound recorder, etc
I only hope they improve on the quality of the sync cable connector - it was pretty poor for the T5 and there were many complaints about problems syncing due to poor contact.

T3 & T5 user

RE: TX sounds good!
phoneboy @ 9/14/2005 5:42:04 PM # Q
Good timing! I logged into PIC today to learn exactly when the next T is due out! My Sony UX-50 is dying after two years of HEAVY use. There has been nothing on the market that could live up to replacing the UX-50 for me. It had so many features, and a WOW factor that won't die. I still get compliments about it after all this time. The TX will come close (I'll still miss that keyboard), but built-in wi-fi and bluetooth on a Palm device are a must for me.

Some of the shortcomings of the TX are noteable, but the $299 price point is a good one. I was on the verge of getting a Pocket PC to replace my fading Clie. If I can wait until October for this TX it will help me to avoid abandoning my beloved Palm OS.

With two forms of wireless, synching wirelessley should help to avoid connector problems.

Sharp 16KB Organizer, US Robotics Palm Pilot 1000, Palm III, Palm IIIx, Palm V, Palm Vx, Palm M505, Sony Clie NR-70, Palm Tungsten 3, Compaq iPaq 3955 (for kicks), Sony Clie UX-50

RE: TX sounds good!
hkklife @ 9/14/2005 5:58:01 PM # Q
I have my T5 sitting here in front of me as I type this...

Ok, the loss of the internal storage drive is NOT a big deal. Palm has to plan these things waaaay ahead of time. By the time they got, say, a 512mb "drive" device to market, 2gb SD cards will be close to $100. By the time Palm gets a 1 or 2gb flash drive model to market, 4gb SD cards will be ~$150.

Palm's better off letting the SD flash card market act on its own and just make sure that there's a minimum of 64mb of RAM onboard midrange & highend units. I have NO quarrels with their strategy on this T|X.

There's plenty of room on the top panel of the T5 to add a small microphone for voice recording. Even if they cannot shoehorn a dedicated VR button for it, you could reprogram one of the bottom app hard buttons or just activate it via a stylus stroke. No biggie---I can live w/o a dedicated VR or screen rotate button. Just give us the mic & audio capture hardware!

Similarly, the power buton with the green paint mark on it can easily be replaced by a power button with a glowing green LED to indicate charge status.

Garnet 5.4.9 SHOULD, by all counts, be quit a bit more stable and (hopefully) speedier than older Garnet revisions. Frankly, the T5 performs slower than its 416mhz CPU would indicate. I think that with careful software optimizations for NVFS, the performance issue might end up being a negligable point unless you're REALLY doing some heavy-duty fullscreen video playback.

I've yet to have any major problems with the Athena connector on my T5. Now the T5's cradle is another story but I'd imagine they will get around to designing something that lets the T5 & LD sit more securely anyway...

If the build quality is anywhere CLOSE to the LifeDrive (folks, the LD really IS solidly assembled!) then I can live with a plastic body. Just keep that price at $300 MAX and ENSURE there are no major showstopping bugs in the shipping product and Palm'll have a short-term winner on their hands.

Count me in as an might end up being my last Palm device but I will give this one a shot.

RE: TX sounds good!
palmdoc88 @ 9/14/2005 6:05:22 PM # Q
Yes I know syncing wirelessly is possible. But really, Palm shouldn't stinge on the CRADLE, and come out with a crappy defective cable connector. The majority of Palm users will use the wired option so I hope they improve on the QC in this area.

T3 & T5 user

RE: TX sounds good!
phoneboy @ 9/14/2005 6:08:01 PM # Q
Agreed. I hope they actually include a cradle. It's a good price, if they include a cradle.

Sharp 16KB Organizer, US Robotics Palm Pilot 1000, Palm III, Palm IIIx, Palm V, Palm Vx, Palm M505, Sony Clie NR-70, Palm Tungsten 3, Compaq iPaq 3955 (for kicks), Sony Clie UX-50
RE: TX sounds good!
Admin @ 9/14/2005 6:23:07 PM # Q
The LifeDrive didn't even include a cradle so I wouldn't get your hopes up.
RE: TX sounds good!
VampireLestat @ 9/14/2005 6:25:06 PM # Q
I bought my T5 cradle. I am confidant it will work with the TX.

RE: TX sounds good!
gfunkmagic @ 9/14/2005 6:26:48 PM # Q
None of the newer Tungstens, Zires, Treos, or LD come bundled with a cradle. It seems the days when palm bundled cradles are over I guess... :( In fact what was the last handheld that did come with a cradle? The T3 perhaps?

RE: TX sounds good!
Puppy @ 9/14/2005 6:32:14 PM # Q
That's a fantastic set of features and price-if it's true. Voice recording, 480x320 screen, and wi-fi? I wouldn't be surprised if it's missing voice recording and costs closer to $400.

The real issue is "have they fixed the OS"? If it's the same mess the Lifedrive is, then who cares what price it sells at.

I hope this means the LD will get updated to 5.4.9 soon. If they don't fix it, I'm never buying another Palm again.

RE: TX sounds good!
Wolfgard @ 9/15/2005 5:58:36 AM # Q
Finally! A potential replacement for my Clie TH55! If it's as good as it sounds with long battery life and no screen buzz, Palm, you've won back an ex-customer.

pen & paper -> m515 -> Zire72 -> TH55 & Handera 330
RE: TX sounds good!
userwaldo @ 9/15/2005 12:44:06 PM # Q
by the way, has anyone figured out why they need a special sync connector? the mini-usb worked fine of the Tungsten E, and with USB 2.0 it's plenty fast enough for any data transfer. The only thing I can think of would be the lose of revenue due to people purchasing proprietary cables.

Pen and Paper -> Palm Personal -> Palm Personal -> Palm III -> Palm -IIIx -> M120 -> Handera 330 -> M120 -> Zire71 -> ?
RE: TX sounds good!
twizza @ 9/15/2005 12:51:24 PM # Q
The connector is not just able to carry data but audio and video. I am sure that regular USB could do that, but not mini-usb.
RE: TX sounds good!
hkklife @ 9/15/2005 3:20:45 PM # Q
For the record, does anyone have any idea when we are going to see a cable or a cradle that does VIDEO-out from the Athena connector? It seems like it would've been a natural for the LifeDrive.

Also, when is that USB on the go box coming out (if ever)? You know, the thing that was shown on PDAMExico's site that permits any digi cam that is recognized as a mass storage device to pug straight into the LifeDrive and dump picture onto the Microdrive via Camera Companion?

RE: TX sounds good!
sam_in_silver @ 9/17/2005 9:53:56 PM # Q
Now, if only they would add an induction charger so that there was no connector, like my electric tooth brush, then the thing would be 100% connector free. I have a LifeDrive and that connector just isn't going to last. I use to WIFI to hotsynch, which works about 80% of the time.

Lets shoot for 100% WIFI hotsynch and an induction charger.


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No more NAND storage for internal volume?!

gfunkmagic @ 9/14/2005 5:20:53 PM # Q
>>>>>128MB of non-volitile memory...

So does this mean there will only be 128MB of NVFS without any internal volume? That would be a change from the T5 ram setup. I was hoping that Palm might use a 512 or 1GB Nand chip and use 128MB as ram and the rest as internal volume perhaps? With so many Nand based mp3 players out there now like the iPod Nano etc, I would have hoped Palm would have increased the storage capacity on these devices by now...


RE: No more NAND storage for internal volume?!
Sam H @ 9/14/2005 5:48:10 PM # Q
So does this mean there will only be 128MB of NVFS without any internal volume?

No way of knowing at this stage how the NVRAM will be partitioned between the virtual db cache and the internal volume. Or how much SDRAM will be on board for that matter. I'm sure there'll be plenty of confusion though. :-)

RE: No more NAND storage for internal volume?!
VampireLestat @ 9/14/2005 6:02:16 PM # Q
The internal drive is nice but I would be pefectly OK with having to use my SD slot for memory.

RE: No more NAND storage for internal volume?!
gfunkmagic @ 9/14/2005 6:20:36 PM # Q
Yeah, but Drive mode was a pretty cool feature! I would love to see a Tx with 2GB Nand chip with drive mode feature. That would be very appealing device imo...

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sremick @ 9/14/2005 5:11:10 PM # Q
Hmm... my T3, released TWO YEARS AGO, has a METAL case instead of cheap, fragile plastic... a VIBRATING alarm (like pagers, cellphones, and every other electronic gadget that notifies you of important things), and +88 more MHz.

Sure this thing has 128MB of RAM... but I have over 1GB in my T3. Yeah this comes with Wifi... but I have a Wifi SDIO card.

And I bet there's no way to run G1 on it even though this is the faster and preferred input method for a huge chunk of the established Palm community. I don't care if G2 is the default... just give us a way to choose G1.

Would it be nice to have the extra on-board RAM and the integrated Wifi? Sure. But it's not worth what you'd have to give up. 3 steps forward, but 10 steps back.

Please, Palm: give us a device to be proud of that meets the needs of the power users. Our T3s aren't going to run forever...

RE: Hmmm
Khris @ 9/14/2005 5:38:36 PM # Q
I really don't understand why 90% of Palm users out there, like to bitch, whine, moan, complain, and do nothing more!

If you're really that unhappy with Palm and the devices they put out, look for another solution. Obviously by sticking with Palm, you're going to be continually disappointed.

RE: Hmmm
sremick @ 9/14/2005 5:41:53 PM # Q
Do nothing more, eh? I've been active here on PIC for several years. I can assure you, I've done quite a bit more.

This is also not my first Palm, but my third, having started with a Vx and then an M505 before the T3. Likewise, many friends and family have Palms now, because of me.

It would seem in your world, anyone who is on-board as a user of a certain company's technology has to be a pure fanboy who blindly thinks everything they do is "great" and "perfect" eh? Sorry, Microsoft has enough of them. I'm not like that. I am a Palm fan, but they are not perfect and they are making a lot of mistakes lately. However, unlike you, my attitude is to not be a quitter and jump ship... I detest the alternatives out there a lot more than I am frustrated with the direction Palm is heading these days.

If a good friend of mine gets a drug problem, I don't abandon them and find a new friend. I confront them about their problem in the hopes they can see the light, turn things around, and things can go back to being positive between us. Likewise, this is how I am treating Palm. Instead of silently ditching them and leaving them oblivious of why they're losing customers, I'm sticking around but being vocal.

And I do believe there's nothing in the PIC rules that say that we have to praise every single product Palm produces and worship the scrap plastic they walk on.

The fact is, Palm has abandoned a certain market they used to provide product for. Those of us in that market would like something to upgrade to. It's been a few years now. It's a fact that 2 years ago, the top of the line Palm exceeded the TX in many indisputable ways. In TWO YEARS, we should see more clear-cut evolutionary PROGRESS... not a REDUCTION in MHz, a REDUCTION in features, and LOWER QUALITY case materials.

If YOU think my specific facts and points are invalid and would like to elaborate on why you feel so, that's one thing. However, if you're just going to throw blanket criticism about how I'm just a complainer and should go away, than you're no better than the supposed complainer you accuse me of being.

RE: Hmmm
gfunkmagic @ 9/14/2005 5:55:52 PM # Q
>>>>Sure this thing has 128MB of RAM... but I have over 1GB in my T3.

HUH? So what? That's expansion card vs Ram (NVFS whatever). Completely different. Plus if the Tx has FAT32, you'll be able to use >>2GB SD card anyway, not to mention any possible Nand storage...

>>>>And I bet there's no way to run G1 on it....

For for gawd sakes!! Give it a rest all you G1 fanboys! ARHH...

>>>>Would it be nice to have the extra on-board RAM and the integrated Wifi? Sure. But it's not worth what you'd have to give up. 3 steps forward, but 10 steps back.

*sigh* what a bunch of BS. Wifi, more ram, BT 1.2 (with A2DP and HID support for things like BT headphones), NVFS and it's still not worth is cuz you miss your silly G1 and metal case?!!


RE: Hmmm
VampireLestat @ 9/14/2005 6:05:15 PM # Q
Hi sremick,

The T5 design/ergonomics are the best ever seen in a handheld. I am very happy Palm has decided to stick with a winning design and build on it.

- 312 mhz is usually plenty and good for battery life, else it can be overclocked.

I doubt (because of the low price) there is a camera and a mic, but you never know. The T3 design was good but the slider was bad.

RE: Hmmm
hkklife @ 9/14/2005 6:06:19 PM # Q
Sigh....Didn't someone post a while back that Palm had hinted at offering something like a G1/G2 hybrid----essentially, a Graffiti 3 that combined the best of both worlds. The poster said that Palm couldn't comment in any detail due to Xerox's ongoing appeals process.

Sounds to me like they might include some sort of baseline TealScript functionality into the control panel where the user can select certain strokes as multi or single strokes.

Barring that, someone can HOPEFULLY hack the T|T G1 libraries one final time to get G1 on this (and future FrankenGarnet) devices.

For the record, and gfunk and I discussed this the other day, 2gb SD cards (generics) are $120ish online nowadays. That's certain to hit $100 by Christmas.

RE: Hmmm
hkklife @ 9/14/2005 6:13:14 PM # Q

I'm gonna have to disagree with you there on that one. The m500 series was by FAR the paradigm of the classic PDA. Small, light, metal body, (fairly) durable and it felt GREAT in the hand. Add to that the side rails for attaching a case and you have a winning design. The T|E and its variants have aped the classic V and m500 design but with only minimal success--I feel the bottom flare is crucial, as is a metal body (or at least a metal bezel w/ plastic backplate).

2nd place goes to the sadly short-lived Visor Edge. All it needed was 2x the RAM, a color screen and an SD slot. It was the RAZR of its time and no one even noticed...

RE: Hmmm
VampireLestat @ 9/14/2005 6:34:03 PM # Q
I like my T5's casing materials. It feels very strong and looks professional. I don't see how metal will improve this.

Notice how the T5 casing is so strong, it does not even bend a bit when applying pressure on the dpad.

That pressure can be very high when playing an intense game of MicroQuad. LOL

I can't wait for this TX. :)

RE: Hmmm
Gekko @ 9/14/2005 6:37:39 PM # Q

Vampire - drop it on some concrete and let us know how the plastic performs.

RE: Hmmm
sremick @ 9/14/2005 7:36:30 PM # Q
gfunkmagic: "HUH? So what? That's expansion card vs Ram (NVFS whatever). Completely different."

Yep. I can store ANY type of file on the expansion card, vs only PRCs and PDBs on the internal memory.

"For for gawd sakes!! Give it a rest all you G1 fanboys! ARHH..."

How exactly does the fact that some people work faster in G1 (what Palm originally raised us on) than G2 affect YOU? How exactly would making an option in preferences so that the user could switch to G1 ruin the life of a G2 "fanboy"? Please explain. Fact is, lots of us work MUCH faster in G1 than G2. If you can't accept or understand that, that's your problem. I'm content to accept YOU work faster with G2. But don't force your G2 on the rest of us who have learned something faster and would like to continue with it. We're not trying to force G1 upon YOU, only have it be an OPTION for US, thanks.

"it's still not worth is cuz you miss your silly G1 and metal case?!!"

It's hard to respect having an intellectual talk with someone who resorts to stuff like that. But I'll feed the troll tonight... if you can't value the benefits of a metal case, obviously you haven't owned enough of them and have given-in to the brainwashing of manufacturers that plastic is "good enough". Hint: my CELL PHONE has a REAL metal case too, and it's no accident.

If you can't understand why anyone on the planet could possibly find anything better than G2 for input and that G2 is god's gift to all PDAs, then you're just being plain childish. FACT: G1 is faster for a lot of people. FACT: G1 was the default Palm input method for FAR more years than G2. FACT: Palm did NOT switch to G2 because it was FASTER than G1. FACT: No one is asking you to give up G2, so chill.

And you totally avoided that the T3, while 2 years older, is 28% FASTER than the TX. And that a vibrating alarm is CRITICAL not only for the corporate customer but for many other people who simply don't wish to always be disturbing those around us with our electronic gadgets. Next time you hear someone's cell phone obnoxiously ring in the movie theater I want you to consider how you disregarded the importance of a vibrating alert.

VampireLestat: "The T5 design/ergonomics are the best ever seen in a handheld."

I agree there. I think the form-factor and overall physical design (aside from the plastic case) of the T5/TX is nice. They just need to take the T3 features as a BARE MINIMUM and choose a bunch to improve upon (given 2 years of R&D evolution). Without backing off any of the features present in the T3, because there's no need, no reason, and no excuse for it.

Although I have to agree with hkklife that I think the V form-factor was even better (having owned a Vx for a long while).

"312 mhz is usually plenty and good for battery life, else it can be overclocked."

I don't know about you, but I've bogged down my 400MHz T3 on occasion. Maybe if we were still within a few months of the release of the T3 it'd be appropriate to release another supposed "top of the line" PDA that was SLOWER. But not after a full year... and certainly not after TWO. CPU R&D has just progress FAR too much to make that valid. If we extended that logic we'd all be forced to be content with 1GHz systems on our desktops, and next year they'd try to sell us on a brand-new 800MHz system. Heh

RE: Hmmm
gfunkmagic @ 9/14/2005 8:53:10 PM # Q
>>>>>How exactly does the fact that some people work faster in G1 (what Palm originally raised us on) than G2 affect YOU?

Ble....get over dude. G1 is dead and so is Elvis. Stop harping on useless nonsense. It's not coming back. REPEAT. IT IS NOT COMING BACK. Now go get a cookie or something... *YIKES*


RE: Hmmm
Hal2000 @ 9/14/2005 9:08:34 PM # Q
drop it on some concrete and let us know how the plastic performs.
Love that line.

RE: Hmmm
AdamaDBrown @ 9/15/2005 12:53:50 AM # Q
On the processor issue, the newer PXA270s are a little more efficient than the older 255s used in the T3. Therefore, a 316 MHz PXA270 would be the rough equivalent of a 400 MHz PXA255.

Gekko, in fairness, nothing performs perfectly when dropped on a hard stone surface. I once accidently bobbled my m505 and dropped it on a slate surface, resulting in small dents and chips on the bezel. I've also seen a plastic-cased Dell Axim (one of the old X3s) that met a concrete parking lot without protection. No dents, but lots of chips in the plastic.

I can certainly understand the desire for a metal case, and I even agree that a high-end device really should have one, but even metal isn't indestructible.

RE: Hmmm
Bakedon21 @ 9/15/2005 2:35:05 AM # Q
I prefer a plastic case because the metal is so soft. My T3 has so many dents as it doesnt bounce back. At least with the plastic, you have some resiliency to small bumps instead of living with a reminder of how often its been dropped (even small drops onto gravel). And inch for inch, plastic is lighter. I agree it does feel as nice, if you can even tell, but I dont care as much as I used to.

RE: Hmmm
LiveFaith @ 9/15/2005 12:19:00 PM # Q
Metal v Plastic:
Allegedly, metal constricts wireless performance more than plastic. I love the aluminum over plastic skin on my T3, but when she has hit the concrete that pretty case now has a perfect impression of the concrete finishers art. I perfer metal, but it's not a deal killer. I actually loved using an m100 for a while, light and super durable with a good thin integrated flip cover. Just paralyzed with that tiny screen and low mem.

Best Form:
V & m5xx are both tough as nails, attractive and great with the dual rails. But, one thing that I am glad is left behind is the width. They are just too wide to be comfortable in a normal sized hand IMO. The T3 has the same hourglass shape, but handles much much better for me. Maybe for NBA players it is not a problem, but it was for me.

Pat Horne;

RE: Hmmm
oz-nom @ 9/15/2005 9:22:26 PM # Q
"drop it on some concrete and let us know how the plastic performs."

I did. Slight scratch on top right corner. Have to look REAL close to tell it's not metal. I wouldn't recommend dropping your T5, but mine came through alright.

I just don't understand the whole metal/plastic debate.

Metal cases are better than plastic cases.
The_Voice_of_Reason @ 9/15/2005 10:29:50 PM # Q
"drop it on some concrete and let us know how the plastic performs."

I did. Slight scratch on top right corner. Have to look REAL close to tell it's not metal. I wouldn't recommend dropping your T5, but mine came through alright.

I just don't understand the whole metal/plastic debate.

It all depends on construction quality. Old Palms/TRGs had well-constucted plastic cases that were durable with their integrated flip lids. But as good as these are, they can't hold a candle to high quality METAL cases like the magnesium alloy case in the CLIE UX50. I've dropped my UX50 onto floors, concrete and pavement probably 20 times in the past 2 years (don't drink and Palm, Kiddies!) and have carried it around in pockets + bags the whole time as well. The case still looks NEW other than a 2 mm gouge sustained after a 10 foot drop onto some rocks on a local trail. At first each time I would pick it up gingerly after a fall, open it up and be SHOCKED to find everything working perfectly. NOW when I drop it I EXPECT everything will be fine. Magnesium cases make you c0cky as he11... ;-O

Sony CLIE UX100: 128 MB real RAM, OLED screen. All the PDA anyone really ever wanted.

The Palm eCONomy = Communismô

The Great Palm Swindle:

NetFrontLinux - the next major cellphone OS?:

RE: Hmmm
hkklife @ 9/16/2005 9:32:40 AM # Q
Any of the long-time Palm users remember the plastic around the stylus silo cracking/coming loose problem?

I personally had that problem on my Pilot 1000, Palm Pilot Pro, and a IIIc. My IIIe lost the bottom half of the screen's digitizer instead of having cracking plastic. I had to wrap tape around my stylus to keep it securely in the silo due to the wiggling strip of cracked plastic.

So compared to THOSE days, the quality of plastics on low-end PDAs has improved somewhat. That said, I still prefer metal cases, plain & simple. There was just no going back after going to a Palm V from the III series. The m500 did a nice job--metal front bezel with plastic back panel to save $ and weight. The LifeDrive seems to have a similar construction. If Palm keeps on sticking harddrives into their units, aluminum will become important for heat dissipation.

Question for the M$ faithful: Has there ever been a metal-clad WinCE/PPC/WinMob handheld?

RE: Hmmm
LiveFaith @ 9/16/2005 10:34:15 AM # Q
I'm not M$ faithful ... more like and M$ slave, but ...

I think the 41xx & 19xx iPaqs had that beautiful form factor in at least the front portion in aluminum. Wasn't Toshiba's thin model aluminum. More recently, the new Toshiba (blue) is too I think. Also, HPs massive 4700 is magnesium I believe, not to mention the Pocket Loox which looks it, but I;ve never handled. Oh yeh, those later Jornadas with the built in flip lid were aluminum too, but what a stupid waste of frontal area on that form factor.

... corrections welcome.

Pat Horne;

RE: Hmmm
hkklife @ 9/16/2005 11:14:16 AM # Q
Yeah, I knew about the HP in magnesium but I really couldn't recall any aluminum-clad iPaqs or Jornadas..and all of the Asian/small PPC licensees have been plastic as far as I could recall. Thanks for the input in those iPaqs that did come in aluminum.

Palm COULD make that (metal casings) a hallmark of the Tungsten & LifeDrive lines going forward. Since the WinMob units keeep getting chunkier and chunkier, a metal-bodied, dual wireless 320*480 modernized PalmV could still work wonder for the public perception of Palm.

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Fantastic - if this was 2001

Colonel Panic @ 9/14/2005 5:26:10 PM # Q
Perfect specs - four years late.
Now, it's just about ok. But nothing special. How about doing something truly impressive, like a gig or two of ram, or a decent camera ?

Nonsense... have you seen rumored specs of iPAQ rx1950?
gfunkmagic @ 9/14/2005 6:02:17 PM # Q
According to rumors the iPAQ rx1950 will have a 300 MHz Samsung processor, 32 MB of RAM, and 64 MB of ROM, 36 MB ROM for storage, SDIO, QVGA screen, WiFi and will supposedely sell for $300 bucks?!!

For that same price, the Tx sound alot better imo with dual wireless, more ram and higher rez screen...


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