Palm Offers Free Sudoku to Verizon 700p Users

While both Verizon and Sprint users suffered considerably during the sixteen month saga of the Treo 700p’s OS issues, MR delays, and ROM updater woes, Verizon users had to suffer a bit longer than Sprint users while waiting for the bug-free version of the 1.10 ROM update to be released.

As a token of their appreciation for the Treo community’s patience, Palm and Verizon are offering an unpublicized but totally complimentary copy of the full version of excellent Astraware’s Sudoku game for download. This freebie is available only to Verizon Treo 700p users with a 700p pre-loaded with the 1.10 firmware or who have downloaded and installed the updated ROM. Presumably, 700p’s containing the earlier, flawed 1.10 ROM with the infamous “Error 3000 bug” would also qualify for this download. This special offer is effective immediately and is slated to run through April 30, 2008.

SudokuThis same Sudoku game was freely offered back in May to all Treo users who signed up for the MyPalm beta portal. That version, however, had an onerous registration and installation process. Unfortunately, both versions of the game must reside in precious main RAM and cannot be installed to an external expansion card. The game takes up 865kb of device memory when installed. This latest Sudoku giveaway can be seamlessly download and easily installed OTA (over the air) via Blazer and the PalmSource self-extracting installer.

For those users who have not taken the plunge, the 700p ROM update can be downloaded here. I would encourage all 700p owners to update their devices to the latest version of the maintenance release as it is perfectly stable and finally makes the 700p the device it should have been at launch.

Palm’s generous offer of a free copy of Astraware’s excellent Sudoku (probably the best Palm OS version in a crowded field of “me-too” Sudoku titles) really makes this a pleasant surprise from Palm to long-suffering Verizon 700p owners.

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Version Number

hkklife @ 10/19/2007 4:04:41 PM # Q
I didn't want to make the news item too lengthy, so I didn't reference the version number of the freebie version. But in case anyone was wondering, it's 1.35 and a special "Verizon ROM" version at that. Astraware's changelog for the game indicates that it went from 1.30 to 1.40, so this version seems to have some of the enhancements/features of 1.40 but not all of them.

At any rate, the main thing I was worried about IS fully functional (the downloadable puzzle of the day content).

This is the sort of offer that would encourage me to go and purchase Astraware's Sudoku for whatever device I end up replacing my 700p with. Two thumbs up to Palm & Astraware (and Verizon?) for this unexpected gift!

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RE: Version Number
TreoAnon @ 10/20/2007 3:10:50 PM # Q
The Sprint version of Centro has Suduko.
RE: Version Number
joad @ 10/21/2007 3:43:21 PM # Q
...and Docs to Go 10 (instead of unpatched version 8 as in the 755) and Pocket Tunes DELUXE. Someone wanna hack the Centro ROM so we can update our new 755's, because it looks like Palm has no intention of doing much.

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joad @ 10/21/2007 3:40:59 PM # Q

"well, sorry it took us well beyond a year to get even a marginal fix out for this 'six hundred dollar' smartphone that couldn't even stay paired to a bluetooth headset. You know we were busy with 'headier' things like the Fooleo and Centro and anyway we had your money and you weren't going anywhere since you locked into a 2-year 'agreement.' To show just how sorry we are here's a twenty dollar (retail) game you may or may have any interest in, or might already have a license to. BTW- we've just announced the 755 will be coming to Verizon- get your preorder in now!! (Oh, and this "free" Soduku game you got for your troubles won't be transferable, but you can buy it at.....)"

Way to go, Palm. Apple gives up $100.00 in store credits to purchasers of the iPhone (for which Apple has ALREADY released firmware updates) simply because the price had dropped. Palm ignores *major* flaws in the 700p since release in June 2006 - and to make "amends" for the over year-long wait for ANY patches they're "giving" the victimized owners a game of PALM'S choosing - which apparently won't even be transferable to their replacement device(s). How cheap can Palm get?

If this "gift" is anything to Verizon 700p owners, it's an excuse not to give Palm any more of their money. Why does Palm even think this is anything but insulting?

**Another vote for a >100MB RAM Treo**

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