Update for Verizon Treo 700w/wx Re-released

After being absent for over a month, Palm’s revised ROM update utility for the Verizon version of the Treo 700w/wx is again available for download. The Verizon-specific versions of the Treo 700w/wx ROM updaters were originally made available on July 12th but only remained live for one months’ time. The 700w/wx updater was pulled alongside the Treo 700p version last month due to the infamous “Error 3000 bug” being present on updated devices. Despite an embarrassing mishap yesterday in which Palm sent out alert e-mails to users advising that all versions of the update were available to download, the 700p ROM update remains unavailable as of this writing.

While no new features are present in this version versus the earlier updates, all of the bugs plaguing the previous versions have presumably been squashed. Some of the major features in this update include EVDO Dial-up Networking (DUN) capabilities in addition to stereo Bluetooth A2DP support. Initial user reports from the TreoCentral 700w/wx forums are almost completely positive, with all signs pointing to this latest ROM version being completely stable.

The update is designed for all ROM versions of the 700w/wx, including earlier revisions of the 1.22 ROM as indicated by TREO700WX-1.22-VZW in the Treo’s “About” screen of Widows Mobile. On Palm’s download page, a helpful guide is given listing the approximate amounts of time required to complete the update. Install times range from 35 to 10 minutes.

The updater is compatible with Windows Vista via the WMDC or Windows XP and 2000 PCs running ActiveSync 4.2 or later. At least 4MB of available Program Memory and 4MB of Storage Memory is required on the Treo to install the update.

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