Update on Palm Desktop Vista Compatibility

Today's post at the official Palm blog gives us an update on the Palm Desktop Vista Compatibility situation. As it stands now, the Palm Desktop is still not compatible with Windows Vista, which also leaves most third party conduits, such as Documents to Go, incompatible as well.

Palm Product Manager David Sloan says that Palm is indeed working on a beta release of the new Windows Vista-compatible Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager software. They are currently targeting a release sometime this summer.

In the meantime, Vista users can make use of the Vista Simple Installer. The freeware app enables you to install PRC and PDB files on Vista machines.

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The Palm Blog

philpalm @ 5/7/2007 10:14:08 PM # Q
I was surprised that they snuck that bit of information in their Palm blog. I guess I scooped this first (in the forums section of PIC) I would have put it in 1src but their website wasn't working when I saw it. Nonetheless PIC has noticed it and I applaud the timely manner in which you also reported it.

Unfortunately the Palm blog is not moderated very well and that would probably work against people from getting the information straight from the mouth of Palm Inc...

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Works fine under Vista over here

ralvy @ 5/8/2007 1:28:02 AM # Q
Palm Desktop works fine on my wife's Vista box, at last as far using Hot Sync, as long as it's set to run with XP Compatability mode. I don't use Vista myself.

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So where is our new Palm product?

VampireLestat @ 5/8/2007 3:16:54 AM # Q
May 8. Still waiting for Palm's new product line.

How come no rumors and sneak photos?
Worries me that no one cares anymore for the Palm brand.

Probably the case since Colligan devastated the Palm economy by going WM and all Treo.

RE: So where is our new Palm product?
cervezas @ 5/8/2007 3:30:38 AM # Q
Mossberg's D Conference isn't until the end of the month (May 29-31). I don't think we'll have any announcements before then (at least not about the new device category).

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing

RE: So where is our new Palm product?
mikecane @ 5/8/2007 12:24:25 PM # Q
Hey, Lestat! Did you ever get any reply to your letter? ROTFLMAO.

RE: So where is our new Palm product?
VampireLestat @ 5/8/2007 2:51:59 PM # Q
Of course not.
They are way too bourgeois and snobby to answer.

RE: So where is our new Palm product?
VampireLestat @ 5/8/2007 2:56:44 PM # Q
and remember I sent them 2 letters.

1 for Ed
1 for the board

They probably had a good laugh then went about their day of finding clever ways too boost WM sales and sell solely Treos.

RE: So where is our new Palm product?
palmato @ 5/8/2007 4:44:33 PM # Q
But we have a new product announcement, just not from Palm....


SonyEricsson P1 based on Symbian UIQ with wifi, 3g, keyboard, stylus, audio & video (H264), push email, Size 106 x 55 x 17 mm, Weight: 124 grams (!!). Available in Q3.

If I ever succumb to the evil power of smartphones, this would be almost ideal. On paper at least.

Hey Admin: Why do we have to keep two profiles?

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How about Windows XP MCE?

JonAcheson @ 5/8/2007 3:04:34 PM # Q
It would be nice if Palm would support Windows XP Media Center Edition as well.

"All opinions posted are my own, and not those of my employers, who are appalled."

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PalmVista is not freeware, it costs $9.95

heyDusty @ 9/25/2007 2:07:42 PM # Q
PalmVista is not freeware, it costs $9.95.
RE: PalmVista is not freeware, it costs $9.95
heyDusty @ 9/25/2007 2:08:09 PM # Q
(Was known as Vista Simple Installer)
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Sync legacy Palm device wi Desktop 6-2 and Vista

Scott9393 @ 8/6/2009 5:09:58 PM # Q
See this for a great solution to how to sync a legacy palm device (such as a Clie) from Vista.


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