Palm Says 700p Update Still on Track

Paul Loefler, Palm's usual public face in all matters related to the 700p ROM update, has made a small post to the Palm blog. Mr. Loefler briefly states that the 700p's long-awaited update is still on track for release during the week of May 28th.

With the recent announcement and widespread retail availability of the new Treo 755p, Palm can now focus on resolving the 700p's myriad of issues and properly EOLing the device. While Sprint has replaced the Treo 700p with the new 755p, Verizon, Alltel and other CDMA carriers are still stocking and selling the 700p with no announced plans to move to the 755p for the immediate future.

May 28th is actually the Memorial Dat holiday in the United States, so it seems likely that Palm will not release the update on the actual day of the 28th but will perhaps release it later in the week.

Previous PIC news items concerning the saga of the 700p's various bugs, the ROM update and the numerous delays surrounding its release can be found here, here, here, and here.

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properly EOL'ing the 700p...

joad @ 5/20/2007 1:24:05 PM # Q
"Palm can now focus on resolving the 700p's myriad of issues and properly EOLing the device. "

Yeah, it just wouldn't be right to properly kill the thing before they actually getting the features they advertised and we paid for a year ago actually functioning....

If this whole firmware fiasco doesn't point out major deficiencies in Palm's support, I don't know what else they could do worse that would.

RE: properly EOL'ing the 700p...
jnunez @ 5/25/2007 1:03:01 PM # Q
"I don't know what else they could do worse that would."

For one the Palm CEO dissed Apple about not having a Phone OS but with my latest experience on the 700p... neither does Palm. Should spend his time getting the update out. I'm not heading to the iPhone because at that price I can get a used tablet.

At work the 2 options I was given was the 700W or a Blackberry. I had to fight for a Palm OS device and the 700P was the biggest mistake. If Sprint provided a trade-up for the 755p I might go for it but I think until Palm releases their Linux based OS I will refrain from any more smartphone purchases.

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Treo 700p

lr47 @ 5/26/2007 5:27:56 PM # Q
Any word if this update includes WiFi drivers for Palm's own SDIO card? Or are we still stuck with the cell providers' bloated Data plans?
RE: Treo 700p
hkklife @ 6/1/2007 12:57:15 AM # Q
I think the answer to that question is a resounding "NO" due to several factors:

-Palm remains beholden to the carriers (their true customers). The carriers don't like wi-fi (though the iPhone is likely to change the balance of power considerably in this regard) in their smartphones.

-Considering the fact that Palm is rapidly transitioning from fullsize SD to miniSD, the chances of the drivers being integrated into the ROM MR are reduced even more. Palm might actually have already discontinued their own SDIO wi-fi card and I have not heard any rumblings of a Palm-branded miniSDIO wi-fi card.

-The 755p does not ship with wi-fi drivers standard so that makes the 700p even less likely to receive them.

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omg another delay for update!!!

itster @ 5/31/2007 10:17:43 PM # Q
Thanks for everyone's feedback. I have added an update to the post.

Paul Loeffler - Palm, Inc.

he doesn't even read what people said.. what an ass!!
Palm is not looking at what is going on with the users... holy crap!
this is without a doubt my last palm device... this is nuts!!

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