Comments on: Palm Pre & Pixi Plussed On Verizon, May Add Voice Dialing

Here's two tidbits on the upcoming Verizon webOS debut for you, one surprising and one not-so-surprising. Under the latter category, The Boy Genius Report today reports that the Pixi is "100%" locked in for Big Red along with the Pre, and will also be adding a "Plus" to its title. BGR also claims that the hardware specs are identical "in terms of size", so those hoping for a memory upgrade may be disappointed. (Your correspondent, however, has heard differently on this matter - although whether the Pre Plus is the proper second-generation model I've been told about is still unconfirmed.)

Far more tantalising is this screenshot from Verizon's internal database, leaked to PreCentral, which has an intriguing little "Y" in the voice dialing column. As they note, carrier spec sheets - especially pre-release ones - frequently get these kind of small details wrong, so it's hardly a guarantee. But it is interesting, nonetheless, and if true raises the question: would Palm really deny a software feature to the rest of their userbase just to please Verizon?

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Voice Dialing?! What century is this?

kfife @ 12/30/2009 4:04:49 PM # Q
Voice dialing? What century is this? Voice dialing is such an un-revoloutionary feature, I think it's as 'newsworthy' that it's ever been absent as it is newsworthy that it might possibly be present. Sounds as silly as saying: Windows 7, now with FAX (FAX was available for MS DOS if you recall).

I recall one or more wireless Treo carriers tried to make voice dialing a value-added upsell. Perhaps this 'groundbreaking' announcement of its possible inclusion is just more of that 'upsell' foolishness as MNO's try creative ways to cover their very high fixed costs.


RE: Voice Dialing?! What century is this?
hgoldner @ 12/30/2009 6:04:39 PM # Q
Not surprising (and I agree not exciting either),

When the Treo 755p finally came out on Big Red two years ago, it also had a bundled free app for voice dialing. Worked like carp (uh, that's not what I said...Treo); and didn't last long on my Treo.

I'm looking for removable storage, but I've said that already...... If they can make it with a SIM card, they can make it take a SDHC card.

RE: Voice Dialing?! What century is this?
LiveFaith @ 12/31/2009 12:19:41 PM # Q
Just keep being negative! Wait till we get cut+paste for non-editable text and Micro-SD expansion ... then you all will humble yourselves!
Pat Horne
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