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To help our subscribers in over 80 countries, we've added lots of new content to the PalmUser magazine web site:

- a product review listing, giving an overview of more than 60 products that we've fully reviewed in our first 4 issues.
- an online version of our 'Palm web reference' section from the magazine - our personal pick of the top Palm sites round the world.
- a new version of the PalmUser index, now covering every single product or function mention so far in the magazine pages.
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PalmUser Vs TAP

Steve Smith @ 7/27/2000 4:32:25 PM #
Has anyone here read a copy of "PalmUser"? I'd be interested to know how it compares to "HandHeld Computing" (TAP). I've only read their Peanut Reader versions and found them quite an interesting read and you can buy it per issue and 5 minutes later, it's there in your Palm. Wherever you are, you've got the magazine handy.
RE: PalmUser vrs TAP
Ryan @ 7/27/2000 5:05:37 PM #
I have a few issues of PalmUser and I find it to be a very good magazine, it's a little larger than a Reader's Digest and it's very well laid out with ton's of articles and high quality pictures. I would definately recommend it. I've never seed a copy of TAP or HandHeld Computing as it's called now, so I can't comment on that.


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