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Rhodiana is the first on the market with a case specifically designed for the Palm V/Vx and OmniSky wireless modem combo. Read more about the case in our in depth review.
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Like the case too, BUT...

mknowledge @ 8/29/2000 10:11:36 PM #
Truly this is a wonderful case for the combo, very durable (with one exception), and easy to use.

The one exception is tearing at the point where the vinyl is sewn into the cordura ribbing (upper corners overlapping the top face of the Palm Vx).... my first case almost completely tore after only a couple of months use (was not hard use either, mostly worn under a suit). I was told this was unusual, but offered no replacement... had to buy another case!!

Well, I went ahead and purchased the additonal case, because it is such a great way to carry the OmniSky combo.... maybe Rhodiana will read this and offer to replace the original... that way I could at least have a back up for the next rip of the vinyl =8-)

Palm V/OS case

pfloyd @ 8/31/2000 11:55:25 AM #
I think readers should check out the beautiful Vaja case for the combination too. I've used the Palm V Syncable case (I got mine from and it's really, really nice!



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