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Grinder Gear makes cases for the serious outdoor enthusiast. They sell three models which can accommodate a large variety of palm sized PDAs. Grinder Gear differentiates their products by constructing them for those who enjoy outdoor sports from the tame to the extreme and require serious protection for their PDA. In fact, Grinder Gear like's to call their products "SUB"s, or Sport Utility Bags.
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Grinder Gear Basecamp

arielf @ 10/16/2000 7:59:56 PM #
I just purchased the Basecamp. The version I have doesn't utilize a shock cord in the flip cover. Rather, it uses a 1-1/4" long piece of velcro to keep the lid closed. I've shaken it upside down with my TRGpro inside. I took the precaution of shaking it over my bed just in case it did fall out. There is no chance of the case opening up and my PDA falling out. I did shake pretty hard.

The TRGpro fits inside the case very snugly. In fact, it may be a little too snug. If I place the TRGpro inside, right-side up, then it is very difficult to take it out. Sometimes the CompactFlash (CF) cover and the CF card would be pulled out instead of the PDA! My solution was to insert the TRGpro upside-down in the case. It gives a better gripping area, since it is smaller on the bottom, and there is no chance of the CF cover (and card) coming off.

I wasn't fond of the belt clip that came with the case. It may be useful to some people but I don't like that style of clip. I removed the clip (yes, it is removeable) and put on a swivel belt clip on the back of the case. The clip comes with a button you can attach via double-stick tape. I didn't want to trust a piece of adhesive tape (sorry 3M!) to keep my PDA from falling on the ground so I didn't use it. Instead, I drilled a hole in the plastic square belt loop in the back of the case and used a 4-40 screw and nut to attach the button to the case. I used some locktite on the threads of the screw to keep that from backing out.

Now I am completely happy with the case. :)

BTW, along with the 5% discount on the current purchase, Grinder Gear is offering another 5% discount on a future purchase.


5 Stars for Basecamp

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/17/2000 11:14:20 AM #
I just got my Basecamp and quickly put my Ipaq in it. It is a little snug, but easy to get out... It also works well w/ or w/out the CF Sleeve. I ran to Wal-Mart with my case and Ipaq and at the checkout line, My Ipaq and Basecamp fell onto the hard Wal-Mart floors. The result? Absolutely NO damage to my Ipaq. This case rules. Highly recommended



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