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Whether you want to replace a lost stylus or upgrade to a better one, PDA Panache has a complete line of styli to meet your needs. I was able to give their styli for the m100, the Palm V, a multifunction pen/pencil/stylus combo, and their inexpensive stick stylus out for a test drive and I was pleased with all of them.
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'Ding'...Thank You for Playing...

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/31/2000 8:25:08 PM #
One thing that I CANNOT STAND about PDA Panache - and why I will NEVER buy their stylii under the current chassis - is that they INSIST on that 'nail'-only design. Sorry, but I want a stylus that fits as good - or better - than the stock stylus and that *snaps-in*...the Nail just doesn't cut're stuck with that lazy flat-head design that makes it near-impossible to remove with some protective cases (i.e. Palm V Hard Case)...and, quite often, you're left with a sore thumb in the end. Also, the unnatural fit makes the Palm look 'patch-jobby'. Also, where's the built in pen?? (As far as I'm concerned, any 'stylus' that has a built-in pen which does not fit into the stock holder is a *NON-STYLUS*.

Are you looking for a REAL stylus that snaps into your stock stylus holder, has a built-in pen, built-in reset pin, spring-loaded tip, rubber butt, superior balance, clips on to your shirt pocket and is extremely easy to remove? Look no further than the Pilot Pen Company. After meeting someone at Comdex who had this hidden gem, I immediately went out and bought one for $19 at

Check it out:

The stylus is of unbelievably high quality (that is until you read the 'Made in Japan' label on it and realize 'of course'). Once you've used the Chameleon T11V in your Palm V, you'll see that it makes everything else look like it's playing in the sandbox.


RE: Please write me
Ed @ 11/1/2000 7:52:24 AM #
PalmVGuy, I got your news suggestion but you didn't leave me any way to get in touch with you. Please send some e-mail to so we can talk about EditROM.

Palm Infocenter
RE: 'Ding'...Thank You for Playing...
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/1/2000 11:11:13 AM #

I bought a Pentopia Chameleon for my Palm Vx on the appeal of a a built in pen and springed tip. I also returned it the next day.

Too light. I like the weight of the stock, metal stylus that came with my Palm better.

Spring action is worthless - in my opinion. The spring is too stiff. I would have to press harder than I ever normally would to even gain any perceived benefit of of the spring. It is adjustable, but can only be made even stiffer. Tip cannot be dissasembled to cut the spring and make softer...

No real nub. Unless you count the "clip" that you have to grab with your fingernail. Too hard to remove from my palm compared to stock stylus.

Yeah, I'm back to the stock stylus - and happy with it. A replacement stylus should be as good or better than an original. This just was not (for me).

My 2 cents...

RE: 'Ding'...Thank You for Playing...
PalmVGuy @ 11/1/2000 11:16:57 PM #
Ed: You've Got Mail

Stock Guy: It may be that your V has a very tight stylus slot - natually, the tightness of the holder varies from unit to unit. My stylus slips out like butter, and I find that the 'nub' (which you referred to) makes it so much easier on the thumb. I can tell by what you've written, that you remove your stylus with your finger nail - yep, you've got a tight slot alright...the Chameleon was designed to be removed with the fleshy part of your thumb...and if you've got a normal slot, it's extremely easy to do - and very comfortable; if you've got a tight slot, then I guess you're SOL. As for the weight, I guess this is very subjective - I LOVE it personally, and it (in combination with the balance) has noticably improved my speed and accuracy.

(My 1 cent)



I.M. Anonymous @ 11/1/2000 12:24:04 AM #
If anyone is looking for a pen/stylus combo and does not care if it fits in the Palm V, I would recommend the Retro 51 Tornado Data Pen. It's about $20.00 and has the best look and feel of any pen/stylus combo available. It's not thin and small like the Palm styli. It comes in several color and an all aluminum version (highly recommended). I got one from the Colorado Pen Company and I would recommend it to all.

RE: Pen/Stylus
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/1/2000 10:31:07 AM #
I have seen this stylus you're talking about, but have been unable to fid it. You got a link for one?

RE: Pen/Stylus
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/1/2001 2:46:25 PM #
You can order the Retro 51 Tornado Data Pen from at:

PDA Panache Nail Stylus

vienta @ 11/2/2000 12:23:32 AM #
I have a chrome "nail" stylus for my IIIx, and I love it except for one thing...the top always unscrews! I don't know if it has to do with how I hold it or if other people have this problem, but it does get annoying after awhile. However, I have no desire to change just yet, I like the extra weight of the nail stylus.

RE: PDA Panache Nail Stylus
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/2/2000 11:56:27 AM #
I had a similar problem with the top of my stylus unscrewing as well. I solved it by purchasing a small O-ring from my local hardware store and fitted it between the top and main body. The excess rubber can be sanded flush with the body of the stylus.

RE: PDA Panache Nail Stylus
vienta @ 11/2/2000 9:41:46 PM #
Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try!



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