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Cutting Edge Software has launched Quickoffice, the first software suite for the Palm to give consumers the ability to create, view, and edit Microsoft Excel and Word files on their Palm. Quickoffice includes Quicksheet and Quickword, with bi-directional connectivity to their desktop counterparts, MS Excel and MS Word. Quicksheet is a Palm Platinum certified spreadsheet application, while Quickword is the next evolution of the Cutting Edge Software’s SmartDoc text editor. The suite also includes the Quickchart graphing module for visualizing spreadsheet data on the Palm device, and the Quickoffice Desktop application for the PC that provides easy access to file and synchronization management between the user’s Palm handheld computer and desktop PC.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 11/13/2000 4:08:23 PM #
Quickword is just smartdoc with a conduit and menu added to word thrown in.
Files brought down to your palm have no formatting intact from the original
Word file. I was excited to see Quickoffice released, but I'm disappointed
with Quickword. Don't make the mistake of linking a Word file in the Quickword
interface, and then make changes on the palm. The original Word file gets
replaced with the non-formatted, plain text version that gets sent to your Palm.

MegaDOC is a better choice...

harcker @ 11/13/2000 10:43:34 PM #
In my optiom, MegaDoc is a much better choise, it can edit Word document, Palm DOC, text, RFT and HTML all in one, support color, format, font, size and much more!

RE: MegaDOC is a better choice...
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/14/2000 6:58:38 AM #
Where can I find MegeDOC?
Sounds intressting.


Brian, SF CA @ 11/14/2000 5:16:40 PM #
If this app doesn't meet your needs, try Documents to Go (Dataviz) ...... you won't be sorry!
RE: Alternative
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2000 4:26:42 AM #
documents to go sucks, payed over 50000000 millon for it, i regrett it very much, fucking damn morons......

wordful / woeful

Simon Jacobs @ 11/15/2000 2:04:29 AM #
What is the point of a document editor that destroys the original word formatting? Documents To Go has the same STUPID problem.


The Wise @ 11/15/2000 3:46:52 AM #
Quicksheet is an absolutely amazing program for the PDA. On the other hand, Quickword is a waste of money. With Quickword, you can not bold, underline, Italic, use font size, no bullets, no center in simple words you have none of the usual word functions that we all use. Save your money, type your text in your memo, synch, copy and paste your text onto word on your desktop.That way you can spend your money more intelligentely.

Formatting in Quickword

Ed @ 11/15/2000 8:05:46 AM #
Here's what a spokesperson for Cutting Edge told me about the lack of formatting in Quickword:

Quickword [was] released with limited formatting capabilities, but additional formatting will be available in the next release as a free upgrade.

Palm Infocenter

Hey, how bout' WordSmith

djdre @ 2/22/2001 6:47:31 PM #
In my opinion WordSmith from Blue Nomad Software is the ONLY way to go when it comes to word-processing.. it has the standard Word-font,and almost every formatting feature there is.. MegaDoc from MegaSoft is also a good program when it comes to handeling Word-documents on the Palm.. they both use *.RTF as the file-format when documents are synced back to the computer through their conduits.. My personal favorite is WordSmith now, because of all the features and because of it's speed, but it is not the fastest program, but hey, MegaDoc is even slower.. This is my opinion.. It's your choice.. :)

- Djdre
RE: Hey, how bout' WordSmith
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/14/2001 12:44:19 PM #
I use Microsoft word 50% of the time. And Excel the other time. I'm looking at buying a handheld OS or a handheld PC. I must be able to edit documents and spell check. Is there any software that does this. With out going to a laptop. You can email me at thanks



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