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Bill Maggs, who has been Palm's Chief Technology Officer for about a year, is resigning and leaving the company. There is no word yet on a replacement. Analysts are mixed as to whether this will hurt the company or not. At the same time, Palm has named Ruth Henniger to be the new vice president of software development. She comes from Cobalt Networks, where she was VP of product development.

Vindigo, the personal navigation app, has just added Portland and San Diego to its growing list of cities. They have also added their first set of personalization features.

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Uh oh!

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2001 10:32:21 AM #
Wonder if Maggs knows something we don't? As a CTO, I would say not much has come out of his department in a LOOOOONG time! I haven't seen anything remotely innovative from Palm in ages. Maybe that is partly his reason for the departure; he's up against a brick wall of clueless executives and a stagnant platform.

But the real shocker was the last paragraph of the CNET article: Enderle said rumors are flying in Silicon Valley that Handspring and Sony, which license the Palm operating system, are shopping for a new OS. "No one is ever comfortable licensing from a competitor,"

Hmm....very interesting!

RE: Uh oh!
jzaring @ 1/17/2001 11:10:13 AM #
From your previous comments, it seems that you're a Windows CE/Palm PC enthusiast. I've never seen someone try so hard to ruin morale with in his/her own camp. It is a sad thing.

RE: Uh oh!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2001 11:36:15 AM #
Tell me...why would Sony want to switch the OS so soon? Their devices are very successful sellers! Plus, I bet they have not even recouped the r&d costs of developing the Clie yet. Same for Handspring.

I think the rumors are not true. What OS are they going to use? The BIG benefit of the Palm based OS is the HUGE number of apps, and the developer base. Sony & Handspring NOT going to switch OSes at this point in the game.

- AB_1

RE: Uh oh!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2001 11:38:59 AM #
I'm the one who posted the fist comment. Sorry to bust your bubble, but I am the proud owner of a Visor Prism...NOT CE. I'm not trying to ruin morale, just pointing out the fact that Palm is in trouble...and they did bring this on themselves.

Besides, all I did was post info from CNET. What's wrong with that?

RE: Uh oh!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2001 1:21:10 PM #

I don't know much about this person, but he has only been at Palm for a year and nothing ground breaking has happened, so why the big fuss.

The person to take his place may be just what Palm needs. Not that I think they need much.

Palm has something that people want. Its simple, its stable and yet you have more choices of software than you possibly handle.

Handspring and Sony switching the 70% market share OS for the 20% market share OS. Yeah right!

RE: Uh oh! - not quite that simple.
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/17/2001 1:28:43 PM #
RE: Uh oh!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/18/2001 9:25:19 AM #
Extensive lexographic analysis isn't required to discern the identity of Mr. Uh oh.

He's a typically strident little Ballmerian, Microsoft MVP and "writer", and has his own Pocket PC web site, where he preaches the Pocket PC gospel.



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