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Longtime readers of this site will remember that we were hacked last September as part of a pro-Napster campaign by a cracker calling himself Pimpshiz. ZDnet has confirmed that police investigating the crimes have searched the Pleasant Hill, Calif. home and confiscated computers from a 17-year-old high school student. He will also probably soon face charges for using stolen credit card numbers.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 1/13/2001 1:30:15 PM #


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/13/2001 3:03:33 PM #
Pimpshiz, is fighting for a good cause...
Fight on everyone...


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/13/2001 5:21:25 PM #
His cause - pro Napster may be a good one but hacking TOTALLY unrelated websites is stupid and the guy deserves to get what's coming to him

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/13/2001 5:34:41 PM #
Maybe it is good for getting pepoles attention?
Thats what its all about kid...


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/13/2001 7:32:21 PM #
He got the attention that he seemed to be looking for. He also broke the law and got busted. F' him. His juvenile approach to activism did absolutely nothing for "his cause"; positive or negative. --CSAM

GrouchoMarx @ 1/14/2001 12:31:05 AM #
I'm pro-Napster, but this is not the way to go about it. If you want to protest the US government, do you firebomb the French embassy in Sweden? Only if you're mentally deficent.

All he has done is create an image of pro-Napster people as young, juvenile, vindictive, childish, destructive, and completely uncaring about anyone except themselves. Yeah, great way to support the cause.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 5:55:57 AM #
If o would like to protest against the US, u would firebomb the US embacy in sweden...
This is more like putting a poster on a public wall.
BTW. Isnīt it good in a way that this happend? Now the sysops know of the wounerability in their system..


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 7:07:09 AM #
In Western society, there are so many ways of expressing and publicising an opinion that to resort to violence (real or virtual) suggests either a lack of forethought or imagination.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 8:09:19 AM #
The western world??
The western world = The most capitalistic plase in the whole wide world.
If u aint got money, you dont have the right to express yourself.


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 3:31:55 PM #
The proportion of the population who lack the cash to buy a pen, paper and a stamp is negligible. the proportion of the population who lack computer access is larger, but still negligible when compared to the developing world (and less "capitalistic" societies such as China). There is a difference between not having the right to express an opinion and not having the resources. We are all very fortunate to have both the right and the resources: Pimpshiz abused his resources and those of others, trsampling on their rights in the process.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 3:57:50 PM #
well... here we go, the old "capitalists are pigs" socialist drivel... Without capitalism we would not have the technology we have today.

Sure, these companies are taking it a bit too far by suing the pants off of anything that could hurt the bottom line. Lets be reasonable, this is not a deficiency in capitalism itself, rather the shortsightedness of of *some* corporate bullies.

In socialism, there is no drive to create, everyone is a drone for the state. This is why it will never work.

In capitalism, there is a drive to create. Money is this driving force. This "filthy lucre" helps fund medical and social research. Without it, would we have the internet?

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 4:49:43 PM #
BTW. Isnīt it good in a way that this happend? Now the sysops know of the wounerability in their system..

And if I throw a brick through your window, you should thank me for letting you know that your window is susceptable to bricks, right? Hogwash.

This immature individual has hurt his own cause, made a negative image for computer professionals everywhere, and defaced the private property of someone completely and totally unrelated to the issue. He has done nothing worthy of applause, congratulations, or even understanding. As a Napster user myself, I hope he rots.

I agree
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/15/2001 1:25:24 PM #
"And if I throw a brick through your window, you should thank me for letting you know that your window is susceptable to bricks, right? Hogwash."

Couldn't have put it better myself. Will I get sued if I quote you on that?

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/16/2001 10:09:17 AM #
Your a Moron.

Say, Where do you live? I'd like to fight the Good Fight and Vandalize your home with Spray paint...

What? You say that's different? You feel threatened?

Grow a Brain cell and Get a clue...

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/21/2001 9:43:03 AM #
why shoukd that be different?
u can come and vandalise my home if u want.
i actually dont care, but u have to be prepared that i will kill u...


Hardtime for hackers

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 2:22:57 PM #
We need to get tougher on these two-bit technogeek lightweights that call themselves hackers. Give 'em minimum 10 years hard time in prison right along side hardened REAL big time criminals and these little nerds will be singing a different tune, you can bet on that!
RE: Hardtime for hackers
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 3:42:48 PM #
word up! and if you hack govermentl national security sites you should be tried for treason

RE: Hardtime for hackers
Weasel @ 1/14/2001 5:35:16 PM #
That sounds good. What are the sentences for treason?

RE: Hardtime for hackers
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 7:19:04 PM #
Death, its a capitol offense.

RE: Hardtime for hackers
PFloyd @ 1/16/2001 12:09:28 PM #
Only in a time of war.

RE: Hardtime for hackers
Weasel @ 1/16/2001 1:48:58 PM #
In time of war, eh? Well you could say that there is a "war" going on: The Virtual War. Crackers are always attacking servers. So on the virtual front there is a war going on, so try him for treason and put him to death.


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 9:26:19 PM #
This dude is a looser!

He gives a good thing (Napster) a bad name.

If he was paid by the record industry I would not be surprised at all.

Napster surely does not need enemies with 'supporters' like him.

Looser that what ?
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/14/2001 9:58:16 PM #
What is SO hard about the words "lose" and "loser".
This must be the most common spelling mistake on the web.

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/15/2001 9:15:16 PM #
Looser is spelled with 'oo' in some parts in the USA, like the trailer park where I'm from!

Don't get too hot

DejWi @ 1/14/2001 10:53:23 PM #
Hold your horses people before you burn him at the stake. Somebody using stolen credit cards wouldn't be given 10 years sentence or capital punishment especially if he would be 17 years old.
Breaking into various websites and living personal message behind you doesn't deserve such a punishment either. In real world military sites are heavily guarded and noone sane is breaking there but if they'll using the same security systems we're using at home we wouldn't be talking about the guy who broke in but about stupidy of people in charge. Military sites which are accessible from the internet use the same security systems like anybody else and they don't contain important data since long time. In fact military and most people concerned about their security use hackers to find vulerabilities of their systems.
It's hard to admit but the real thing we're scared off is that these 17 years old guys know more about new technology than we'll ever know.

Hey Pimpshiz is a palm user

Weasel @ 1/15/2001 3:00:43 AM #
Stuff they seized from his dwellings:

From ZDnet article:
"The state attorneys are waiting for the FBI to complete forensics on the computer equipment seized from the suspect's home. The equipment amounted to three computers, two Palm III devices, a DVD player and several boxes of computer-related equipment, according to the teenager."

He uses the Palm III. HA HA HA...

RE: Hey Pimpshiz is a palm user
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/15/2001 3:26:46 AM #
And,is there an actual point to your message, or are you just wasting bytes (and everyone's time) taking up space on the server?

RE: Hey Pimpshiz is a palm user
Weasel @ 1/16/2001 1:52:01 PM #
WTF? I was pointing out that Pimpshiz, owner of a Palm, might actually have gotten use out of the site (Palminfocenter) that he cracked and had shutdown. But he didn't care about the information that this site could have provided him. He was too blinded by his cause to realize this.


pimpshitz @ 1/15/2001 11:32:19 AM #
what do you mean WTF? This moron comitted illegal acts. I also disagree with the hooplaagainst napster, but tht does not give me the right to be a CRIMINAL. Get a clue idiot!
RE: morons
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/15/2001 4:47:42 PM #
"he comitted a crime"?
I bet you have pirated software on your computer...
so u dont think THAT is a crime?


dumb thing to do

d00d @ 1/15/2001 12:25:16 PM #
he gave us napster users a bad name


Raishe_werk @ 1/15/2001 3:14:54 PM #
i 'memeber coming to this site and seeing this pro-napster bullshit. i am ALL about free music. i didn't like napster but doesn't mean i don't have 20 gigs of mp3s. concept the same, diff tool. but what he did is bullshit. we needed positive light on napster not some script kiddie using someone elses tools to make all napster users look like over privialged kids with out of control hormones. any way napster is still good. for you that don't know.. check out on irc. more stuff there when they take napster down. werd up. gov down

"Monster Pig kills Jesus
More at 11"


ycwong @ 1/16/2001 2:42:27 AM #
Now that I wish to know more how he was busted from his act if he needed publicity like the way he did to this site to make a statement.

re : money to buy a pen

chris @ 1/16/2001 5:27:00 AM #
Travel a little bit in the "outside" world to see that there is a lot of people who can't buy a pen !!!
Don't forget that your american way of life is NOT the life lived by
milions of people
RE: re : money to buy a pen
fleegle @ 1/16/2001 1:01:34 PM #
And that is why they all try to come the US...

A chicken in every pot... a pen in every pocket. :)

Its a shame.

phatmonkey @ 1/20/2001 10:22:06 PM #
If they confiscated his computers, he won't be able to read the hate-mail I sent him.


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