Comments on: Rumor: Palm m105 Available Later this Month has a report from a reader who claims to have seen the Palm m105 being listed on a distributor's site in Norway. According to the reader, it's a Palm with 8 MB and will run Palm OS 3.5. Apparently, it's going to be in stock on the 20th of February.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 10:56:10 AM #
Palm can release the m500 and m505 at CeBit and still release the m105 this month.

os 3.5? No, 4.0

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 10:56:07 AM #
OS 3.5 will not be shipped on the new device. It will be 4.0. 4.0 will have support for the new SD slot...

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 11:21:22 AM #
Wait a minute... hasn't this been going around for about some time now? I thought the naming conventions that Palm will adopt will have all models ending with a "5" to be color capable... like, the new M505 will be in color while the M500 is not; and so on and so forth.

So, even if it's with OS 4.0, SD slot and all the rest, will it be in COLOR?

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 11:27:20 AM #
Never has it been indicated it will be OS 4.0

Nor has the naming convention ever been indicated that the x05 models would be color.

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 12:01:00 PM #
Does os 3.5 has support for SD slot? No.

Does os 4.0. yes.

Is that enough indication for you?

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 12:11:55 PM #
Ladies, Ladies! Please settle down! If someone has some real "information" OR "Logical" reasoning behind your remarks I'm very certain everyone is indeed curious to 'hear 'them.

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 1:59:51 PM #
I don't think the 105 is going to have an SD slot anyway, so if it has 3.5 who cares? I know that "in the future all palms will have an SD slot" but that doesn't mean that the 105 is going to have one. This is a low-end Palm that will cater to the entry level Palm user and will retail for $150-$180 tops. There's no need for an SD slot on that kind of Palm.

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
scaught @ 2/14/2001 2:11:16 PM #
quote:Does os 3.5 has support for SD slot? No.

Does os 4.0. yes.

Is that enough indication for you?"

does the article say anything about an SD slot? do you have any facts to back up what youre saying? geez, calm down.

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
bcombee @ 2/14/2001 2:15:11 PM #
I would doubt very highly that a device to be released in a week would have PalmOS 4.0. Palm just released their DR4 drop of the ROMs, and bugs are still being reported. If the m105 comes out very soon, its likely to be identical to the m100 but with the extra memory. All the new tech would be saved up for the m500 series.

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 2:26:38 PM #
OS 4 is for the "next generation" units.

The m105 is not a next generation unit, its a m100 with 8MB of memory and thats it. the m100 does not have an SD slot.

Theres NO difference between the two except the memory. The ROM is exactly the same. Its OS 3.5

RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
Raishe_werk @ 2/14/2001 2:36:50 PM #
rite. ok, from previous experiences, i had to agree that x05's would be color, so i was suprised that palm would release a color m105. especially with all the hype going into the m505. it would be a bad idea, cause all they would hear is a bunch of anonymous posts about how bad the screen sucked. but after following this thread, i have to revise my views and say that the m105 will be most likely 8mb of memory. anyone have an idea about the price? or about third party covers for this? like previously stated, thanks for all the speculation and big up for hosting this breaking news.

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RE: os 3.5? No, 4.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/20/2001 4:40:45 AM #
It will absolutely positively be 3.5OS. End of Debate.

Maybe x05 just means better, not color

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 3:22:48 PM #
So here is the product plan as it seems to be laying out, while I know we all thought x05 means color maybe it just means better then x00.

M100 - 2 MB, Gray, OS 3.5
M105 - 8 MB, Gray, OS 3.5
M300 - 8 MB, Gray, SD Slot, OS 4
M305 - 8 MB, Color, SD Slot, OS 4
M500 - 8 MB, Gray, SD Slot, Cool Case, OS 4
M505 - 8 MB, Color SD Slot, Cool Case, OS 4

RE: Maybe x05 just means better, not color
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/14/2001 10:05:21 PM #
Ok, this seems like a new generation fo palms!

The palmpilot is obsolete now. The palm v isn't.

So shall the "2nd generation" become obsolete because of the non sd expansion and different naming scheme?
Think about it.

Palm pilot=> palm pilot pro, palm pilot 1000, etc. All these new "palm pilots" wouldn't make each other obsolete. But the "2nd generation",starting palm IIIx, did. Nowadays, i wanna see avantgo run on a palm pliot!

So will the new "third generation" wipe out the second generation completely?

I mean, you needing the SD expansion, and the new palm OS.

I got a brand new IIIc. Do I have to BUY the new palm OS? It'd be a cheap shot.

RE: Maybe x05 just means better, not color
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/15/2001 12:43:00 AM #
Dude, you need to get some help! You make no sense!

RE: Maybe x05 just means better, not color
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/15/2001 1:27:07 AM #
Ok, I'll clam down and tell you all over again.

The first generation of palms (palm pilots) are obsolete now, because there is a second generation (palms 3,5,7).

As long as palms are in the same generation (v and VIIx, for instance), they won't make each other obsolete, but when a new generation comes, all the past generation dies (palm pilot pro, for instance, is now dead)

I am worried that the "second generation"(palm III to palm VII) might die, because I just bought a palm VIIx.

What do you think? Shall I sell my palm VIIx, or will it still be able to use the upcoming aplications for the new upcomig palms?

RE: Maybe x05 just means better, not color
kikan @ 2/15/2001 3:31:28 AM #
I dont understand why you say old generation get obsolete. I've got a Palm Pro, upgraded to 2 Mb + IRDA + Flash, and I run PalmOS 3.5.

Maybe I've only got 2 Mb of RAM, but my old Palm is at the same level as other, it hasn't got obsolete at all. I can use any software I want.

The Palm phisolophy has always seemed to be opposite to other such as Microsoft's, which has tried to maintain backward compatibility but has mostly made it's OS bigger and bigger.

Even PalmOS 4 would fit into the 2 Mb Flash of my Palm ; but will I need it ? My 3.x PalmOS is enough today.

I'm glad to see new Palm (nice box, cool colors...) and know I own a Palm. One day, I will change, maybe to get more RAM or get color, but there is no emergency like with a Windows(tm).

RE: Maybe x05 just means better, not color
scaught @ 2/15/2001 8:46:28 AM #
1. i dont think any palms are ever going to be obsolete. even the very first palmpilot (the 1000 i think it was called) can run programs put out today. it cant beam or anything, but its still a viable little device.
2. any palm that has flash rom can update their OS. and although it seems from what ive read that OS4 is going to have SD support, i dont think (i would bet money on this) that it will be exclusive to SD devices as that would break from palms "zen/simplicity/everybody's happy" vision.
3. noones going to HAVE to buy the new OS. im still running OS 3.3 and havent updated to 3.5 and my device runs fine. hell, im sure that these new palms wont be able to do anything my device (palm iii 2 megs ram) wont do (SD expansion crap excluded). until palm significantly advances the OS, ups the screen resolution, or increases processor speed alot, i dont see myself buying a new palm. and i dont see palm doing any of those things for a long time as that would wreck their massive userbase of software.

RE: Maybe x05 just means better, not color
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/16/2001 1:16:11 AM #
bad news dude, they move to arm processors next month!
That forward compatibility!

Off by a year
GrouchoMarx @ 2/16/2001 4:13:06 AM #
Sorry, Palm has said publically and repeatedly that they are moving to ARM chips NEXT year. 13 months from now, not 1 month from now. The m505 is still Dragonball-based.


RE: Maybe x05 just means better, not color
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/17/2001 8:28:36 PM #
Then the m505 will have a one year life expectancy? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA WHY TO BUY IT!? HAHAHAHAHAA

You buy a m505, then in one year, it's uslesess because all new apps are ARM based :) HAHAHAHAAAAAAA

RE: Maybe x05 just means better, not color
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/20/2001 4:44:10 AM #
m105 = grayscale
m505 = 16bit color

End of debate.

universal connector question...

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/15/2001 1:40:36 PM #
will the m105 have the universal connector that all the new Palms are supposed to go to?

will OS4 be free?

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/15/2001 11:05:12 PM #
anybody know if we (meaning us guys stuck with an older Palm device) can upgrade to OS4? will Palm charge for the update?
RE: will OS4 be free?
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/16/2001 6:28:46 PM #
from my understanding, OS4 will not be available for any older flashable units (V, Vx, IIIxe, III etc etc) because the size of the ROM is going to be considerably larger because of the huge changes OS4 will have to function better with the 16 bit color support, the SD slot and various others specifically the fact every unit purchased in the US will have the ability to change the OS' language after a Hard Reset.

They may scale back the features and release an OS 4.0 'lite' or something that doesn't include the SD support, the color support (making it non-usable for IIIc's) and the multi-lingual support. But I highly doubt it.

Most likely if you want OS4 you will need to get a new unit.


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/16/2001 9:34:46 PM #
hey waz^. How much money do you think the M500 will be.(M505 WITHOUT COLOR)When do you think it will be out. ALSO we need more members at PDALIVE.COM . ALL YOU PALM LOVERS PLEEEZE JOIN. Pdalive rules. We have great discussion forums. join. Give it a try!


Simon Jacobs @ 2/18/2001 11:38:52 PM #
Talking about obselete: We only need to worry about OS-5 PDAs. This is when the graffitti area becomes virtual which will mean a complete re-design of all software running in 160 X 160 format.
Ed @ 2/19/2001 12:13:09 PM #
Here's a recent quote from Michael Mace, Vice President of Product Planning for Palm:

We intend to maintain backward compatibility -- in other words, if your existing applications are properly written, they will continue to run, even when we go to a new microprocessor. I have learned never to say "never" in this industry, but that is a very strong commitment we've made.

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