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According to a statement, "As of March 5th, 2001, Driveway will discontinue all file sharing and storage services." Obviously, this means that BackupBuddy users won't be able to make mirror back-ups or restore their files via FTP, which was built into the application. Blue Nomad is already revising BackupBuddy.
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FreeDrive has software to sync files

alex_mathews @ 2/23/2001 2:35:09 PM #
FreeDrive has software that you install on your system that can sync files from your system to FreeDrive. So, you can setup this software to backup the Palm backup directory on a set schedule. That's what I've decided to do instead of going through backupbuddy. If Blue Nomad comes up with a new provider, I'll of course consider it.

yeah but

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/24/2001 2:15:12 AM #
one great feature was a wireless restore-it was my extra drive in the sky

More About BackupBuddy

Ed @ 3/3/2001 4:24:43 PM #
According to a spokesperson from Blue Nomad, "We are actually talking with another online company and exploring our options."

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