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An anonymous source has just sent us an advertising brochure for the Visor Edge that will be released on Monday. It has complete details on the device as well as lots of pictures, which have been included in a gallery at the end of this article.

The most interesting part of it is what isn't included: any mention at all of a new smaller Springboard replacement. Consultation with other sources also doesn't turn up any other evidence that Handspring is planning to release a new expansion standard. So far, the only mention of this is in the Cnet article, so it seems likely that it was in error.

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purpletentacle @ 3/10/2001 10:10:15 AM #
gray screens on pictures, color screens on screenshots... what's this?

RE: weird...
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 10:42:09 AM #
the screenies are most likely from the palmos emulator...

RE: weird...
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 12:34:42 PM #
The monochrome ROM's and colour ROM's tend to be different in order to support the different hardware. Whether from an emulator or not, the two functions described are going to be made available in a colour device.

So-called new Springboard slot

atrizzah @ 3/10/2001 11:05:31 AM #
I figure this "new Springboard slot" isn't designed to hold new sized modules, it's just there for the detachable slot to fit into. When I think about it, it makes sense, because instead of just taking off the module, you take off the whole springboard slot with the module if you want to go around with the device at its smallest size.

Peace Out

Looks like the Palm M505 will gain my $$$

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 12:43:57 PM #
So what if the Visor is now thinner? The expansion slot sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb. Plus, no color screen. Plus, no upgraded OS. I'll splurge for the M505 (assuming it's well made).

RE: Looks like the Palm M505 will gain my $$$
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 12:46:20 PM #
Yeah, same here.

I had a Palm V for a year, then a Palm Vx (which I have today) -- the size/shape is great, the only thing "missing" is color and better screen readability in medium/low-light conditions. I've needed the Vx's size and low weight far more than I've needed color, so I've been waiting... (a monochrome PDA in your pocket beats the snot out of a color PDA that's either not with you or or unreadable due to sunlight! -- there's a BIG difference in the "shirt-pocketability" between the Vx & IIIc's or Prism's.

As far as I can tell, the "Edge" is little more than a Palm Vx in a slightly different shape -- especially if they have the same backlight that Palm's been using (which is half the problem in low-light conditions!)

Anyway, I'm waiting for the m505 -- its the only thing on the horizon that looks like it may fit the bill: Vx level size and weight plus a color screen readable in sunlight.

RE: Looks like the Palm M505 will gain my $$$
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 2:13:36 PM #
Palm is leaving flash RAM on the wayside. Not surprising considering that visors sell like hotcakes and have never had flash RAM.

RE: Looks like the Palm M505 will gain my $$$
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 5:07:39 PM #
I thought the Palm m505 had Flash RAM or am I mistaken?

RE: Looks like the Palm M505 will gain my $$$
EGarrido @ 3/10/2001 7:39:24 PM #
I even thought the FlashRAM was upgraded to 4MB


RE: Looks like the Palm M505 will gain my $$$
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 8:58:52 PM #
You want color? My guess is that the Visor Twist is a color version of the Edge (see
for details)

Don't spend your money quite yet :) Also, it probably doesn't use OS 4 because it's not been tested by Palm in units yet. Just like when handspring waited to use OS 3.3, they're choosing the more stable platform first. Personally, if I hadn't just bought my Platinum a few months ago, I might actually get the Edge (or the Twist!)

Think about it though? What better way to get a media frenzy than to allow a leak of ONE of your products, but keep the better one under wraps? I can't wait until Monday to see the announcement!

RE: Looks like the Palm M505 will gain my $$$
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 9:23:44 PM #
I really like the look of the Visor Edge, but I'm waiting to buy the m505. I've got a scratched-up Palm V (2mb) that's wantin' retirement, and I'm looking for two key things: 8mb of memory and color (and of course a small form factor).

I've found the color on the Palm IIIc and the Handspring Prism to be a bit wearying on the eyes (at least in my brief tests at electronics stores), so I hope the m505's screen looks a lot better.

Hey, if the Visor Edge had a nice color screen, I'd probably buy it (I don't use expansion slots anyway).

RE: Looks like the Palm M505 will gain my $$$
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 6:21:31 PM #
Who's to say that this form factor couldn't be done with a color screen. They very well could be coming out with a slim color version too. We'll just have to wait!

Quite tasteless

mikecane @ 3/10/2001 1:56:14 PM #
It's rather tasteless of HS to offer these keen colors -- and then have that ugly generic gray plastic hump. What, no color coordination? Too bad. It will be interesting to see these in person. Photos are fun to look at but often give a very different impression that seeing an object for real (for some reason, pix of the iPaq make it look huge -- I'm always shocked at how small it is in person [that's *minus* any sleeve, BTW!]).

RE: Quite tasteless
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 4:13:59 PM #
Gimme a break.. True geeks can't even match their SOCKS... you think we care
about a module adaptor?

Oh.. but then I guess PDA's have "broken out" now into the mainstream...

You know.. liberal arts majors and wannabes who color coordinate..



RE: Quite tasteless
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 5:17:01 PM #
Hey, I'm a geek (i.e. tech support) and an English major, and I definitely can match my socks... then again, I'm also a graphic artist, so I guess I'm not typical.

Does it have Flash memory?

bcombee @ 3/10/2001 5:24:51 PM #
I'm wondering, given the expensive price point and the very-soon release of PalmOS 4.0, did Handspring actually use flash memory on the Edge? It would be a very nice thing if they did, although it would be a break with their past, especially considering the $450 Visor Prism has masked ROM.

RE: Does it have Flash memory?
Ed @ 3/10/2001 6:49:14 PM #
According to the Cnet article a couple of days ago, the Edge does not have flashable ROM.

The brochure I was leaked doesn't say anything about it one way or the other, which I think supports the theory that the ROM is not flashable. Flashable ROM would be such a departure from anything Handspring has done before I think they would have said something about it.

Palm Infocenter

Visor Prism does not have a mask ROM but
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 8:21:39 PM #
it has a regular 2Mb Flash ROM(similar to the one in PalmV.) However the read/write funtionality is disabled in it.

Can u say cheezy?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 5:25:16 PM #
Oh sure I can see so many corporate types whipping out a red Edge! Give me a break! HS really screwed up with this one. No OS 4.0? No color? Looks like HS will be offering a bunch of rebates like Sony. Something tells me there will be warhouses full of Edges along with the Clies

RE: Can u say cheezy?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 5:42:08 PM #
If I'm right, from the first picture, there seem to be three screws along the side edge of the Edge. That says to me that the faceplate can be changed. The only thing that remains in stock then will be faceplates that people don't like.

RE: Can u say cheezy?.... Um NO!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 9:05:59 PM #
Do you really want an OS that hasn't been tested on your unit? Come on! Also, it sounds like the Edge may be released as soon as Monday... OS 4 isn't out yet :) In addition, many rumors are saying that the Visor Twist is a color version of the Edge (see
for details)

Getting this form factor and the optional expansion? I say go handspring! :)

RE: Can u say cheezy? (OS 4 not test !?)
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 12:56:33 PM #
I guess that's what alpha and beta release of software are for.. TESTING !!!!!! those are TESTING stage before releasing a final version


I.M. Anonymous @ 3/10/2001 11:38:54 PM #
The metal flip cover, with what looks like a snap closeure at the bottom, will make this the smallest pocketable unit ever... it's Palm-V sized, but you can't carry the Palm V without a case... this could be carried caseless, like a Palm III or HP Jornada...

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 2:48:49 AM #
Actually in terms of small form factors, the xircom's Rex 6000 beats the palms hands down. check out

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 2:57:50 PM #
The best new Palm V cover -- and one that duplicates the functionality and thinness of the Edge's cover --
is found here:

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/12/2001 10:05:18 AM #
But the Parallel Design cover doesn't cover the buttons,
so you can't just shove it in your jeans pocket with
the cover on.

Profile like Titanium G4 Apple Powerbook Profile nt

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 12:54:31 AM #


I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 7:50:09 AM #
The new Visor looks cool but I think $400 is a ridiculously high price.

Users should make their displeasure known. It also seems to me that the cycle of new hardware development takes too long and something fishy is going on. Add to that as well the idea that screen quality should be much higher by now.

(On a more personal note Apple's killing of the Newton is probably one of the most absurd moves of all time - the Newton display blows away anything out today - Apple should've cut the price and size of the thing and they could've ruled the market)

RE: Price!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 10:47:37 PM #
Amen to that...the palm os has got a long way to go before it catches up to the newton os (2.0+). And WinCE devices have a hell of a long way to go before they approach the usability of either.

RE: Price!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/12/2001 1:06:42 AM #
Do you think making this type of hardware is easy??? Palms have to (or at least should) be easy to use, reliable, and small. Unlike PC makers, Palm doesn't have a ton of different part suppliers to help them out except for Motorola. PDAs are more like GameBoys or other game consoles, which also have notoriously long development cycles.

From the consumer perspective I agree $400+ is a lot, but that's why they make m100s and Visors. :)

RE: Price!
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/30/2001 4:47:26 PM #
Well, for the same functionality compared to the other visors, I feel that we are just paying the extra 100 dollar for the design. I feel that it should be about $300 - $350 dollar for Visor Edge. Then I feel that the price is more competitive.

arcaic look

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 8:11:55 AM #
itīs THE best looking palmOS ever - sorry m505 but the edge is ....... great

RE: Humourous Aside....

Ed @ 3/11/2001 9:03:59 AM #
To the people who posted the original "Humorous Aside..." comments:

I apologize for deleting your comments but the extremely long links you posted were totally throwing off the formatting of the whole page.

To show that I'm not censoring it for some reason, here's the comment without the link:

It seems that for a brief moment, Staples had a link for the purchase of accessories to the visor edge. The Visor Edge link can no longer be accessed through the menu, but I happened across it and went back into my history and copied it. Still seems to be an accessible page. They seemed to have jumped the gun. Anyway, it lends a little more legitimacy to everyone's claims (not that they needed it).

The link that was here is the same one that is discussed in this article from last Monday:

Palm Infocenter

More new pics at PDAlive

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 9:41:29 AM #

Yes I'm waiting for the m505 too but these are the best pics of the edge yet. Big pics showing all three colors.

RE: More new pics at PDAlive
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 10:18:09 AM #
Looks like a retail store is getting some display units ready for Monday.

RE: More new pics at PDAlive
mikecane @ 3/11/2001 1:41:25 PM #
Interesting pictures, for sure! Thanks for the tip!

I'd really have to see this in person. That stylus arrangement looks very strange. Too bad they are relying solely on Springboards. If they had thrown in an SD slot, this would be very enticing. (Yeah, I know, it'll run OS 3.5, which doesn't support SD... their loss!)

Fast lookup and Alarm Pref

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 10:37:10 PM #
Did anyone else notice the color (blue) titlebar on the screen shots? color? what are those screenshots from?

RE: Fast lookup and Alarm Pref
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/12/2001 3:25:10 AM #
yeah you are right !
An Edge in color :))))))
it would be nice

RE: Fast lookup and Alarm Pref
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/12/2001 11:28:02 PM #
Haven't you guys heard of POSE (Palm Operating System Emulator)? The color is always there on the newest versions of the OS but you can't see it on the screen of the actual handheld. Unless you have color, of course, which the Edge does not. The Rumored Visor Twist may be what you guys are dreaming about.


I.M. Anonymous @ 3/11/2001 10:56:57 PM #
$400 for monochrome?

Why people should not go for ipaq monochrome instead

Price is fair

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/12/2001 8:45:31 AM #
Compared to other Palm devices $399 is fair for this device. Currently you can only compare it to the Palm Vx which is the same price but with the Edge you get the same small size AND the ability to use Springboards. When the m500 comes out at $399 then Palm too will have expansion and you will have to determine which is better simply from OS advantages, add-on media advantages (and availability of them), and form/function. I wish these units were all $100 but the reality is the Edge is competitive.

RE: Price is fair
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/30/2001 3:00:19 PM #
I just have some question regarding the comparison between the palm M500 and Visor Edge. Could anybody just reply to me whether it is worth the money to buy Visor edge or Palm m500. Please let me know.


Is this it?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/12/2001 10:52:51 AM #
Its quite unfortunatel that this is the best design that HS could come up with. In terms of looks, it doesnt even come close to the Vx. As a matter of fact the EDGE looks a lot like the Clie. Its certainly not eye catching and it does nothing for the imagination.

Too bad! I was expecting a lot more from HS then their latest installment.

Eye of the beholder...
megazone @ 3/12/2001 7:56:20 PM #
As in "beauty is in"...

I've never really cared for the V/Vx look, but I like the look of the Edge.

Variety and choice is a good thing.


Personal Homepage
Eyrie Productions FanFic

Eye of the beholder
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/13/2001 8:28:21 AM #
I certainly agree that variety and choice is a good thing. However you must admit that the "edge" is not any step forward in terms of hardware design. Like i mentioned, it looks similar to the Clie. So that was disappointing. I wouldnt even want it to look like the Vx as well. We all remember how eye opening the V was when it first came out. It was certainly an eye catcher. I was just hoping that the "Edge" could have done the same. Unfortunately it didnt even come close...


RE: Is this it?
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/14/2001 3:55:40 AM #
Agree with this perspective. It's cute, but lacks any evolutionary development... even creates a new issue with regards to yet another expansion interface(SpringBoard 2.0).

How about more memory, wireless connectivity, color? Simply put, the cost is too much for such a repackaging of common design. Unless, this is part of HS' upgrade path for OS updates... until a new OS and HS device comes along.

Having held one of these with expansion slot and Springboard accesory in place, it is a kludge... bulky where it shouldn't be and a total disruption of the intended streamlined design.



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