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Sprint PCS announced yesterday that it will begin selling the Kyocera QCP-6035 smartphone, which uses the Palm OS, by mid-April for $500. Verizon Wireless began selling the combination cell phone/handheld computer last month. Sprint's version of the smartphone is able to access content from the Sprint PCS Wireless Web via a co-branded MyPalm portal, which includes access to Palm wireless PIM services, personal and corporate e-mail, and e-commerce purchase options, as well as corporate directories and sales tools via the Sprint PCS nationwide network.
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Samsung Phone/Palm to be offered by Sprint as well?

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/12/2001 9:48:20 AM #
It is my understanding that Sprint also plans to offer the Samsung Phone/Palm combo device due out later this year.

Can a palm portable keyboard be used?

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/12/2001 9:52:35 AM #
Will this phone/palm work with a palm portable keyboard?

RE: Can a palm portable keyboard be used?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/12/2001 10:24:33 AM #

RE: Can a palm portable keyboard be used?
gellmanb @ 4/12/2001 11:26:43 AM #
Better answer might be "not yet." There hasn't been a Palm platform without PPK support for long, and I have a feeling we'll get one for the Kyocera.

RE: Can a palm portable keyboard be used?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/12/2001 2:20:53 PM #
Wouldn't the dialpad be seriously in the way?

RE: Can a palm portable keyboard be used?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/12/2001 2:32:24 PM #
Unless I'm very much mistaken, there is no Stowaway for the TRGpro so they don't make one for every model. Maybe if enough Smartphones are sold.

RE: Can a palm portable keyboard be used?
fleegle @ 4/12/2001 7:56:38 PM #
The shape of the TRGpro uses the Palm III form. So you can use the Palm Portable Keyboard for Palm IIIs. I do.

RE: Can a palm portable keyboard be used?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/12/2001 8:20:07 PM #
Turns out I was very much mistaken. Glad I put that caveat in there.


jayhawk88 @ 4/12/2001 2:21:41 PM #
Anyone know if that $499 price tag quoted in the Sprint press release includes service fees? I'm having a tough time finding anything that says one way or the other.

RE: Service
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/12/2001 5:07:08 PM #
No. $499 (+ tax) is only for the phone. Sprint has various service plans you can check out at their site.

It's now up at

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/13/2001 10:15:08 AM #
The phone is now listed at

Does it come with a cradle?

seven5 @ 4/13/2001 9:42:50 PM #
ok guys i have a lot of questions....
does it come with its own cradle that will charge it or does it only comewith a wire you sync it with.. Because the accessory cradle doesn't charge it. Whats up with that..i have to charge it with a wire and sync it with another wire/cradle. My palm Vx wins this one.

can i sync using intellesync for syncing everything with outlook?

does it have different syncing software for certian news things added to the os?

what version of the os is it based on? 3.5? 4.0?

does it use sprint wireless web for internet access? and if so, do i get charged just like i do with my samsung 3500 right now? no extra charges? will i be able to do OFFLINE reading of avantGO or is it ALL online?

what can i do with my Vx that i can't do with the phone?

thanks for reading my long post and answering some questions..I really like the phone it looks like a good design, and i just might be selling my Vx and cell phone to get it, what do you guys think?

ps: has anyone seen the m505? does the color look better than the IIIc, b/c that was awful and blocky..thanks...

Vx for me...

RE: Does it come with a cradle?
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/14/2001 3:09:51 PM #
Yes it comes with a charging serial cradle.

You can sync with stuff in outlook using its own Pocket Mirror. I upgaded to pocket mirror pro for multiple catagories.

This is 3.5.1 version of the Palm OS.

I am on verizon wireless and the ISP is free. The mins I use to cruise the internet/check e-mail/etc is taken from my pool of mins. Just like a voice call.

There are apps that are integrated with the phone such as voice dialing, speedial, address book integration, messages (sms/pages/voicemail). There is a cool jog dial like on the Clie also.

What you get out of this phone is smart convergence. The applications are well thought out and you will no longer have to carry a wireless modem (ie: omnisky), another PDA and a phone. You can have it all. I actually dumped my handspring Prism and Omnisky and Nokia phone for this puppy. I'm very happy with my purchase.



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