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Supplynet has announced they have developed direct connect cables for all Visors and Palms to fit the most  popular mobile phones including; Motorola, Samsung, Sanyo, Kyocera, Audiovox, and many others.

Their built in electronics take advantage of the new Web enabled technology in today’s mobile phones, eliminating the need for a modem. These lightweight cables let the user send and retrieve e-mail and browse the web wirelessly using their Palm and a mobile phone.

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VOICESTREAM: Nokia 8290 and IR Internet Access.

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 10:06:51 AM #
I have been using the combo of a Visor Prism and a Nokia 8290 from Voicestream to get Internet access, and I love it.

I used to have a Nokia 5190, and a cable to connect that to a Xircom Global Access 56k/GSM Springboard modem - and found that I didnt use it NEARLY as much as I do now.

Having to tote an extra cable around is no fun. With the 8290 and IR, I just point them at each other, connect, and go. Works like a charm.

RE: VOICESTREAM: Nokia 8290 and IR Internet Access.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 10:16:13 AM #
Yes, I would agree but, I am in a area where GMS is not availiable. Sprint CDMA/CDPD is my only option. I am verry happy with Samsung 8500 to Visor Prism cable I bought from supplynet. I would recommend it to anyone with the need for moble access.


RE: VOICESTREAM: Nokia 8290 and IR Internet Access.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 12:59:19 PM #
What ISP do you use to connect through your 8290? Are there any free ISPs out there? (I have @Home cable, so I don't already have a dial-up ISP but would love to get an 8290...)

RE: VOICESTREAM: Nokia 8290 and IR Internet Access.
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 3:22:31 PM #
I have a dialup account for the University where I work at - so I have a dial-up ISP all set... But yes, you would need an ISP account somewhere.

I think that Voicestream themselves might have a number that you can dial, but I am not sure...

Any other software needed?

Datekist @ 5/11/2001 10:41:51 AM #
Does this mean that this cable and my cell phone is all I need (no additional software required)?

RE: Any other software needed?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 10:49:52 AM #
Software is necessary, yes. Cost will vary, might be free. Psion Revo's for instance, come with software pre-loaded.

RE: Any other software needed?
BillFugina @ 5/11/2001 12:51:09 PM #
If you use SprintPCS and get their "Wireless Web" on your phone, you can use that service to get access on your Palm.

There is an article at
that describes how to do it.

The article has you connect a Palm Sync Cable to a serial phone cable with a null-modem adapter in between, but you can use the cable you buy from SupplyNet instead.

I do it with my Samsung SCH-3500 and my Palm IIIc all the time.

I didn't need to buy any extra software. The only software I needed was softwae to use the internet (e.g.: AvantGo to browse the web, AIM to send instant messages)


RE: Any other software needed?
Datekist @ 5/11/2001 2:27:25 PM #
Sweet, I have a Vx and a Samsung SCH-8500, so I should be good to go.

RE: Any other software needed?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/12/2001 6:26:15 PM #
Verizon has a good Adobe pdf file for setting up their service on your Palm. No additional software is needed although you do need a data capable phone. The pdf may be useful in setting up with other services although the dialup number will vary.



You can connect a Palm IIIc with their phone cable for a Startac and the Palm Sync cable with a null modem adapter between the cables.

Cable for Visor Edge

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 11:31:46 AM #
Anyone making a cable for the Visor Edge. Wanting to conect via a Motorola Star-Tac. Thanks

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 11:37:31 AM #
If you actually *went* to SupplyNet's site and looked it up, you'd see that they carry a cable for the Edge that fits the Motorola StarTAC. Why didn't you do this for yourself?! I'm not going to resort to insults but I hope you feel really dumb now. Do a tiny bit of freaking reasearch for yourself *before* you ask a question. People will think better of you.


RE: Cable for Visor Edge
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 12:19:49 PM #
The subject cable does NOT work with all StarTAC models but only with those models that are web enabled. For example, my older StaeTAC model 7760 is not web enabled and can not be used to connect my Palm Vx to the Internet.

Great Idea!

PreacherMain @ 5/11/2001 11:37:08 AM #
What a great idea! I only hope they make these cables for other phones as well. I have an older model (NeoPoint 1000) and would love to use it with my Palm IIIxe.

Cable to connect m505 <-> Kyocera 2035?

bfishman @ 5/11/2001 12:53:29 PM #
Has anyone stumbled across a manufacturer for a cable to connect my new Palm m505 to my old (but not that old) Kyocera 2035 cell phone?

I've been to Supplynet, and I've called Kyocera, and no luck so far.

Does anyone know someone who would be willing or able to make one by hand?

Darn! I guess I should have chosen a phone with IR, but Verizon just doesn't offer that many phones!



RE: Cable to connect m505 <-> Kyocera 2035?
Spartacus @ 5/11/2001 4:54:59 PM #
I'm in the same boat. I'm going to buy a new cell phone, but I need to use Verizon and I havn'y found any phones they offer with an infrared port or a cable. Verizon wireless customer service said I could use one of their serial cables that connects to the 6035 then use a hotsync serial cable to my 505. Seems like too much to carry around. Any help would be great.

Mobile options for Canada

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 1:06:25 PM #
Would anyone have more information about which phones and services (In Vancouver, Canada) would allow mobile access to a Palm? Anyone, from Vancouver who currently has a Palm connected to their mobile?


RE: Mobile options for Canada
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 4:25:07 PM #
Fellow Vancouverite,

Telus offers Unlimited Online at $50 each month and PCS Online Service at $5 each month plus 15c per minute airtime.

You can check out the details at:

I have tried it with a desktop hooked up to a Nokia 6185 successfully through my ISP as well as the Telus QNC (#777). I want to try out the direct connection between the handset and my Palm. However, paying couple of hundred bucks for a wireless IP modem for a Palm on top of $50 monthly fee is crazy. Connection via a handset at 15c per minute airtime is equally insane. Remind you, we are not talking about 3G technology. The CDPD network is only up to 19.2kBps. So wireless internet access is not ready for prime time in Canada yet.

Fooling around with Telus new Pocket Web service is more affordable since no airtime charges. Though the 3 packages are limited to certain content providers on the net but some posts in the usenet suggest a "portal" where allows you to tap in URL! So, paying $15 a month for WAP service is not bad as long as you can live with the painful text input with your handset's keypad.


RE: Mobile options for Canada
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/12/2001 2:22:20 AM #
Thanks for your info...

I did check out the telus mobility options and they are insane prices... I just want to have occasional wireless access but it just seems to early (technological costs) to use wireless services here...

This is off topic but have you tried the m505 here in YVR? And where?


Contact me directly...
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/12/2001 4:02:06 PM #
Fellow Vancouverite, please e-mail me directly for off topic subjects.


RE: Mobile options for Canada
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/22/2001 3:36:07 AM #
Hi All.

I recently met up with someone (in Vancouver) who had the Ericsson T28 world phone (Fido) and the IR modem for it (hard to get in Canada). He used the IR port on the modem to communicate with his Palm's IR port. He seemed happy despite the 9600 baud connection. I am waiting for the Minstrel modem for my new 505 - but 19.2 kbs still sucks.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 4:10:43 PM #
Ordered a Startac/M500 connector from Supplynet yesterday. Although the web site indicated it was in stock and sent an orderconfirmation that said it would be shipped today, this morning I got an eMail telling me it would be backordered as it is still under development.
RE: Backordered
Spartacus @ 5/11/2001 4:58:25 PM #
I looked that up and it showed a estimated available date of 8-1-2001

what about the m50x series?!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 4:54:02 PM #
You say 'all Palms', but I see nothing about the latest addition to the Palm family. Did I miss something?

Right there on the site
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 5:22:28 PM #
How did you miss it? If you look at their listing of Palm items you see that they have some coming in August.

RE: what about the m50x series?!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 6:44:47 PM #
duh...just wasn't looking at the list by mfg...saw Palm Vx stuff..

ok..thanks for the correction.

sure wish the price would come down a bit.

If you have sprint wireless web can you connect with this?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 7:13:15 PM #
If you have sprint wireless web can you connect with this? Or do you have to call some dial-up number or pay for palm's service? I have cable modem at home, a M505 and no dial up. Cable pretty cheap only $49.

RE: If you have sprint wireless web can you connect with this?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/25/2001 1:06:02 AM #
According to the docs, even if you aren't subscribed to wireless web (i.e., all you need is a SprintPCS account) you can access the web by using "Web"/"Web" as your username/password and #2932 as the dialup number (you must include the #).

I have verified that this works for me, using a Palm Vx to a Startac phone.

RE: If you have sprint wireless web can you connect with this?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/18/2001 4:02:47 PM #
...if you're willing to pay $0.39 a minute...

Nokia 5160 w/o the modem?

strredwolf @ 5/11/2001 8:01:48 PM #
Aparently, as far as I can tell there's no straight palm->nokia 5160
TDMA cable; any cable to use it as a modem requires the use
of a PCMCIA modem.



I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 8:33:06 PM #
I have a Samsung phone through Sprint PCS, and a Sony Clie PEG-S300... where can I find a cable to connect my Clie to the phone like the ones on that site? They don't have any for the Clie that I can see =( Thanks for help!

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/17/2001 3:44:06 PM #
Seems to me that there is no cable available anywere for the Clie. I have contacted the main cable suppliers for PDA´s without any success.


Tom B @ 5/11/2001 8:38:24 PM #
Has anyone heard if there is support for the Clie SC300?
RE: Clie???
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/17/2001 3:47:26 PM #
I have been searchin for several days in all main cable sites without any success. Seems our fellow Sony left us again alone on this one...

It does exist

Jean-Philippe @ 5/11/2001 11:50:32 PM #
there is a kit named ''Portage'' (sold by ROGERS AT&T in Can.) that connect to NOKIA (5160, 6160 and others) TDMA phones and your Palm, but the model of the phone MUST be a modem equipped one.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/11/2001 11:54:07 PM #
And the excuse du jour for the lack of bluetooth enabled devices is what?

I'm ready, willing, and able to buy cool stuff. I certainly want a bluetooth headset which can communicate with a bluetooth mobile phone which can communicate with a bluetooth palm which can sync with a bluetooth enabled desktop.

Cables were cool in 1999, now it's 2001. It's either palm-phone or bluetooth. Just say 'no' to added baggage.

David somewhere in Pflugerville, TX

PMYirrell @ 5/12/2001 4:02:37 PM #
bluetooth will be around soon, so they say, and have said for months. It has problems because it can interfere with other devices, especially wireless LAN. An active link in Bluetooth will kill a WLAN stone dead. That may have something to do with the lack of bluetooth products.

M505 and Nextel Motorola I-85

awtryau89 @ 5/12/2001 12:11:34 AM #
Does anyone know if they have a cable for the Motorola I-85s or if they have one in develpoment?

Do you have 1 4 m505?

denmuh @ 5/12/2001 9:57:11 AM #
I have an m505 & a Samsung 6100 cell. do you have a cable for these 2 ?

long wait

Kirk @ 5/12/2001 2:43:05 PM #
I ordered a cable for my M105 to connect to my Motorola Startac. Be warned that they are not shipping them out until May 30th


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/12/2001 10:17:10 PM #
I have a palm m100 and a nokia phone. How do I find out if the phone is internet ready and what kit do I ned and where can I get it.

[ No Subject ]

kenneth ely @ 5/12/2001 10:18:10 PM #
another thing to look for
I'll get on for my starta

Trying to find Mobile Service

Russ Grover @ 5/12/2001 11:53:39 PM #
I saw this and was VERY excited, but no phone places know anything about it? I've been running around all day Trying to find someone who can help me Set up my PalmVx for Wireless on a Cell phone. Went to CarToys and the guy didn't have a clue, Then Refused to listen, and just kept saying. We don't do that... Then when I looked what they sold for accessories it was just Color covers for Phones (Oh now that's Functional.) Then I went to GoodGuys they at least knew what I was talking about but didn't have a clue how to do it. Next was Circuit city and said that only Sprint PCS has the service but they didn't have a connector. The Sprint Website wasn't too clear on how it works either. Looking at ATT's Website they want to charge you 5cents per Kilobyte which in my opinion seems like Robbery. Does ANYone know of a Cell phone Connector System where to get it and a Good Cheap Unlimited Internet if possible for the PalmVx. Right Now OmniSky looks the best with a 299.99 rebate on the modem until June 30th. Thanks

sprint qno

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/13/2001 1:22:34 AM #
If you have a Sprint phone and wireless web then search for: sprint qnc
It allows for direct connection and it's faster.

(but then again Im getting a m50X in a while)


Matthew @ 5/13/2001 12:24:38 PM #
do you have a cable for the new Motorola v.60c phone?

connection through IR.

Dr. Ali Mortada @ 5/13/2001 2:50:44 PM #
how can i connect palm3xe to Nokia 7110 through IR and using the modum of the 7110.

RE Trying to find mobile service

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/13/2001 3:55:33 PM #
Verizon wireless offers the service and even provides concise information for set up. The cable are available through For instructions on setting up you palm to dial up the internet through verizon (there is no additional charge, you just deduct airtime), log on to and select 'mobile office'. Thee you will find information on et up etc. You can also write an email to their tech support, they usually reply with 24 hours.

[ No Subject ]

Bill Cottun @ 5/13/2001 5:41:01 PM #
For the past year I connect my Palm Vx to my StarTac using an $89 cable from the good folks at I send faxes,digital pages and access my local isp for Internet access. I can send and receive e-mail through both my personal and business pop e-mail accounts. Using Mail To Go and Documents To Go from DataViz I can download 1 MEG Word and Excel documents. Now most of the time the laptop stays at work. There are some limitations using this handheld solution but they are mainly in my imagination.


Tycho Quad @ 5/14/2001 7:02:19 AM #
can you get ones for palmm100/nokia 6110 in australia?

supply net cable for sprint 6100

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/14/2001 8:40:28 AM #
This sounds great until supplynet tells you your cable is out-of-stock. In fact this
seems to be a chronic problem for all the extras i need for the m500 and 505 i just bought.
Don't know where these inventory problems are that Wall St is worried about. If anyone
knows of another source for these cables, I'd love to hear it. Going out of town for a week,
and I'm going to have to carry my laptop now.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/14/2001 8:45:40 AM #
Excellent! Just what I've been waiting for! I assume it's cheaper than buying a modem.

using verizon

Greg @ 5/14/2001 11:40:55 AM #
I have a Handspring and a Kyocera phone with Verizon service. I bought the supplynet cable. It works well. I downloaded Blazer (an HTML browser) from Handspring's site. That works ok, but a little slow (14.4 k). I also use AvantGo, which works better since the content is handheld optimized and loads faster. Verizon acts as my ISP. I have set the Handspring to dial #777, which is a data call. You could use another ISP as well. Verizon has fairly good instructions in the 'Mobile Office' section of their web site. Verizon's instructions were a little different than SupplyNet's, but I found that Verizon's worked for me.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/14/2001 4:22:46 PM #
Excellent! Just what I've been waiting for! I assume it's cheaper than buying a modem.

8 in.

Joshua @ 5/14/2001 11:17:15 PM #
That is not very long. If I'm trying to use it I will have to hold my phone and my palm. Post what you think.

Samsung cable

Mark @ 5/15/2001 4:05:25 PM #
FYI. Samsung sells a SCH-3500 -> Palm V cable for $50 on their website. It has worked great for me with the Sprint PCS QNC.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/23/2001 4:29:25 PM #
I got the supplynet cable and got everything working. Also downloaded the Eudora for Palm. The only problem is that I can't send emails! Anyone has any idea what SMTP server I can use. I tried to use Yahoo's but it doesn't work.

nokia 6210 does it

david gay @ 5/31/2001 2:07:39 AM #
i dial our company's server via ir on my palm 111c and the ir on my nokia 6210. the server is windows 2000 and the ir on the 6210 is a windows 2000 nokia ir download.
the avantgo programme auto syncs and any of my chosen sites
such as cnn mobile sync the new updated pages to my palm
great eh




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